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Brian April 19th, 2017 at 3:20 PM

Quarterback situation resolving soon


yo Milton

NV QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson announces in four days:

Just hours after returning home from a weekend visit to Ann Arbor, the four-star quarterback from Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman announced that he would be choosing between Michigan and UCLA on Apr. 23, ending what has been a fast ascending recruitment.

Lorenz recently flipped his crystal balls to UCLA, and many folks are following. Webb had been pessimistic a few weeks ago and hasn't given any indication he's heard differently. With Michigan out of visit ammo that would appear to be that.

If that recruitment ends in favor of the Bruins, Michigan moves on to its other main targets: FL QB Joe Milton and AZ QB Tyler Shough. They could get one... they could get both. Michigan recently told both DTR and Shough that they would take two QBs. That is a surprise in a small class after back-to-back high level prospects. That implies that Michigan likes all three of their targets quite a bit.

In Shough's case, so does Alabama:

"Coach (Tosh) Lupoi offered me and he told me I'm the QB they're looking for in this class. Jalen Hurts was more of a dual-threat type this last season but with their new offense they're trying to get back to more pro-style. They'd want me to command the offense. They came out of nowhere, really. I wasn't talking to them before but my coach gave me their number so I called them and they offered."

Whether that's an "offer" or an OFFER is, as always, unclear. Shough does have vague summer visit plans to Tuscaloosa. His May 13th visit to Michigan is still on and that could be a commit watch situation.

Meanwhile, Milton also visited for the spring game. Lorenz reports that the coaching staff is enamored with his general shape. Someone called him a "holy specimen," which is definitely a phrase used to describe angels instead of people. After returning he talked to 24/7 Florida mod Luke Stampini:

“The visit, it helped them move up, because I didn’t know Michigan was a school like that,” Milton admitted. “I didn’t know the background of Michigan, but now I do.”

Stampini thinks that it won't be Florida, the presumed leader, and that Michigan and Georgia are the main contenders. A decision won't be long coming here, either: Milton says he wants to commit this spring. We've put in a CB pick on Milton based on some things we've heard.

Either way won't be more than a month before Michigan's quarterback, or quarterbacks, situation is resolved.

Ditto instate OL?


Trieu has an article on upwardly mobile MI OL Ryan Hayes, who's moving towards a decision "sooner than late summer." It looks pretty good for Michigan:

"The most familiarity we had is with Coach Frey [at Michigan]," Hayes said. "He recruited Connor at Indiana and he and my family have a really good relationship."

"I had never been to Michigan actually," he added. "I just had never gotten there. It was really cool. It really blew me away and really surprised me actually."

It would be a "huge surprise" to Trieu if it wasn't Michigan, and in the near future. Frey loves bulking up athletic TE/OT types and Hayes was actually a tight end last year; this looks like a perfect match.

Meanwhile, MI OL Jalen Mayfield is going to be yet another Michigan/ND battle, it appears:

Grand Rapids (Mich.) Catholic Central four-star offensive tackle Jalen Mayfield will be in South Bend this weekend.

The 6-5, 255-pounder from the class of 2018, a former Minnesota commit, will make his first trip to Notre Dame in search of an offer from the Fighting Irish.

Mayfield recently worked out at The Opening Chicago and was terrific. He showed athleticism, impressive footwork, and the strength and physicality you look for in a top-level offensive tackle.

Just a few days ago Mayfield described his return visit to Michigan as "phenomenal" and named a final three of Michigan, MSU, and Iowa, so ND's interest is new and probably the only thing that can threaten Michigan's standing.

Side note: Mayfield makes it eight guys so far who have probably been down to Michigan and ND. Five of those have gone ND's way, with Christian Turner currently the Michigan win. Weird, since ND went 4-8 last year.

Also in instate OL going off the board in the near future or recent past: happy trails to MI OL Tyrone Sampson Jr, who committed to Syracuse. Sampson recruitment is an odd one. Despite consistent high level praise from recruiting analysts he never picked up big, or even middling, offers. That includes MSU, despite the prospect that the Spartans will be shut out of the top 8 in state for the second straight year. Sampson might be a name who re-emerges late in the cycle if Michigan has an unexpected amount of room.

