WTKA Roundtable 10/11/2018: There's Been a Development Comment Count

Seth October 12th, 2018 at 7:19 AM

Things discussed:

  • Fundraiser for Ace: Passed $90k last night. Ace has been living this on the blog and now there’s a community on the internet who understands an of-misunderstood disease.
  • Craig Ross UFRs the first drive: playcalling was good.
  • Michigan running zone stretch! Well!
  • Offense looked good—35 points in 9 drives feels better if it comes in a different order.
  • Maryland’s worst pass rush performance this year. Hey-O!
  • Hitting the Mendoza line of good blocking every game
  • Wisconsin: doesn’t rush the passer. Badgers used to get injured and there’d be a Cichy or a Connelly. Now…?
  • Patterson had his best game of the season against Maryland
  • The holding call that wiped out a perfect TD pass was not as bad as the Higdon one, same genre
  • There was an RPO in this game!
  • Shea’s dad: “Let one guy go and Shea will take care of the first guy every time”
  • Defense last year had a game from Aubrey vs Wisconsin; is he back?
  • Dwumfour was about to pop before he went down.
  • Hornibrook the best QB in the conference: gonna hit his slants, his receivers not giving him much
  • Defense’s first big test of the year.
  • Playcalling vs. Northwestern: Hankwitz has our number, Pep had a solid tactical win vs Maryland, who also had a bye
  • If you’re running play-action and their LBs are dropping back 10 yards something’s going wrong.
  • Caller: Shut up about the offense.
  • Michigan hasn’t stacked back to back efforts in consecutive weeks. Time to do that.

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That’s about as mythological as a Jim Harbaugh injury report