Unverified Voracity: Sweep(!) Edition

Submitted by Brian on February 21st, 2006 at 7:28 PM

First... best... Google... logo... ever(!):

Say hello to the 2007 recruiting board. With it comes some revamping of the "MGoBricks" section of the sidebar where posts you I like having handy live. Older recruiting stuff has been, er, stuffed into a single archive link. The third down app gets to rent some space, as do the ethics. Just FYI.

Michigan plays Illinois tonight in an important game for Michigan's tournament prospects, which are much more tenuous than they were a couple weeks ago. Losing four of five will do that. While I putter away at graphs and math and stuff, RBUAS has your preview covered; Maize 'n' Brew takes a look at how Michigan's been karma's bitch of late--maybe we should write a list of all the things we did wrong and go about repairing them one by one:

  1. Let Ed Martin give a bunch of money to players.
  2. Inflicted Ann Coulter upon the world.*
  3. Ditto the Unabomber.
  4. Defended Leopold and Loeb.

Um... I guess we need to find out a way to un-bomb people. And un-chisel them.

(*Note that this fits snugly into official MGoBlog "no politics" policy, as this antipathy is based solely on Coulter's pundit status. In the cable-news era, "pundit" may as well be a four-letter word.)

Curses! Lloyd was dispatched by Charlie Weis in the 31st round of his opener in the Coaches' Death Match. The good news is that apparently Carr is some sort of unkillable T-1000-esque robot of doom, because he's going to reconstitute himself from his component atoms and fight again:

Carr will ... occupy a slot in the USMC Middleweight division, if only to continue testing the hypothesis that Carr is, like prions, viruses, and Bob Costas, not technically alive.

In other humorous ND-related bashing, the House Rock Built has this comic strip and stuff. Apparently our new coach needs some lactose injections. Or whatever. Do they inject lactose? Probably not. That seems extreme.

Exactly how desperate are you for information about football? Desperate enough to consider a random blog post about an IM basketball team featuring Breaston, Hart, Sears, et al. newsworthy? You, my deranged friend, are in luck. The best news? Sears is currently sporting "an amazing russet-colored afro." Outstanding. Recent state-of-Michigan sports figures to rock afros:

  • Braylon Edwards
  • Ben Wallace

Undoubtedly this means Sears is going to live up to the hype, and how.

Etc: I know I've shorted the hockey news something fierce lately, but as mentioned earlier, I'm bad at talking bad. The whole enterprise is frustrating to the point where I don't want to think about it... but future seasons? Okay! Bob Miller has a scouting report on 2007 forward commitment Louie Caporusso for your edification.