10 things I hate about The Wisconsin Badgers

Submitted by The Shredder on November 19th, 2010 at 3:06 PM

10. Ron Dayne- Sure he holds some NCAA records and could out eat John Candy in a Hot Wings contest but nothing was more frustrating than watching a guard play running back and do it so well. Like God took Barry Sanders feet and pasted them onto Ron Dayne for a sick joke. Oh well... Michigan got the last laugh.

9. That 70s Show- I know it doesn't have much to do with the Badgers besides the show taking place in Wisconsin... I still hate that show. Besides looking at Mila Kunis(Jackie) and watching the bad guy from Robocop it sucked. I never enjoyed Horse Face/Man Voice Donna and all the lame 14 year old pot head humor. I won't even get into the awful "That 80s show" that spawned from it and lasted a week or the fact that Fez.. never mind.

8.Bucky the Badger- I mean he is so top heavy and hooky. He doesn't even have a neck. He does push ups after touchdowns.. How original. He also looks like a furry candy cane. Maybe this is a reach but still...

7.The "W"- It's pure ugly. It's all squashed and....dumb. I mean it barely looks like a "W". Looks like Devil writing with all those points and red.

6.Camp Randall- Whats with naming the stadium after a campground? Sounds like a place my dad took us up north for our crappy family camping trips. Also whats with that Church/warehouse? Looks so out of place. The place is a poor mans Horseshoe in some respects. Jump around isn't that cool either. It was better in Happy Gilmore.

5.The Perverted Band- "This one time in Camp Randall." In 2008 you sick loony pervs were suspended for the Ohio State game. I guess keeping the public safe from a bunch of hazing drunk super sex freaks was in order. Not that the OSU fans would have minded. They love hazing drunk super sex freaks. Next time take your sick little band games to the internet. At least you will make money. Oh and they lost because of you..

4. Orson Welles- Again didn't attend UW that I am aware of but I hate frozen peas.


3. Bo Ryan- Yeah... Alright he has been pretty good but... Boring! When you do the eye ball test on his basketball teams you think they look like the worst team in the Big Ten. A bunch of ugly white dudes who box out and and play defense... oh and take smart shots. How boring winning must be. His poor man's (yes that phrase again) Pat Riley looks awful. Pat would throw hair grease in his eyes for dishonoring his look.

Whats that shit on your face?

2. James Kamoku- You son of a bitch! You think you can put your god damn hands on Steve Breaston and get away with it? DO YOU!? This amateur during a 2006 UM vs UW punt return decided to try and rip Steve's ankle off. It was caught on TV. Karma is a bitch since last I saw you played for some fake football team called the "Wolf Pac". Guess what happened to this dirt ball for his bush league act? NOTHING! That brings me to number...one.

1. Bret Bielema- I know right? Predictable? Yes he's an easy number one. His fat ugly head has made him a pretty big D bag around the league. Last week he nearly killed a man. Alright he didn't but he did smash the poor Indiana people for 83 points for no damn reason. He also ran the score up on the handicapped Gophers. This dude is such a sleeeeze ball. He looks so creepy, like I would see him in the Golden Lion off of US-23 searching for his favorite adult magazine. So in closing he is a smug ugly man who is in favor of no sportsmanship and dirty play... oh and he hates Care Bears.... and I don't like him.



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What idiot wrote this STUPID article??

Get a dang life and stop being a freakin hater!!!! And why are you even talking about my uncle James? UGHHHHH people like you guys get on my last nerve No body gives an elephants poop about u and ur STUPID SUCKISH team!!!!!! >:( As a matter of fact, James should have broke steve's dumb useless leg!!!! I hope u fall in a hole and STAY there



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Also, badgers scare me:

They look kind of cute until you do a little more digging (no pun intended) and discover this:

The behavior of badgers differs by family, but all shelter underground, living in burrows called setts which may be very extensive. Some are solitary, moving from home to home, while others are known to form clans.

If you ask me, being a member of a "clan" is just one step away from being a member of a "cult" and that is not cool:

"cult" gained an increasingly negative connotation, becoming associated with things like kidnapping, brainwashing, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and other criminal activity, and mass suicide.

I don't know about you all, but none of those things sound like things I want to be associated with in my life.  And I tend to look down on people that participate in those kinds of things.  As such, I do not like badgers.


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Man, I love the fire here.  And yes, I hate frozen peas as well.  Just seems dumb to freezie them - they are way better fresh, and they act like squishy marbles if they fall on the ground.  You'll trip on, they'll roll under the oven and you won't see them for years, yet your dog will stick his/her face under the broiler for days trying to get to them. 


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I was in Vegas in march, when they played Wofford(????) in the first round of the Tourney.  I had a couple pennies on the Badgers, and after their fans started chanting "F&#@ You Loser", to perhaps the only man wearing a Wofford sweatshirt in all of Las Vegas, I began to root loudly against them, and inturn myself.

oriental andrew

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More than 45 yards, but he never broke 100 yds rushing against Michigan in his career.  In fact, Michigan is the ONLY Big Ten team against which Dayne never broke 100 yards.  


  • Illinois - 3 times
  • Indiana - 3 times
  • Iowa - 2 times
  • Michigan - Goose egg
  • michigan state - 1 time
  • Minnesota - 3 times
  • Northwestern - 3 times
  • ohio state - 1 time
  • Penn State - 2 times
  • Purdue - 4 times


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If I recall correctly - in his senior year - 44 yards in the first half and zero in the second.  That was when I realized he would never be a great pro - the Giants made a big mistake in drafting him.  He was essentially an outside runner who could destroy an average college defense - but was too slow against a top college D, or NFL D.


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I  went to school with Ron Dayne at UW  and I smoked grass with him more than once at house parties in Madison.  I just remember his eyes being all glazed over and him not having much to say.  

Having gone to high school and college in Madison, I can come up with a long list of things i hate about Wisconsin.  #1 is Barry Alvarez.....  How dare he bring perennial doormat UW into the upper tier of the Big Ten.