Unverified Voracity Signs That Apparatus

Submitted by Brian on August 16th, 2013 at 12:45 PM

Important. Notre Dame is good at football.


"Sign that apparatus up to play football," says Football Coach. "Okay," says assistant football coach. "Now I am a player," says apparatus.

There is no waiting list. Michigan has finally burned out the fanbase to the point that you can get tickets just by ponying up the five hundred bucks it takes to get on the "interest list":

Michigan officials say that everyone on "interest list" who paid $500 got season tickets. No pay, not on list.

And that's a year with Ohio State, Nebraska, and a Notre Dame night game on the schedule! I wonder what will happen next year, when 1) the schedule sucks and 2) it starts off with a slap in the face I don't even want to go to.

Meanwhile, ugh:

"This game is as hot, if not hotter, than two years ago," Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon told The Detroit News. "There's enormous demand. Hopefully, that's because the fans who saw the first night game want to come back for more, and also because it's the last Michigan-Notre Dame game at Michigan Stadium for a long, long time makes it really special."

Congrats on your short-term achievement.

At least they're willing to show penalties and such now?

CTK. Schofield's up. Do not stand between him and ham:

Countdown to Kickoff 2013: Day 16 - Mike Schofield by mgovideo

Forgotten man? What? He's a three-year starter!

There is also Courtney Avery, who plans on going to law school. No mention of the safety move that he's apparently flirting with right now, which is no surprise. The "no mention" thing, not the hypothetical safety move. I chalk that up to experimentation, FWIW.

Here is a long thing. Here's the 1992 Michigan-Notre Dame game, all of it:

Should I not spoil it? Is that an insane thing to do for a 21-year-old game? I guess I'm not going to say anything about the outcome. (Except it involves a berserk alpaca and ten tons of rubber cement.)

There is also the 1972 Ohio State game in four parts. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and uh… Still Processing.

Fourth And Long. We'll have a Michigan-relevant excerpt from the book on the site on the 23rd that will be of local interest, but the most compelling parts of Fourth And Long—John Bacon's new book—are easily the Penn State stuff:

Privately, the staff joked that the less the 84-year-old Paterno got involved, the better things usually went. When Paterno did weigh in, he often confused the situation, got players' names wrong or just yelled at them by their numbers.

Still, his assistants clung to certain symbols of the Paterno Way. "Shave your face, cut your hair," Mauti said, recalling the mantra. "If we weren't shaved for a practice, we would have to work out on Saturdays in the off-season. It got almost to the point where that's all that mattered."

Few programs in college football at the time could have claimed a richer tradition than Penn State's. It looked like Camelot—but only from the outside. Almost every Penn State senior I talked to last season repeated some version of the following: "We felt like we were protecting an image. And only we knew it."

Mike Mauti and Mike Zordich are never going to buy drinks in State College again. BONUS: There's a great story about Jay Paterno almost being eaten by the defensive line that I hope makes it out in the wild that's worth the price of admission by itself.

Oh, for Flansburgh's sake. It is 2013 and are we STILL having Lloyd Carr on lists like these?

Here are some notable Big Ten (and Nebraska) coaching force-outs ...
LLOYD CARR, Michigan (1995-2007)

Lloyd Carr retired by his own choice. The athletic director was surprised by this. That he was surprised was completely insane because everyone around the program new Carr was going to hang it up quite soon. I just… Lloyd Carr was not forced out. Repeat this one thousand times, Adam Rittenberg, and feel bad about yourself briefly.

Previewing basketball. ESPN does it for the conference at large:


Best case: The Wolverines were a dominant Louisville second half from winning the national title in 2012-13, and, while losing the national player of the year is never easy, the combination of Beilein's returning studs and his incoming talent could put Michigan right back where it was in April.

Worst case: There are questions, though. Can McGary produce over a whole season without Burke on the ball? Can Robinson evolve into a more perimeter-oriented, versatile scorer? Can Nik Stauskas be a multifaceted threat? Can Spike Albrecht and Zak Irvin keep all these gears in motion? Most of all -- can the Wolverines defend?

Not really, yes, yes, maybe? Meanwhile, Seth Greenberg puts Michigan and State 1-2 in his conference power rankings.

It remains to be seen whether Robinson can be as effective at the small forward position as he was last season at power forward, playing off Burke's penetration. If Robinson  concentrates on being a basketball player as opposed to a position player, it will be in the best interest of the Wolverines.

He drops Indiana down to sixth(!), behind Iowa(!). Related: this will be the 65th straight season where I say "watch out for Iowa basketball, they look good" in November only for the Hawkeyes to top out as an NIT team.

