Where In The World Is David Brandon?

Submitted by Brian on January 9th, 2011 at 3:39 PM

The plane that may or may not have David Brandon and the crabby ghost of Don Canham aboard has returned to Baton Rouge, landing about fifteen minutes ago. Tiger Droppings scrambled F-16s


…but they apparently didn't make it. Meanwhile, the other plane that may or may not have Dave Brandon aboard is in Dallas, where a coaching convention is going on. So either Les Miles is approaching done or Brandon is in Dallas interviewing anyone who looks at him funny and the winged helmet plane heading to Baton Rouge every hour on the hour is just a bizarre coincidence.

Or both. It's likely that UM reps of some variety are in both places, so Les Miles is in play and they're talking but nothing is certain so they're trying to scout out backup plans.



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1) I think many would say that due to Cam Cameron's less than stellar record at Indiana that he can't get it done here.  Not sure that I buy that considering Indiana is not really a hotbed of football talent.


2) I love that even on a name like Cam Cameron we get polar opposite opinions on his viability.  I don't think I've seen a signle name save Harbaugh or Patterson that the general consensus seems to be "Yes, please."  Instead, we have division on all of them...*sigh*  Apparently we do need Rich Rod to come back and sing Kumbaya with us.


Come to think of it, can we get a map that shows, lets call them "Maize counties" and "Blue Counties" or states or whatever and can we get exit pollers to identify the major issues why they support one candidate over another?  That way we can fully cross from Sports to Politics...kidding....kinda...

Big Boutros

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I don't get it. Are there seriously only two coaches in the country? You're telling me we have to decide between a guy that half the fanbase hates because he's a moronic swindler and a guy the other half hates because he's an unproven crony of our former coach? Those are our ONLY fucking choices? Not the 38-year-old head coach who won 9 games in the SEC with zero talent in year two? Or the 40-year-old defensive coordinator who can recruit like a motherfucker and puts NFL defenses on the field? Really?

Goddammit shit ass balls this angars me to the ends of the earth

Bando Calrissian

January 9th, 2011 at 6:29 PM ^

Of course there will be a divide, because the same people who so loudly decried any vocal opposition to Rich Rodriguez will be the ones creating the divide for the new guy.  

Call me a hypocrite all you want, I'm just really interested to see how this unfolds.  You've already given up on Les Miles, so I guess it's already started.


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Has anyone seen a media report that Miles has informed LSU he is interviewing with Michigan that is not on Tigerdroppings? 

Ugghhhh. . . I wonder if DB's plan is to terrify the Michigan fan base into accepting anyone just to end this process.  

If so. . .I am slowly getting there.


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Das war doch ein Schwanzschlag!  (That was one great dong punch!)


So ein Schwanzprugel hatte ich doch nie erwartet!  (Such a dong punch I have never expected)

prügeln, as in bludgeon, club, strike, beat (careful now!)




The Rake

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I need more updates...mgoblog is not doing enough! I jest. I love the dedication of the crew here.

As for the next coach, I would take Miles. I don't know if he's the best candidate, but he should be able to get some things done here that haven't been done in the last 6 years or so. My biggest concern remains a coach who can adapt to the players we have (denard) and hopefully, keep large elements of the spread in place going forward. Our offense was/is a potential powerhouse and with a coach continuing on that path, and adding better D structure/recruits, then we can be better than we have been in the past decade plus, IMO.

Go Blue.

The Rake


MMB 82

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If DB is trying to be somewhat discrete with the coaching search, would it be wise to use a jet that just about screams "GO BLUE!"? I would think he would have access to several other, shall we say, more anonymous alternatives?


But yeah, the Jet is pretty cool....


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all of the Les haters hung up on all of his "baggage" and "red flags" need to get a grip on reality. SERIOUSLY, the last guy who was perfect WALKED ON WATER. Get off of your high horses. Miles is the best candidate out there for our program. It's 2011. I would venture to guess that with the right digging, 25/25 of the top 25 teams on any given week have done as much, if not more, "red flag" activity as Miles has at LSU. Just put Snyder and Rosendyke in Columbus, alone, and we'd have enough to shut down the University's athletic department. 

And really... Brady Hoke? Is everyone here high? The guy's had three winning seasons as a Head Coach (out of 8), he bolted a school HE PLAYED AT after the first really great season he had there, and his career record is 47-50. Give me a break. Now I know why Lloyd Carr is on this guy's nuts so bad--he knows he'll never upstage LC's record/legacy here! Seriously, the last thing a sycophant like Carr wants is an individual like Miles (and more like Bo than any of you realize) to come here and make Michigan relevant again. 


