10 things I hate about The Ohio State Buckeyes

Submitted by The Shredder on November 27th, 2010 at 9:58 AM

10. BJ Mullens- I know his time at OSU was short(because he was an idiot and left early) but damn was he ugly and dumb. He also pissed off Michigan basketball fans with a youtube(which isn't up anymore) in which he said "Michigan Sucks" when asked how they would prepare for the Wolverines. The fat head did nothing at Ohio State and didn't even start. He left for the NBA after one year and avg 1.1 ppg last year for the Thunder. Good call.

9. David Boston- Really David? Did you think you could open your muscle face trap and expect Chuck to not make you look like a fool? I am pretty sure this dude was on the roid. He seemed like he was more into looking good than...you know, being good at football. He blew his body up with meats,cheeses and roids and called it a career. He played for five different teams and sucked on all five of them. He will always be remembered for being Woodson's Bitch.

8. 3rd Rock from the Sun- Oh my god this show was terrible. Another show on FOX that made me wanna take a dump on my TV so I wouldn't use it again. I know this has zero to do with OSU but the show was based out of Ohio so that's reason enough. French Stewart with his eyes closed all the time really killed it for me. Than Sally, she was like 6'8" and could dunk a basketball. Not to mention the bad guy from the old 80s Santa Clause Movie. It sucked for years but people watched it(people love bad TV). Go figure.

7. Buckeye- Wow you guys are "Nuts". Like thats the best you had? A nut? Why not use the state Bug? The Ladybug. Yeah I am very serious. That's the state bug or insect. I just gotta wonder how a nut can cause fear in another team? choking maybe? Like in the last few National Championship Games?

6. AJ Hawk- Ok he is like the ugliest dude in the NFL right now and thats hard to do. Not to mention he married Brady Quinn's sister who has Brady's head and face but with long hair. The dude is a straight up modern day Frankenstein. I am pretty sure the Packers have asked him not to come to any team photo shoots or do charity work in fear of him scaring off the public. Oh and he has sorta sucked for the Packers.

5.Brutus the Buckeye- This cheesy thin mascot got his ass handed to him at the start of a season by the mascot at Ohio. The Bobcat had his way as the players and cheerleaders watched and did nothing. It was a blood bath. I sometimes think he might be "special" since he spends most the game punching himself in his ugly head. Like isn't that a reason you would be the "resource room"?

4.The OSU Fans- Where to even start. They act obnoxious. Most the time they are in your a face giving you stats like how many days it's been since UM has beat OSU or how great Troy Smith might be some day for the 49ers. They are even stupid like when OSU loses to Purdue or Wisconsin and scream "Pryor can't play QB!! OMG!!! Move him to WR!" Great idea... Would love to see that car wreak of an experiment. They are just a sad bunch. But OSU is all they have since Ohio teams suck at everything else.

3.Beanie Wells's Toe- The dude hurt is toe in some scrub game and he acted like he just got shot. Suck it up and get off the field. I hate your toe. It's such a pussy.

2."Theeeee Ohio State"- It's so cool. "Theeeee Ohio State". I don't even have a picture since this is too dumb for pictures. Does it make you feel like a really important person? Like this one dude I met on a elevator and noticed he had a OSU shirt on and I said "Ohio State fan huh?" Nope he said... "THHHEEEEE Ohio State Fan" : rolls eyes : Yes I am sorry... I forgot to sound like a idiot.

1.Maurice Clarett - It's too easy isn't it? I mean really. I am more upset that this cat didn't break open a giant Reggie Bush like invesagation. Some how The Vest and OSU dodged that bullet. Speaking of bullets, he had a shit ton of them in his car when he was pulled over and put in jail for acting like an animal. He now plays back up RB for a Jimmy Johns sponsored team that plays in the Columbus football rec league.



November 27th, 2010 at 10:37 AM ^

I have lived in Columbus for 20 years now, since graduating in 1990 for UM...  The comeback I always get when I talk about the Nut is that it is a "poisonous nut"...

Of course, wolverines eat them in the wild...


November 27th, 2010 at 11:28 AM ^

And we got a lot of shit for it.  Cooler heads prevailed and changed it back to "University of Michigan".  I don't know how official it was or when it was changed back, but I do remember it.


November 27th, 2010 at 7:01 PM ^

the cement pants they were wearing.

the plethora of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties when they are winning.

Pryor lumbering down th field looking like that dude from the Goonies.

I could go on.


November 28th, 2010 at 5:12 PM ^

and there are.

And I NEVER want to be tOSU.  


They also lead the Big 10 in NCAA minor violations.  Hands down.

Their budget is gaudy.

But there is a lot there to learn from them.  When Michigan was dominating tOSU in the 80's and 90's they created a plan and took action.  We are witnessing that now. 

Our turn.