1st Semiannual MGoAwards (part 1 of 4)

Submitted by MichIOE01 on November 16th, 2009 at 11:47 AM

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while and I remember seeing something about this from Brian (he said he wasn’t going to do this, but encouraged some poster to go ahead and do it) a few weeks ago, so I’ve decided to get started.
I’m thinking there should be semiannual awards, 1 set for during the season, and 1 set for the offseason.  Hopefully the 1st in-season awards won’t be until sometime in Jan, because hopefully the season won’t end until then.  But, I figured I might as well start now just in case.

My plan is to do this in 4 stages.
Stage 1:  Define the awards/categories and process.
Stage 2:  Receive nominations for the awards.
Stage 3:  Vote for the awards winners.
Stage 4: Post the results.

So, what awards/categories would everyone like to see?   I think there are some obvious ones that I’ll list here, but please leave me any other suggestions below.

Best diary
Best MGoBoard post
Funniest diary
Funniest MGoBoard post
Worst diary
Worst MGoBoard post
Best poster (as in user providing the consistently best posts)
Best commenter (user providing the consistently best comments)
Comeback poster of the year (someone who got neg-banged but has since redeemed himself)
Worst poster
Worst commenter
Worst troll
Best troll (maybe should call it best opposing fan, but basically a fan of another team who has worthwhile contributions to the site)
Best meme (maybe there’s no such thing as a good meme?)
Worst meme

I would also like some input on specifics of the voting process. 
Should the voting be done entirely in the comments section?
Would you prefer anonymous voting?  E-mail me votes or set up some online poll?

Any other suggestions?



November 16th, 2009 at 11:56 AM ^

...but you may want to rethink the "worst" catagory. I personally think that it would be more fun if it were all positive, especially after the season we are currently enduring.


November 16th, 2009 at 12:06 PM ^

that if you can get through you are a much smarter and patient person than I am. It's a bunch of philosophical satire where the main point of the author (IIRC) is that you're a pretty pathetic excuse for a man unless you have a beard.

Notable quote:

For I myself furnish you with an excuse for it by wearing my chin as goats do, when I might, I suppose, make it smooth and bare as handsome youths wear theirs, and all women, who are endowed by nature with loveliness. But you, since even in your old age you emulate your own sons and daughters by your soft and delicate way of living, or perhaps by your effeminate dispositions, carefully make your chins smooth, and your manhood you barely reveal and slightly indicate by your foreheads, not by your jaws as I do.


November 17th, 2009 at 9:44 AM ^

No! Burning ships is a silly thing to do unless you know for certain that getting back to the ships wouldn't be an option, or if leaving the ships would basically just be handing them over to your enemies.

Or if, like, one of your officers stupidly beaches one of your country's enormously expensive six heavy frigates right in range of the cannons of a Barbary State, and doesn't even wait for the fucking tide, and you have to go in there pretending to be a merchant ship and burn the thing down. THEN it's okay to burn ships.

Or if, say, you're Earl Bruce and have already been fired, and thus don't care who you throw out there or something.

Or if, say, you actually don't have any ships and are just heading to the NCAA Tournament with walk-ons starting at point, and already having accomplished way more than anyone expected of you this year -- like beating DUKE and UCLA -- and thus have nothing to prove and nothing to lose, and the ships thing is just an empty metaphor for that.

Otherwise, burning ships is just a tactically stupid gesture.


November 16th, 2009 at 12:58 PM ^

Best Diary (Analysis)
Best Diary (Humorous)
Best Post (Analysis)
Best Post (Humorous and/or OT)
Best Thread (Most entertaining overall, shared among all participants, like a campaign badge)
Wisconsin '08 Memorial Award: (The improbable comeback award as suggested by the OP)
Best Conversation (Maybe there's a better word for this; it's a back and forth between two posters, maybe a spat, maybe it's a love-fest, anything goes)
Best Graphic Art (MS Paint, T-shirt mockups, photoshop work, etc)

The only negative awards that I'd support would be ones that were limited to posters above a certain point threshold, so you don't encourage trolling. They'd have to be light-hearted as well. Maybe:
Best example of Ass-holery by an otherwise Solid Poster, or something...


November 16th, 2009 at 5:40 PM ^

The best MGoBlog addy. There are some really good ones in here!!!

I would suggest requiring at least a minimum of mgopoints so as to not induce a doubling or tripling of "new" names for a "name competition".