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Brian May 8th, 2013 at 2:42 PM


aw hamburgers

Hello, Duke. Michigan draws a game at Cameron Indoor for next year's Big Ten/ACC challenge. Irritatingly, that's Duke's second consecutive home game and Michigan went on the road twice in a row in 2011 and 2010. But, hey, Duke. That likely concludes the big boy section of the nonconference schedule, which now reads:

  • @ Duke
  • @ Iowa State
  • vs Arizona
  • vs Stanford (N)
  • Hypothetical Puerto Rico slate: Auburn, Florida State/VCU, Georgetown/K-State

If Michigan doesn't get knocked into the crappy section of their tournament they'll have six games against quality high-major (or VCU, same thing) competition. Auburn doesn't count, and they may put Michigan with Long Beach State or Charlotte if they think those teams are actually worse than the Tigers.

That is some heavy lifting in the nonconference. It's not quite as heavy as Duke's epic schedule a year ago but as long as Michigan doesn't screw it up by putting a bunch of Binghamtons on the schedule they should have a quality nonconference SOS number.

That's resolved then. Jared Rutledge is officially headed back to the USHL for a year:

Red Berenson: "Rutledge is returning to junior hockey for a year. He will either come back here or transfer to another school."

Hockey is weird in that you can just do that and come back and it's like nothing ever happened. It does count as a redshirt year since his five-year clock started last year, so he will have three years to play three when he returns to college. Will he want to return to a place with two more years of Racine and three of Nagelvoort? I'm a little doubtful about that, but with the way Red is you know the door will be open.


gone. gone. gone. gone. gone. gone. etc.

Kind of good, part two. Six(!) softball players were named first-team All Big Ten after Michigan roared through the league schedule 20-2. Sierra Romero was both the freshman and player of the year, Carol Hutchins coach of the year, etc.

Here is Romero's Big Ten slugging percentage.



Also her on-base percentage was .659. That is nuts.

No Wolverines made the All-Defensive Team, probably because they didn't have to dodge missiles from Romero.

You have destroyed all comers. The current tote board for the EDSBS charity bowl:





University of Michigan




University of Georgia




University of Alabama




Notre Dame




Arizona State University




Michigan State University




Make Spencer Eat Cheese University




Hillsdale College




North Carolina State University




Georgia Institute of Technology




Case Western Reserve




University of Florida




Ohio State



Our rivals feel decrepitude and shame, except the Notre Dame folk, who immediately start talking about African-American graduation rates because that's what they do after every setback in life. Impotent? But the graduation rates!

Here is a fairer tote board:

MICHIGAN: 4,462.88

Northwestern does get a point for having one donation for 54.51. /shakes fist

Punting will be just fine. Kyle Meinke saves me the trouble of filtering through Matt Wile's pooch-infested yardage record and coming up with the correct statistical profile we should use going into a season where he's going to be the obvious starter at the spot. Drumroll:

Filtering out pooch punts, Wile has averaged 42.6 yards on his 20 career attempts. That would have ranked 35th nationally last year, and third in the Big Ten behind Hagerup and Michigan State's Mike Sadler.

Wile blasted three Outback punts an average of 49 yards and dropped seven of his nine pooch punts inside the 20. He's mastered that drop-it-funny sky kick that's getting more popular these days.

So, yeah, Michigan will be fine. Given what we saw from Kenny Allen in spring they've even got a backup plan. I'd expect Wile to move over to kicker next year with Brendan Gibbons gone, leaving Allen and Hagerup to battle for the punter job.

Credit where it's due. Michigan's revenue blew up since 2009. Why? Hmm.

Michigan made $52.4 million in ticket sales in 2012, up from $37.5 million at the start of the boom in 2009. That's a 39.7-percent leap.

Going by the budget numbers:

CLUB/SUITE REVENUE, 2010: $7.8 million
CLUB/SUITE REVENUE, 2011: $14.8 million

That's almost entirely Bill Martin's doing, along with the usual incremental increases in ticket price. The vast majority of the rest of it is the Big Ten Network, leaving things like The Big Chill being sponsored by Arby's and Let's Present This Basketball To A Middle Manager doing almost nothing other than paying for the salary of the guy Brandon hired to copy things from pro teams.

On the other hand, Brandon doesn't appear to be playing polo on a sailboat at critical junctures, so he's got that going for him. One day we will have an athletic director who has the faintest idea of what it's like to not be filthy rich.

Kameron incoming? A previously tentative suggestion that CA SF Kameron Chatman would visit Michigan is… well, still tentative.

“They said that they have an offer for me, they just want me to get on campus,” Chatman explained. “They don’t really like to offer without you being able to visit the campus and see what they really want. They said once I get on campus, they’ll offer me.

“I think my dad was talking about me going up there for my birthday, June 1st. They have a camp or something like that. I’m not sure right now, but I think I might go up there.”

He seems to have a hazy top three of Michigan, Oregon, and Washington, with Washington rumored a tenuous favorite. He's originally from Portland before he moved to Long Beach. Surprised MSU isn't involved since his AAU team is ICP Elite.

