Why Logan Tuley-Tillman Was Kicked Off the Team

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Via John Counts at MLive:

Logan Tuley-Tillman was was arraigned on two counts of capturing/distributing an image of an unclothed person and one count of using a computer to commit a crime, according to court records.

All three are felonies. Capturing/distributing an image of an unclothed person is punishable by up to two years in prison, a fine of no more than $2,000, or both. Using a computer to commit a crime, in this case, would be punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a fine of no more than $5,000, or both.

The incident occurred in the 300 block of Catherine Street Sept. 4. Tuley-Tillman is accused of filming a portion of a sexual encounter with a woman without her knowledge and then transmitting it to his personal device without her permission, according to Ann Arbor police.

He was instantly removed from the team on September 10 "for conduct unacceptable for a Michigan student athlete."

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October 7th, 2015 at 1:55 PM ^

Here's what the law he was charged with violating says:

"(1) A person shall not do any of the following:

(a) Surveil another individual who is clad only in his or her undergarments, the unclad genitalia or buttocks of another individual, or the unclad breasts of a female individual under circumstances in which the individual would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

(b) Photograph, or otherwise capture or record, the visual image of the undergarments worn by another individual, the unclad genitalia or buttocks of another individual, or the unclad breasts of a female individual under circumstances in which the individual would have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

(c) Distribute, disseminate, or transmit for access by any other person a recording, photograph, or visual image the person knows or has reason to know was obtained in violation of this section."

Given that he was caught, unless he turned himself in or showed them to the woman, it seems safe to assume that he at least put them online somewhere where someone else could get at them. I think that could be something as active as Snapchatting them or as passive as leaving them unprotected on his computer while it was connected to a file-sharing service (when I was living in the dorms in 04-06, that would have been good old OurTunes; no idea what the kids are using these days).

Either way, a deeply shitty thing to do.


October 7th, 2015 at 1:56 PM ^

That's the charge: "Capturing/Distributing Image of Unclothed Person." (See, e.g., how it recorded here). The slash there stands for an OR, not an AND.

Here's the law:

Act 328 of 1931

750.539j Surveillance of or distribution, dissemination, or transmission of recording, photograph, or visual image of individual having reasonable expectation of privacy; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty; exceptions; “surveil” defined.

LINK: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(hnxa0m4lfqgblkcfb5044tkl))/mileg.aspx?page=GetObject&objectname=mcl-750-539j

Mr. Owl

October 7th, 2015 at 1:33 PM ^

The way I read it, he uploaded them to his "personal device."  I took that to be he uploaded them to his computer or phone.

So did he do something private that got out, or did he post something publicly?

I'm confused.

Btown Wolverine

October 7th, 2015 at 1:35 PM ^

Wow. Dumb decision, appropriate response from the university/coaches. Hopefully this will serve as an example for current and future players. And hopefully LTT gets his act together.


October 7th, 2015 at 1:36 PM ^

I think more happened than just this. This is scummy, but he was off the team less than a week later--there's stuff involved here that we're not hearing about. Maybe questions of consent, maybe distribution, but it's safe to say that the aggrieved party has been seriously hurt in some way greater than him just keeping a private file. And has a right to be upset.


October 7th, 2015 at 1:46 PM ^

Well, I'm also wondering if the victim was significantly intoxicated. Not my business but even if it's not an assault it could be something regretted that was exacerbated by LTT showing off to others.

The point is, this doesn't get to Harbaugh's desk if he is just keeping a clip for personal use. Dozens and probably hundreds found out about this first.


October 7th, 2015 at 1:37 PM ^

An unfortunate mistake by a young man with a lot to learn.  I hope he can learn from his predicament and change for the better.


October 7th, 2015 at 1:38 PM ^

Question for all the mgolawyers: If one's phone automatically backs up to one's computer, can the dreaded "using a computer to commit a crime" offense be added?

Mitch Cumstein

October 7th, 2015 at 1:39 PM ^

Question: with the new kangaroo court system that the university has set up to expel students without the evidence required to prosecute through the justice system, do the laws that LTT violated prevent students from protecting themselves (via video evidence) against expulsion in cases of false accusation?

Note I'm not claiming anything in regards to LTTs specific situation, this is just a question related to the laws he violated.


October 7th, 2015 at 1:57 PM ^

If he were in fact recording merely to prove innocence in case the girl had second thoughts the next day, I could see that being a valid defense though they'd probably still want him to plead to some misdemeanor instead of tossing everything.  But it sounds like he distributed them to others so that defense is out.

Bando Calrissian

October 7th, 2015 at 1:43 PM ^

Weren't there additional rumors flying around LTT as well, somewhat related to the rap video he appeared in that featured all sorts of interesting scenery, characters, and props?


October 7th, 2015 at 1:44 PM ^

Pretty embarassing for him. Certainly deserves to be removed from the team.  Just about every sorority girl I met at UM (while I was there as a grad student of course) had a story about fraternity dudes doing this to one of their friends.  It's uniquitous in the age of smartphones. I'd wager many a college football player across the nation has on his phone photos or video of the girls they get with, especially in the more unscrupulous programs in the south.  This leads me to think there was more to it in order to get the attention of police and the football program.   


October 7th, 2015 at 1:46 PM ^

Not that I endorse this behavior in any way, but there's a lot of folks in here confusing "arraigned on" with "convicted of."  Yes, most people charged with crimes committed them, but a lot of posts on here could use an "If true," prefacing what they wrote.

MGJS SuperKick Party

October 7th, 2015 at 1:55 PM ^

I will wait until the trial is done to further voice my opinion... If true, that's not okay at all.

Can we appreciate the timeliness it was dealt with? 1 day after complaint, he was gone. Different era guys and gals!


October 7th, 2015 at 1:56 PM ^

As disgusting as this act is, I hope this is a teachable moment and he's able to learn for this. Even good people do shitty things. I don't know if he'd a good guy or not, but I hope we can all look back to our immaturity in college and feel a bit of empathy for the kid (even though this was clearly a heinous act that I'm in no way excusing).