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Wife Day: The Blockhams | Wife Day: the Original

It was the bye week, and in the diaries of MGoBlog this means a Saturday dedicated to our 5-star spouses. For those not yet initiated into the sublime pleasures of matrimony, 707oxford has some advice:

As the games come to a close, start drinking (if you haven't already, which of course you have).  Libation of choice should be something that makes you happy, or better yet occasionally leads to adventure and/or trouble.  The night is young - go out, stay out, and don’t come back until the next morning after a sunrise breakfast at some greasy diner before sleeping through the NFL games and easing into next week.

On the boards, the peeps all shared their plans in Erik_in_Dayton's thread, while jamiemac crusaded against the practice. My solution: marry a gal who likes adventures and going to SEC games, is always down for a Coney (LAFAYETTE!) at 3 a.m., and will explain to her best friend that a 3:30 game means I have to miss the rehearsal dinner "because he has to work." Best wife ever? Well let's check the box score, where badminton-hating ST3's wife…has made him play badminton, which he now doesn't hate so much anymore (srsly that's what the diary is about).

Bronxblue decided to use the time to take stock of the year so far. I would love it—LOVE IT—if after covering a 45-point spread against a hapless MACrifice Jake Ryan stood on the 50, chucked his helmet in the direction of David Brandon, and did the Maximus:

Apparently new M coach Erik Bakich was more productive with his free time, increasing baseball's total 2013 recruits to a dozen. Raoul knows how to embed podcats, and has the skinny on two skinny middle infielders and a guy named Drew Lugbauer who's 6'3-190, which please oh please let this be a sign of paunch because fat college catchers make the best catchers.

20111223__SP25ALLSTATEFOOTBALLCM2_2938~p1In other things committed to Michigan, ehatch wrote up a scouting report of incoming OL Chris Fox (right: photo courtesy of Denver Post):

Fox sat out the first series on defense, when he came back he looked like a new man.  On offense he was got a free release to the second level and got his first pancake block on a LB leading to a big run.  He got his second pancake when he pulled and absolutely leveled the DE, leading to another big run.

The report is up and down, and more focused on his defense at DT/NT in a mixed front system that seemed to be using him as a stay-at-home plugger. Like Lewan and Jake Long, the latter of whom he has drawn a comparison to, Fox came to OL late, so a trail of donkeys is not quite in the expectations yet.

[THE_KNOWLEDGE loses both his predictive and his plenary powers, and perfunctory prognostications for Purdue after THE JUMP]



Purdon't Screw This Up Guys. The Boilermakers are 3-1 against a schedule that was supposed to put them at 3-1, but these days making it close vs. ND and averaging 50 points a game against E. Michigan, W. Kentucky, and Western W. Virginia is enough to be anointed presumed "leaders" (ha!) of a Woody Division with two ineligible programs and the school that drafted Ace Anbender's offensive line. Surely Fremeau and his statmonkey Enjoy Life will clear this uh…

Prediction for Purdue: The FEI Forecast for this Saturday is Purdue 24 – Michigan 16 with a 71% Probable Win Expectation for Purdue.

Whaaah? I told you, FEI is wonky this early, and things like raining interceptions in the first four games can turn the maths into the Spartiest Denard haterz. Enter death by trident, who got bumped from the boards for picking apart a front 7 that deteriorates the further you get from Kawaan Short. LATE BREAKING: dbt followed up with the secondary this afternoon—Diarist of the Week here. Lanyard Program made a program so you can keep the guys straight.

Etc. THE_KNOWLEDGE failed to soar, and is about to lose his job as MGoBlog's prognosticator plenipotentiary when I turn this into our official contest next week. I'm buying y'all off for free t-shirts and stuff.


free shit!



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This is what Purdue calls its tailgating but it's more like Holloween (with bars open at 7 a.m.) than a tailgate. The thread has the details for those who are going. For those who aren't, I highly recommend Google image search of "purdue breakfast club." College football man!



If the media have to stay out but the public regularly get practice videos like this I'm not sure it's a bad trade, even if I'm technically media, because this I can dissect and show. The drill puts a defensive player head-up with a blocker and an untouched running back coming either side with a full head of steam, so it's supposed to be way harder on the D. Thanks gordie bell for pointing it out after I ignored that weekly newsletter the athletic dept. sends out, and thanks Thorin/MGoVideo for again being so useful I'll never downvote you for being too touchy on the boards (he did it again for the Brock Mealer video, which you should go watch if you haven't yet.


300. When he hits it after Purdue I expect to see some GIF action.



Weird shit happens in sports. One night you're out on tour with your band and everything is tight. Outside your band name emblazons the marquee wsg Wikirock; inside the venue is supplying endless Bud Lights to the green room. Two sets and three sheets to the wind behind you, you find the drummer of Wikirock is a Notre Dame fan, and he bets you a tattoo of the other guy's band that this Saturday your Wolverines will paste his Irish. Next thing you know you're waking up in a pool of a homeless man's urine in Columbus with a nagging feeling that Ty Willingham could have made your life better. Please people, don't bet tats on the outcome of sporting events, even if you're a professional musician with enough prior ink to have your own library section. Unless you're metal, and since I can read that logo clearly I'm guessing you're not metal.


This one won't win but good golly and needs moar Holy Shane Morris on it.

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October 5th, 2012 at 9:56 AM ^

I wish you could aggregate diary/board stuff daily. You do a perfect job of filtering out all of the in-season OT/snowflake crap which isn't supposed to be there, but that Michigan Drill video is more than a week old. It sucks that if we want to know what's happening NOW, we have to wade through all of the MLive posts.


October 5th, 2012 at 9:39 AM ^ the Kovacs thread, there are 11 LBs, 2 DTs and 1 DB ahead of him on the all time tackles list, not 14 LBs. With his 2nd tackle tomorrow, he'll move ahead of Garland Rivers into 14th position and 1st among all time DBs.