Uh... ditto the secondary?


imagine the jerseys if the Green twins commit

Michigan's hosted what might be their top three remaining secondary targets just after the spring game: TX CB twins Gemon and German Green and NJ S Shayne Simon both took in Ann Arbor early this week. Simon's mom and aunt are both alums; Lorenz and Webb both assert that Michigan has been pedal-to-the-metal with his recruitment. He's a the type of kid where ND/Stanford are the threats, FWIW.

Meanwhile the Green twins are candidates to drop soon. Webb asserts that his gut tells him that if signing day was today it would be Michigan for both; Texas 24/7 mod EJ Holland and Lorenz have both put in CBs for both to Michigan. Holland believes that both guys are interested in sticking closer to home but the package deal is a major consideration—as it often is with twins—and Michigan is currently the biggest offer for German, who tore his ACL last year.

Knife edge here, in your author's e-pinion. If they do not drop in the near future I'd interpret that as the Greens hoping that a Big 12 school will offer German as well and that Michigan will eventually fade away once that happens.

Mustapha re-eval

Some early chatter that Michigan and TX TE Mustapha Muhammad were very likely to get together faded, but after Muhammad returned to Ann Arbor for the spring game there's been a serious reversal in fortunes. Webb lets you read between the lines:

“I’m definitely taking my visits,” he continued. “I’ve always told myself that I plan on committing on national signing day.  That’s when I want to publicly announce where I decide to go to school.”

Publicly might be the operative word.

Judging by the 247 crystal ball: yup. Starting with Lorenz four days ago, 21 folks have issued M predictions, including Wiltfong and all the relevant Texas experts. Any guy taking his recruitment to signing day and going on visits is some threat to change his mind, but it really looks like it would be a change of mind if that were to happen.

Let's re-project the class

I did this in February, when it was very silly. It is much less silly now. So let's do it:

State Position Player Approx. Stars Confidence Level
AZ QB Tyler Shough 3.5 High
GA RB Christian Turner 3 Commit
USA FB Some Guy 3 Low
NJ WR Jahan Dotson 4 Moderate
WA WR Tre'Shaun Harrison 4 Moderate
FL TE Will Mallory 4 High
NY TE Jeremy Ruckert 4.5 Moderate
TX TE Mustapha Muhammad 4 High
IN OL Emil Ekiyor 4 Commit
FL OL Daniel Faalele ? Moderate
MI OL Ryan Hayes 4 Very High
MI OL Jalen Mayfield 3.5 Very High
NJ DT Tyler Friday 4.5 Moderate
MI DE Aidan Hutchinson 4 Commit
FL DE Nik Bonitto 4 Low
GA LB Otis Reese 4 Commit
TX CB Gemon Green 4 High
TX CB German Green 3 High
GA S Myles Sims 4 Commit
NJ S Shayne Simon 4 High

Still holding at 20 members of the class, FWIW.

Grudging 2019 section

MI CB Marvin Grant did not make it to the spring game because he could not get a ride; not likely to impact his recruitment, which seems to favor Michigan early. On the other hand, Michigan fielded a significant 2019 visit when KY DE Stephon Herron Jr returned to campus:

[Herron] was palling around with Emil Ekiyor quite a bit and was permanently smiling. I saw both of his parents afterwards walking around The Al Glick Field House and they were all smiles as well. I'd bet that their conversation on the way home was very, very pro Michigan.

That's a second long distance unofficial in two months for Herron and that was enough for us to put in an early CB for him. OSU has fielded three visits, so that's speculative. 

KY DT Jacob Lacey was highly positive on twitter after his spring game visit:

Michigan is "right at the top" for him; ND leads on the crystal ball.

You can pencil FL LB Anthony Solomon into the 2019 class, as his second long-distance unofficial to Ann Arbor was a five-day affair, which may be unprecedented in the annals of unofficial visits.

NJ CB Nyquee Hawkins visited for the spring game as well.


Lorenz says he's hearing "amazingly different" things on CT CB and Miami commit Josh Jobe, which range from him sticking with said commit to being a Michigan lock to being an Alabama flip. That "CT" is new, by the way, as Jobe is attending Cheshire Academy this fall. Don Brown is big in Japan Connecticut, so that can't hurt. FWIW, Tarik Black just graduated from Cheshire.

