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Submitted by Brian on September 25th, 2008 at 3:14 PM

Talkin', woo! Aaron Rennie of CFB Weekly has me on regularly and I regularly forget to point this out. So I want to say that: I am regularly on CFB Weekly and you should listen to it, it's pretty kicking.

The reason for the disclaimer: this week I am not forgetting to link/embed my conversation with Russ Levine of Football Outsiders. In past years the podcast has been wide-ranging; this time I managed to cram 60-70% Michigan talk in, with some discussion of Ohio State, Wisconsin and Penn State:

Russell failed to point this out, but last year when he had me on in the immediate aftermath of The Horror I declared Morgantown a "hole" and suggested that Rich Rodriguez could be convinced to leave. I'd later contradict that multiple times in writing, but who cares? Not this guy.

Injuries and such. Everyone seems healthy except Junior Hemingway, who has a shoulder thing that is likely to linger through the year, and various members of the offensive line. With Perry Dorrestein dinged, the only thing standing between Michigan and OMG WTF is the return of Mark Ortmann.

Rodriguez on Ortmann:

Two injured left tackles, Mark Ortmann and Perry Dorrestein, are uncertain for the game against Wisconsin, though coach Rich Rodriguez expects Ortmann to play.

It also sounds like they're going to try to work in John Ferrara this week.

Right idea, wrong place? Michigan Sports Center notes a Daily article in which a new tradition is being proposed:

there are plans to have a group of people in the student section wear navy shirts (they will be handed out at the game) in hopes that a block "M" will be formed. The idea came from Penn State's "S-Zone," which is a lone blue section that outlines an "S" in the sea of white shirts.

MSC says the plan has "the makings of an epic failure" given the students' tendency to sit in the general vicinity of their seats, not in the seats themselves, and I tend to agree.

But what about some alumni? Alumni sit in their seats and there's a big damn block M inscribed into sections 44 and 1. The AD should encourage people in those sections to wear clothing the same color as their seat; if they can pull it off the effect would be pretty spectacular.

Insert grumbling about lame-o Michigan fans here.

Etc.: Genuinely Sarcastic has their run chart up; Rich Rodriguez's kid made Greg Mathews brownies. Dude. The MGo-Auburn trip from the perspective of our Auburn friend; Hart, Long, and Manningham will be in town this weekend.



September 25th, 2008 at 7:35 PM ^

There are more teams than there are colors, without getting too specific, so it's probably OK to use a color another school is using.  And really, Navy is the color of our road jerseys, as well as the color that all "blue" michigan shirts are.  I say we run with it.


September 25th, 2008 at 4:20 PM ^

I don’t see how the block M thing will ever work—even the first time. I never sat in my seat or saw any of the same people around me. I never knew where I was going to sit when I entered the stadium or paid any attention. We walked down as far and we thought we could and then crammed ourselves in. Not to mention the spacing will be all f’ed because of the cramming. This is to say nothing of the fact that it is cold in Michigan. Depending on how much of a baby you are it may be too cold this very weekend to be wearing a t-shirt.


While I know nothing, I don’t see how the described defense on iso plays could possibly be helpful. What are you gaining? Think of the extra ground Ezeh, who’s already confused and bad, has to cover. Imagine the hole if he bites on play action since he has to leave so early. How is Ezeh supposed to fill a hole he is running parallel to (or 45 degrees or well, he’s not running straight into it in any case)? Again, what is all of this stupidity gaining?


The defensive UFR made me want to kill myself.


September 25th, 2008 at 8:16 PM ^

Somehow Penn St. pulls it off, and I really doubt all of their
students sit in the correct seats either.  Someone here has to have seen
how it's done, or know someone who has, right?

Anyways, my theory on how to do it.  I saw it on a TV close up of the "S" before, and I googled to find a picture of it:


All of the shirts in the "S" have an "S" printed on the front of them. I'm guessing that it's not the people in the seats who arranged it, but instead some group showing up with the shirts and laying them out ahead of time (especially since I the colors switched in different pictures while I was searching).  So I'm pretty sure that if some student group (*cough* *cough* *Maize Rage* *cough*) wanted to get some shirts made and go in once the gates open and set it up, it could probably be done with whoever ends up in the seats.


September 25th, 2008 at 4:41 PM ^

In regard to Sections 44 and 1, there is a wide swath now bisecting the M for (I presume) handicapped seating. The painted M doesn't look so hot now when the stadium is empty, the t shirt idea would look equally fractured.