I want this to happen just so I can see Jeff Meyer's face the next time he meets Tom Crean. Indiana decommit James Blackmon Jr. is planning a visit to Michigan, whereupon he'll presumably be offered. Why this is delicious:

Blackmon has been to Ann Arbor before, he was sitting next to Austin Hatch this March when Indiana played at Michigan. Blackmon was committed to Indiana at the time and the visit was thought to be at least part of the reason for the rift between Tom Crean and Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer after the game.

Blackmon is a Kentucky legacy with a Kentucky offer, so file under extreme long shot. He would fill the SG slot Michigan currently would like Devin Booker to fill, FWIW.

The worst case scenario. Actually this is Iowa we're talking about, so this should rightly be renamed "thing we expect to happen":


Spartan coach Mark Dantonio refuses to bring his team to Iowa City, saying "I'm competitive, but I'm not insane." Offensive coordinator Greg Davis calls out Dantonio in a press conference, saying "Mark ... just ... looking out for ... players. Doesn't want our boys ... to hurt 'em ... too bad. Let's ... give him ... a hand."


The government has turned Minneapolis into a quarantine zone. Chicago residents have erected hasty barricades to separate themselves from the outer suburbs. IOWA WINS BY FORFEIT

Needs more alligators.

Also in worst case scenarios, the NCAA's in the Ed O'Bannon case is "severely damages Iowa State and no one else."

Etc.: ND game is at eight on ESPN, because ABC has NASCAR. What is wrong with you ABC? Christian Hackenberg pulls even with another first-year guy (a JUCO transfer) in the Penn State QB race. Gardner Heisman hype. DOES ADAM JACOBI THINK ANYTHING SHOULD PLAY FOOTBALL?

Illinois assistant gets a two-game ban for tryna murder him some officials after the end of the Miami-Illinois tourney game last year. Guy had a case, though. SI ranks M 18th, hates on their special teams without explanation.


Space Coyote

August 16th, 2013 at 1:00 PM ^

Can hold the point of attack against those without technique, but I feel like players with even decent technique could put it on wheels and move it fairly easily.

\my pun for the day.


August 16th, 2013 at 1:13 PM ^

Was cracking me up this morning. The worst case scenario was excellent. But the alligators playing football just killed me. 

Maybe Phillips thinks that Florida Gators football players get to wear alligator heads instead of helmets. WRONG.


August 16th, 2013 at 1:14 PM ^

Next years season ticket renewal will be a severe test.  Not only do I have to pay the $1000 seat licence, but having to put out the money for 4 tickets when the best game is not that attractive.  I think I will not be renewing.  It will be chepaer to pick the games I want to see and go to them.  Mr. Brandon, your effort to increase revenues at every corner has cost you 4 longtime season ticket holders.


August 17th, 2013 at 12:14 AM ^

Same "PSD" = same seats.

Bigger "PSD" = closer to 50/closer to field (unless)

Giant "PSD" = inside a building, no need for a coat or to cheer/clap loudly. No hoarse voice Monday at work. No need to go to your concession stands or wait in line for the bathroom. It's like you're not at the game, BUT YOU'RE AT THE GAME!

matty blue

August 16th, 2013 at 1:18 PM ^

color me unsurprised.  also clarivoyant.

my next prediction - sometime in the not-distant future, football will have a year when don't raise ticket prices because they will realize that they simply can't sell out at $75 or $90 or $250...and dave brandon will present it as some sort of gift for the fans.  thanks, dave.  enjoy that field hockey stadium.

this stuff shouldn't piss me off, at least not when we're this close to actual football.


August 16th, 2013 at 1:29 PM ^

Given the success Brandon has experienced in his life I try to see the "smarts" in his decisons.  Alas, all I see is capitalzing on every potential nickel in the short term.  Without ever entering into a discussion of whether this is the thing to do at a non-profit public institution, I think we can fairly say that Brandon is making mistakes on purely economic terms if we're allowed to project 2-10 (maybe one?) years into the future.  How many of us see tickets literally given away near kickoff?  How much does that piss off those who are gaining entrance with their full-price seasons tix?  All this said, my fear is when revenues fall, DB uses it as an excuse to allow full fledged advertising in the stadium.

Colin M

August 16th, 2013 at 2:52 PM ^

However, it's completely plausible that he's pursuing a long-term, profit maximizing strategy. What you described was basically price discrimination. Every company wants to be able to charge customers based on their willingness to pay. It seems like Michigan Football is excelling in this area.


August 16th, 2013 at 3:55 PM ^

I guess I'm less down than others.  Pricing is annoying and definitely driven by MBA-isms, but that's how college sports are these days.  People want UM to be competitive against the best in the country, that includes deriving major sources of income from sponsorships, ticket sales, concessions, etc.  And blame the schedule gods as much as you want, but this happens all of the time and the schools are not surprised.  For everyone claiming he/she won't pay for season tickets with crappy games, I suspect most will renew out of habit and any leftover tickets will just be scalped. 