Michigan made a "huge move" with MO WR Kamyrn Babb; Wiltfong still sticking with OSU CB. Massive OH WR L'Christian Smith is "definitely" interested in Michigan; former teammate Tyree Kinnel is helping recruit him. Kid is nicknamed "blue," so that's a good sign, right?

OH DE Malik Vann commits to Cincinnati over Michigan State. Which is a thing that's happening now.



April 19th, 2017 at 4:45 PM ^

If any other person on the face of the Earth were our coach, I would be disappointed by the list we have of potential prospects at each position.  To me it resembles a team that is top 10-20.   For such a small class I am shocked we don't have at least one 5 star and still cannot land an "elite" RB.  But, I have consumed the Harbaugh Koolaid.  I don't understand the list, but I don't have to understand the list.  I blindly give hand over my Michigan fandom into the hands of you Jimmy.  You have earned my trust.


April 19th, 2017 at 3:49 PM ^

Quick thoughts: I'd be disappointed if the Green twins were the CB haul with Isaac Taylor Stuart and Josh Jobe still out there. Gemon seems like a nice prospect but the other one seems like a huge reach in small class. Mayfield and Hayes would be a really nice tackle duo. Nik Bonitto isn't being recruited anymore. Webb mentioned Parsons and Eyabi Anoma are DE's that are still being recruited. I think UM also pushes for Michael Thompson at DT. Call me crazy, but I think UM makes a move for Babb or St Brown at WR.


April 19th, 2017 at 4:04 PM ^

I would be surprised if Michigan ends up signing three TEs so perhaps that's another secondary spot. They would take all three of those dudes but a clean sweep seems unlikely, and if they get two elite TE prospects it would be weird to take a third who's just a guy.

Also if it's Babb or St. Brown they might just take one WR.

FWIW I see Sims at corner, or at least starting his career there.


April 19th, 2017 at 7:07 PM ^

Don't criticise the list or you will get negged.  Blindly follow and don't question.  LOL.  I am right there with you.  I see offering those two in last years class, but not with the limited spots this year.  But again, Coach Harbaugh has earned our trust and whoever he wants to offer I am good with.  I don't have to understand, I give him blind faith.


April 19th, 2017 at 9:06 PM ^

He's probably got around 13 correct IMO. I really can't see Michigan passing on the #3 guard in the country. When it is all said and done Michigan will have a top ten recruiting class on paper. The size of the class may cost us a top three, but it will be a top notch class. Curious to see who we grab at Qb. We allready have a great start and most of these guys will bump up I feel, especially Turner.


April 20th, 2017 at 12:39 PM ^

Yes Cranky, get focussed - JH & the team are counting on you to really bring it this recruiting cycle! 

On ALL OF US for that matter! 

Without our input on these threads how will they know which prospects to really focus on (OFFERS) vs "offers"?


April 19th, 2017 at 4:07 PM ^

Looks like a solid class overall but its a little dissapointing to see the staff in on so few truly elite level kids.  To be willing to offer a scholarship in a small class to a 3 star guy at cb mostly so you can get his 4 star twin isn't an ideal world.  Especially with the way OSU, and hell even PSU have gotten off to in this class.  Know its tough to be truly elite every year but when your primary competition is there isn't a ton of choice.


Also I really wish we could get amon-ra st. brown because obviously. 


April 19th, 2017 at 4:15 PM ^

Im surprised this is still a thing. How many players that people here said "why are we offering/taking this guy right now, he's so low" ended up being highly ranked/regarded players/ Guys like St. Juste. 

Its early in the process and rankings. I doubt Harbaugh is offering a guy just bc of his brother. We've seen him not offer legacies before. If he has an offer, JH thinks he can play. Its going to be a smaller class and maybe not as highly ranked bc of that, but the class will be one of the best when its said and done. 


April 19th, 2017 at 6:04 PM ^

I understood the point perfectly. And we really don't have to wait at all. Ohio State has signed the best recruiting class in the B1G 8 straight years. They are 7-1 vs Michigan in that time frame, won a national title, and several B1G championships. Recruiting rankings matter, that's why come NSD I'm going to be looking very closely at where Michigan ranks.