January 9th, 2011 at 5:35 PM ^

If nothing else, he's at the center of the SEC oversigning problem.  The way he handled it has been well documented, and it says he has nearly zero character.  He's leaving kids out to dry in order to get a handful of extra scholarhips every year.  Don't give me the "everyone down there does it" excuse either. 

Michigan just had it's first "major" violations in program history.  Luckily, those were limited to questions about how much time the team spent stretching.  With Miles, the University would be opening a whole other can of worms at a time when we are really vulnerable as a program.

I want Michigan to get back to winning as much as anyone, but I'm not willing to sell out to make it happen.  If you are in a win at all costs mindset, then that is your opinion.  But, don't try to talk yourself and everyone else into Les Miles by saying every major program has "as much, if not more" issues. That's simply not true.  Les Miles has the reputation that he has because he has earned it.


January 9th, 2011 at 5:52 PM ^

First of all, Big Ten rules would get in the way of the shenanigans that are allowed in the SEC--that, yes, every coach down there takes advantage of. Everyone does do it down there, it's just a fact of the matter. It's just that most people take ownership instead of bleeding out of their ass and running to the press. Because, the story at the center of this problem (and to date, the only real viable, credible thing to criticize LM with) revolves around a 3rd string QB who came back from the summer 15+ lbs. overweight for the second time in a row. The quotes that come to mind are: "those who stay will be champions," and, "I'm going to treat you all the same: like dogs." PS, that same kid has now transferred twice after his time at LSU. Draw your own conclusions.

Second, within the Big Ten alone in the past two years, we've had teams:

-kick starting, first-team caliber players out for multiple drug arrests in season

-entire parts of teams organizing gang-style beating of other students

-a starting QB with a new loaner car every month and 5 other of his team's best players in trouble for selling their apparel to get free tattoos

So kicking a fat, problematic 3rd string QB off of the team is somehow abhorrently worse than any of these infractions? 

And finally, you tell me what's worse: 

- cancelling a scholarship for a kid who couldn't cut it in the classroom partied all of the time and couldn't stay in shape, or, having your entire university investigated for its football student athletes taking no real classes at all, and instead, having private classes they all earn As in and earning a degree other students bust their ass for. 

Bo wasn't perfect. LC wasn't perfect. RR wasn't perfect. But they are all, in their own way, good guys who do this for the right reasons. The only difference between them is that Bo won, LC won, RR didn't. LM would win here again, and never get in trouble for a thing other than running up the score agaisnt Ohio State and turning Tressel into another Cooper. That, in the end, is what I care most about. 


January 9th, 2011 at 6:19 PM ^

you're delusional.

as to  your list of other Big 10 violators, I don't want to be sparty, iowa, or ohio state.  my solution to cheating would be to penalize cheaters, not turn the other way and start cheating just as much. 

what do you really know about the QB from LSU??? you're talking about the situation like you have detailed intimate knowledge.  he's also not the only kid this has happened to.  once again, you're convincing yourself that all those red flags aren't really a big deal, becuase you've lowered your standards and don't want to believe it.  don't do that. 

Bo and LC weren't perfect, and neither was RR.  Nobody is, but there is a big differnece between not being perfect and being dirty.  I want a coach and a program that I can root for without having a guily conscience.


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more tweets flooding in...it's getting more and more random every tweet...

Football Rumor Mill
We're getting strong indications a Miles-Michigan deal is in the works. Still conflicting info. We'll keep you posted.


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Les Miles in 6 seasons at LSU:  
62 Wins, 17 Losses, .785 WL%

Bo Schembechler in final 6 seasons at Michigan:
54 Wins, 17 Losses, 2 Ties, WL% .761

Les is more. By miles. DB + alumni + board geeks with way too much time on your hands and hate in your hearts...get over yourselves. Time to sign Miles.


January 9th, 2011 at 6:10 PM ^

who signed Miles to an extension three years ago, he claims there is no chance that Miles will leave LSU. He cites family issues and a great recruiting class as reasons for him not to move on. My response would be which is easier...trying to win in the Big Ten or the SEC? Coaching tenures last longer in the BIg Ten.


January 9th, 2011 at 6:09 PM ^

loong as he brings the talent.  I'm a RR supporter or was since he's not the coach any more.  Les, Jim, Brady it doesen't matter just get the Jimmys and the Joes.