August 16th, 2013 at 1:20 PM ^

What Adam Jacobi doesn't understand is that alligators can run as fast as a horse for 50 yards. But then again, he's a known horseist bastard, so what do you expect?


August 16th, 2013 at 1:22 PM ^

I don't think aligators should be allowed to play football.  I don't think crocodiles should be allowed to play football either.  Only humans should be allowed to play football.  


August 16th, 2013 at 1:28 PM ^

For a while it wasn't even taking $500 to get off the list, so while that doesn't sound like a lot, it is progress (from the AD point of view).  When I became a season ticket holder it was with a donation of $150 where the previous season the ticket office had published that it took >$1,000 off the list.  You may be able to guess the timing of this precipitous drop.

Because of the PSDs, we won't be seeing the really high donation requirements that were required to get offered season tickets in days past because -- asides from the price of thw ticket itself -- the initial donation used to be the only incremental cost.  Now that initial donation is just the first of many donations to maintain season tickets.

matty blue

August 16th, 2013 at 1:32 PM ^

"If we weren't shaved for a practice, we would have to work out on Saturdays in the off-season."

...and yet, no ncaa sanctions for offseason practice hours.  where's the free press when you need it?

Kilgore Trout

August 16th, 2013 at 1:35 PM ^

I think they would like to limit the season ticket list if possible. Basically, max out whoever is willing to pay the seat license (or donation, they get sensitive down there if you call it a seat license) and then make up the rest on dynamic pricing. It will just be interesting to see what they can do with dynamic pricing next year. MSU is the only one I can see possibly being worth more than face.


August 16th, 2013 at 1:41 PM ^

Keep in mind Michigan got screwed on the B1G scheduling, so MSU is a road game next year, too.  There are no rivalry games at home next year or anything really resembling a premium game.  It could be an interesting year for season tickets.  I am seriously contemplating dropping my season tickets and then picking them up again the following year.


August 16th, 2013 at 2:21 PM ^

...that you get a point (or two) for being a season ticket holder. And I'm fairly certain there is some sort of benefit for being a season ticket holder for more consecutive years. It might not add up to much, but something to consider.

I had your same thoughts, but decided to keep my tickets for next year (and until the day I die).


August 16th, 2013 at 1:43 PM ^

While the guy running into the apparatus is funny at first, I am growing more concerned. Dude kept his feet and held onto the ball. Upon further review, I view this as a bonus to him as a runner. At least still a net positive when you take away points for picking the wrong running lane.


August 16th, 2013 at 2:21 PM ^

Next year is going to be a real test. I never miss games unless I'm deathly ill. Im dating a woman who earned a Fandom Endurance III badge and went to that game by herself (we hadn't met yet). Yeah, we don't miss games. Any part of them. But man(!) next season, I could see myself getting so bored. Every game could feel like a rehearsal or a scrimmage. Perhaps we go to some away games.


August 16th, 2013 at 2:50 PM ^

that there is a "waiting list" for season tickets, and that it's long enough that you might have to wait a year or several in order to get to the point where you're eligible. I asked Brian about whether or not there was still a waiting list a few weeks ago on WTKA, and at the time he said it appears as though there still was, and that price had not yet outstripped the market.

Congratulations, Mr. Brandon. You have succeeded in getting to the point where demand = supply. That's fantastic marketing & sales.


August 16th, 2013 at 4:26 PM ^

This was my problem with this post. I got my season tickets prior to the 2007 season, first time I asked for them and I donated $500. This was before the PSD. But, this is not anything new. In fact, Michigan used to put out a note saying that if you donate $500 that was probably going to be enough to get season tickets. So before Brian and everyone else uses this as an example of the end, maybe we should check our history books. This is nothing new.


August 16th, 2013 at 2:50 PM ^

I think that article on the O'Bannon case has a MAJOR flaw in it.  SUPER-MAJOR problem.

Using back-of-the-envelope calculations, the author concluded, well, tOSU can survive the suit because it would have to give 9% of its annual athletic budget to the student-athletes.  Awww, no big deal.

But wait:  that's only on a going-forward basis.  The suit seeks damages for past years of non-payment.  Assuming the statute of limitations is like 4 years or whatever, OSU would immediately owe 36% of its current budget to former players -- if not trebled.  Antitrust damages automatically are multiplied by 3.  So if the NCAA loses, then OSU owes its entire budget for one year to former players.

Funny, that little point wasn't mentioned in the article.

I do think, some of the plaintiff don't want to destroy college football, so they'd take less, a lot less.  But -- some current plaintiffs who are former players probably don't care, they just want to get rich.  And guess who REALLY wants to just get rich?  The plaintiffs' lawyers, who frankly would wear it like a trophy if they could say, "Hey I'm the dude who destroyed college football -- don't get in my way!"