Where In The World Is David Brandon?

Submitted by Brian on January 9th, 2011 at 3:39 PM

The plane that may or may not have David Brandon and the crabby ghost of Don Canham aboard has returned to Baton Rouge, landing about fifteen minutes ago. Tiger Droppings scrambled F-16s


…but they apparently didn't make it. Meanwhile, the other plane that may or may not have Dave Brandon aboard is in Dallas, where a coaching convention is going on. So either Les Miles is approaching done or Brandon is in Dallas interviewing anyone who looks at him funny and the winged helmet plane heading to Baton Rouge every hour on the hour is just a bizarre coincidence.

Or both. It's likely that UM reps of some variety are in both places, so Les Miles is in play and they're talking but nothing is certain so they're trying to scout out backup plans.



January 9th, 2011 at 6:59 PM ^

...in this town, it's not clear to me that "the average fan" wouldn't tell B1G to lighten up on the oversigning restrictions so that B1G teams can finally "compete" with the SEC.

And, ultimately, "average fan" is going to have a lot to say about what happens going forward---both with Michigan and the conference.  At the end of the day, the various B1G schools need folks to keep buying those tickets, the licensed merchandise, and (most importantly) watching BTN to keep those dollars flowing, else Bad Things will be coming to an athletic department near you.

Michigan's athletics program is self-supporting.  Many others aren't.  My alma mater, Cal, has a dept. that gets heavy subsidies from the general university budget.  And, times are tight---so they are cutting five varsity sports, including both gymnastics teams and baseball.

As an academic, I'm a huge sucker for the win-the-right-way meme.  But, the beast has grown too big to ignore the reality that this is nothing other than a business.  I wish it weren't so, but if wishes were horses...


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Personally, I don't see a problem with having kids compete for athletic scholarships. If you get beaten out, then you're status is that of a walk-on, and you can finance your education with loans like the rest of us, or transfer somewhere that will give you a scholarship.


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I'm convinced DB is a recruiting ninja.  We won't know who he's selected until after the guy has been signed, talked to the team and recruited for two weeks.

Think of DB and his MGoJet as stealth bombers.  We won't know hear they've been or what they've been doing until after they're already done gone.


Go Blue from T…

January 9th, 2011 at 8:14 PM ^

This job is going to be more difficult to hire for then most think. The problem, the negative Detroit media that is so close breathing down the fresh meats neck.

There aren't many other schools that have this problem with a big city within 30 or so miles other then maybe USC and Miami, FL (who's fanbases are very fairweather). Examples: Florida State (Tallahasse has 150k peeps and closest big city is J'ville (2.5 hrs)), Oklahoma - OK City pop 500k, Texas, Alabama, Auburn (you wouldn't believe where it was if you looked on a map), Florida, LSU, Oregon, Penn State, etc.

Just my take - maybe I'm wrong.


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I've never posted here, but I'm shocked to see the amount of negative reaction to Les Miles becoming Michigan's next head coach. If I gave you a blind resume of a coach that has won a national championship, accumulated the second highest SEC winning percentage over the last 6 years (one game behind Urban Meyer), finished in the Top 10 four of the last six years, and stacked a 5-1 bowl record in that time frame you'd think we would jump at the chance for a coach like that. If you throw in the fact that he's also a "Michigan Man" you combine heritage with success that would make 90% of the fan base happy.

I understand there have been some clock management issues (some of which fall on the coordinators and assistants) as well as some shady recruiting practices (easily fixable), but I think Les remains the best available option to bring the fan base together (winning does that regardless), start recruiting top level talent again (big name), and put an attitude back into the program that fell into "awe shucks" mode with Rich Rod.

I'm willing to bet a high number of the fans don't follow twitter, or the minute details of game management from the SEC, so I think his hiring brings everyone together.... not tears them apart. Besides, with what looks like two options out there in Hoke and Miles I'll gladly take the latter.


January 9th, 2011 at 9:55 PM ^

...you're right. All these so-called "negatives" are pretty nit-picky. So Saban can't be a good coach because he changes jobs often. Meyer sucks because he's retiring all the time. Bo sucked because he never won a NC.

One of the comments somewhere said only Jesus was perfect. But even he would suck as our coach: HE's not a MICHIGAN MAN!