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Vada Murray's wife occasionally posts updates on his progress in his cancer treatment. The latest is not encouraging:

Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that the chemo is not working.  There has been further growth of Vada's tumors.  He begins a new form of chemotherapy on Monday.

Many people have asked how Vada is doing.  He is tired.  We are 24 hours into receiving the news that his chemo is not working.  He is having a hard time.

As for me, I would say the same.  I am very scared.

I've got nothing to add; I read her last couple entries and felt terrible. It does not sound like it's going well. That's all.

There's a guestbook you can sign that Murray's wife says they read. Unfortunately, that's about all you can do to help.



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This makes me sad. He was doing so great just a couple of months ago.

One of the University's finest, in more than just football.

I know they love hearing from fans, so drop them a line in the guestbook.


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My undergrad years coincided with Murry's, so I have a lot fond memories of his play. He was, along with Tripp Wellbourne, perhaps the finest safety we've had at Michigan.

Godspeed to him and his family. I hope they can find some peace and solice.


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That really, really, really, sucks balls. Vada Murray and Tripp Welbourne are probably two of my most liked and admired Michigan players. You can take your Henne's and Harts, etc. I loved those guys. And they fucking ROCKED the safety position. Amazing, amazing athletes. And good people.

I'd like to be able to make some amazing quote about this post "putting it all in perspective" or some other bullshit. But there isn't any. It just sucks balls.

Chuck Harbaugh

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They were the shit in 89, blocking kicks all over the place. I was at that game in the picture - Bo's last home game and Vada got knocked cold for 10 minutes.

IIRC, they changed the rule on place kicks starting that season - no tees could be used. This doesn't make that backfield any less awesome, though.


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This is awful news. Though I do remember his name, I'm sad to say that I don't remember his play (I was 7 in 1990 - his last season). From what I have read it sounds like he was a very good player and an even better person.


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Unless Vada or his family would object, I think the team should publicly recognize Vada in some way as a longstanding and outstanding member of the UM football family. Perhaps a shoulder patch or helmet sticker with his number?


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not sure if you guys know it (other than OSUckSteverMSUcks), but Vada is a cop in Ann Arbor. my older brother, who lives near A2, is developmentally disabled and loves to watch the tv show "cops" and really admires police officers. Vada offered to take my bro on a ride-along after meeting him just once.

plus, they ticketed a dude urinating in public (hope it wasn't you, OSUckSteverMSUcks!), so my bro had a great time. super solid guy.