Robbie Moore

April 19th, 2017 at 6:59 PM ^

...starting in 2017 it really becomes Harbaugh's team. And do you believe Harbaugh can compete with Meyer as a coach and as a recruiter? The guys Harbaugh has recruited will start to show their worth this coming season. So we will find out. But the 7-1 OSU v. Michigan was with Rodriguez and Hoke players coached by Rodriguez (ouch...) and Hoke (double ouch). Only two years of Harbaugh. 

Me? I genuinely believe Harbaugh and his staff are the equal of anyone. But that's just what I think. The next five years will prove out. 

Pepto Bismol

April 19th, 2017 at 4:36 PM ^

But all it takes is a flip of a guy like Micah Parsons and suddenly we have a Top-10 guy leading the parade.  It's early.  These are all going to change and you never know who's going to dominate a camp or something and shoot into the Top-Whatever. 

This time last year we had... who?  I'm looking at a thing I have from last year.  Everybody of note with the exception of McCaffrey came after November:

Kelly-Powell, Ambry Thomas, Anthony & Singleton, Aubrey Solomon, Ruiz & Filiaga, Black/DPJ/Martin/Collins. All in November or later.

Luiji Vilain didn't become LUIJI VILAIN!  until the summer camps when his ranking shot through the roof.  Donovan Jeter was a ND guy.  James Hudson was a 3-star end that nobody was excited about until he magically became a 4-star DT that we're all pumped about now.  St. Juste was a questionable, absolute-nobody camp offer until The Opening got rolling...

Meanwhile, our 4-star Superback AJ Dillon flipped to BC and immediately became a 3-star composite #400-something.  (eyeroll)


You get the idea - Patience, brother.  



April 19th, 2017 at 4:46 PM ^

Yeah I get all that, and like I said it is shaping up to be a solid class. My post may have felt a little more panic monkey about it than I feel but while guys move up and down I don't think there is all that much movement in the truly elite guys.  Rashan Gary and Peppers were both top 5 for multiple years in recruiting rankings.  DPJ was never out of the top 20, neither was najee harris.  There aren't that that many example of the guys in the top 10-15 dropping massive amounts or guys ranked 100+ getting from there to the top 15 and that is the range I wish we were more active in this cycle.  Those are the guys that took good 10-2 teams to undefeated national championship teams.

If we were starting noah furbush instead of Peppers last year our team would have still been good, I doubt we have the #1 defense in the country and if he plays in the orange bowl we probably win. Its things like that that matter when you start playing for championships instead of 10 win seasons.


April 19th, 2017 at 4:57 PM ^

I think it's still a bit early and the "shiny new toy" sheen has worn off of Michigan a bit.  Now it's down to what they can sell.  Guaranteed playing time and opportunity are kind of out given how large the previous two classes were.  NFL development, the draft hasn't happened yet, but I do expect that to turn a head or two.  Success? Two ten win seasons were nice, but it's also two consecutive third place finishes in the division and OSU has two playoff appearrances in three years.

I just think this year is going to be a bit of an uphill battle recruiting wise.  In that vein I am looking for them to fill needs and build depth and get a couple of high level players, but I don't know that this years class will light the world on fire.  I expect that 2019 will be better.  

All that said, everyone was panicking about no high level committs and seeming lack of interest for 2016 and 2017 and those turned out okay, so what do I know? 



April 19th, 2017 at 10:56 PM ^

staff really should be hitting top speed on the recruiting trail in the 3rd full cycle and yet this class is not top tier (top 3 or so in ave ranking). Right now, OSU has 5 guys in the top 100 and UM has zero - they are keeping a talent lead that has also delivered a win almost every November.

Staff has clearly turned around the program, JH has plenty of national buzz, the coaches should be deep in to relationships with recruits & HS coaches, and the asinine JH to the NFL rumor should be gone.

Hopefully the draft next week will give UM a lift and the team will deliver a great season to put UM into the top tier with recruits.

Expert In Bird Law

April 19th, 2017 at 4:35 PM ^

We always wanted to know what a Devin Gardner coached by Harbough would look like and to me that is more Joe Milton then DTR, so while it looks like its happy trails to DTR I think Milton will be a great consolation prize.