Meanwhile, 2015s won't get offered until June 15th, always the most interesting recruiting day on Michigan basketball's calendar these days. IL PG Hyron Edwards is likely to get one of those offers:

The Illini and Boilermakers have offered and the Wolverines, who won’t offer class of 2015 prospects until June 15, seem to be heading in that direction. He said he hopes to work in an unofficial visit to Bloomington when in town for the adidas May Classic and will be in Ann Arbor on June 1 for Michigan’s elite camp.

“(Assistant) coach (LaVall) Jordan has been talking to me about it,” he said of a potential scholarship offer from Michigan. “If I do get the offer, that would be pretty great.”

Indiana also offered a while ago.

Etc.: Chris Webber! Chris Webber! But I want to hang out with Maurice Taylor, you guyyyys. And Louis Bullock. Vince Edwards still status quo, deciding between Michigan and Purdue. Staples ranks M 16th. Hruby on who exactly is harmed by the McLemore money moving around thing, references Catch-22.


matty blue

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...will never ever happen, ever again.  we are so far down the "presented by" road that the first and only qualification we will ever have is "business connections."  to suggest otherwise is to suggest that finances and fundraising will ever be something other than number one with a bullet on the list of priorities.  it ain't happening.


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When did the seat donations start? And when did they really start increasing?


Edit: Re-jiggered the Google search...it started in 2005, but has increased a lot.


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I really like a lot of what David Brandon has done. Scheduling marquee matchups like the Cowboy Classic? Check. Playing a game under the lights? Check. Working to help create a louder atmosphere at te big house? Check. And even uniformZ?? Check.

While we have an amazon coach in Brady Hoke, his whole "this is Michigan" recruiting tactic would seem almost stale and outdated if we didn't have all of the cutting edge improvements that DB has installed.

I realize that traditionalists cringe at the thought of "game x sponsored by y," but in the grand scheme of things, I think we'd all take five extra 4 stars each year, more wins, and more national exposure over a less controversial, less active AD.


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Texas had 3 donors at $88.59 as of 4 hours ago. That means they would've had to make up over $4000 in 4 hrs not even including the fact that Michigan just got more promo by Brian front paging it again just recently. I suspect we still have a commanding lead


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Playing in Cameron is a perfect scenario because win lose or draw you get to see how your boys perform under pressure.

This schedule next year is going to be exciting and I imagine we will approach ten loses but with better games/opponents  I think it will be worth it.




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Michigan released its FY 2013 Athletic Department Budget eleven months ago.  According to that document (see http://www.regents.umich.edu/meetings/06-12/2012-06-X-19.pdf), Spectator Admissions for all sports were ($M):

FY 2009 Actual  - 35.9 (7 Home Football Games - 31.7 Football Admissions)

FY 2010 Actual - 38.4 (8 Home Football Games - 34.0 Football Admissions)

FY 2011 Actual - 39.1 (7 Home Football Games - 33.3 Football Admissions)

FY 2012 Projected - 50.0M (8 Home Football Games - 43.1 Football Admissions)

FY 2013 Budget - 44.1 (6 Home Football Games - 39.1 Football Admissiosn)

According to the budget report, these figures are net of associated payments to visiting schools.  On a per home football game average, here's how the numbers stack up ($M):

FY 2009 -  4.53

FY 2010 - 4.25

FY 2011 - 4.76

FY 2012 - 5.39

FY 2013 - 6.52

The mlive.com report had FY 2012 ticket revenue at $52.4M.  It would appear the athletic department may have been a little short in their projections or the figure in the newspaper isn't net the payments to the visiting schools (in football, that was Air Force and Massachusetts).

The preferred seating revenue remains in the lower $20M range per the budget document.  It'll be interesting to see if the university was able to generate more money with the club seats at Crisler Center.



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would be possible without Bill Martin. People forget that Michigan Athletic Department was bleeding money and Bill Martin was hired to fix the money problem in which he did.  Under his watch, they have become profitable and was able to finance for new softball field, baseball field, luxury boxes at the Big House, paved the way for the Davidson's Players development and Crisler Arena renovations.  Dave Brandon simply does not need to screw up the money pouring into the Athletic Department.

Wisconsin Wolverine

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I love that the Charity Bowl features 'Make Spencer Eat Cheese University' (MSECU) - if you look at the comments section, they even have a mascot & a fight song:

Meats leave you bloated
Grains give you turds
Veggies are disgusting
Go!  Fight!  Curds!

Also of note - the fictional Miskatonic University from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft made the list of donators.


May 9th, 2013 at 10:03 AM ^

First off, I think you're being a bit hyperbolic about the Michigan Athletic Department "bleeding money".  Martin's predecessor did have one year where revenues were less than expenses by around $3M (I think), but UM's situation was nothing akin to, for example, what Maryland has gone through in recent years.

If  you want to thank someone else for Michigan's profitability, then you have to add Jim Delany to the list.  He made the decision to create the Big Ten Network, he brokered all the current television deals and he's in part responsible for what will be a more lucrative post-season payoff.  He'll also be responsible for the new television rights deal that will be negotiated in three years.  He was also Big Ten Commissioner for all the recent expansion, moving the B1G from ten to fourteen teams.

Brandon's primary responsibility will be paying down the debt Michigan has incurred with its most recent projects while still progressing on the plan to upgrade a number of facilities on the South Campus.  That involves planning, fund raising and putting together future budgets that will accompllish all the athletic department's goals.