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Brian May 16th, 2016 at 12:32 PM


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#2 overall. That's the softball team's seed for the upcoming NCAA tournament:

Ann Arbor Regional – May 20-22 at Ann Arbor, Michigan

Notre Dame (41-11) vs. Miami (OH) (34-21)

Valparaiso (18-32) vs. No. 2 seed Michigan* (46-5)

Notre Dame should present the toughest test for Michigan. The two teams didn't play this year and there's very little in the way of common opponents; ND is ranked around 20th in the national polls and is thus a considerably tougher second-round opponent than you'd generally expect—it's the equivalent of a one-seed in the basketball tournament drawing a six-or seven-seed in round two.

MGoUser South Bend Wolverine has written excellent previews the past couple years and we pinged him; we hope to front-page it later this week.

Exit Rawak. Chrissi Rawak is leaving Michigan to become Delaware's AD. Rawak is a name those of you who have read Endzone probably remember. Rawak, Dave Brandon's second-in-command, features prominently both as a symbol of the change Brandon wrought and as a crutch increasingly forced to take on roles that she's not comfortable in. The book makes it clear that she was rather divisive, especially amongst the old hands forced out because of a lack of personal loyalty to Brandon.

I'm skeptical anyone Brandon could rely on so comprehensively was a good fit with my ideal Michigan athletic department, so the move is a win-win. Rawak gets an AD job with winged helmets to ease her transition, and a prominent Brandon apparatchik is no longer wondering what's wrong with a giant noodle ad in the Big House.

Ever aft… uh. Speaking of the Before Times, infamous Dave Brandon mansion "Ever After" is up for sale for a cool seven million dollars.



Not pictured is the other plaque by the gate, for obviou's reasons:


May its next resident be better at apostrophes and email.

I still can't get over the spectacular hubris of naming your home the thing that fairy tales say after the princess gets rescued by the dashing prince. If there was ever a better example of "be about it, don't talk about it" I can't think of one. The same hubris that caused "Ever After" is the one that caused "find a new team" and eventually resulted in the thing being put up for sale. It's nice to know that cosmic justice does strike, at least occasionally.

Relevant to our interests. Ian Boyd writes on how 4-3 defenses—that would be us—are adapting to the "smashmouth spread"—that would be OSU. MSU's defense features prominently, as they've increasingly found their safeties matched up one-on-one with receivers they cannot hang with. You may remember a number of Jake Rudock passes in last year's game that would have been touchdowns had they been accurate; Baylor and Oregon have also made a habit out of bombing it deep to slot types.

Michigan's changed so much over the past few years that it's hard to draw any conclusions from what they're doing. (Other than "don't do that against OSU again.") MSU's adapted, as teams constantly do; Boyd says that to cope with smashmouth spreads that run a lot of RPO these are the key components:

To make this style of man/zone combination work a defense has to have a few particular components. The first is a lockdown corner to play man coverage on the weakside. If the opposing team has an ace WR in that spot and love to throw him the ball on standard downs then this scheme is DOA without a corner that can match him.

The second is a pair of DEs that are fundamentally sound and good at responding to different blocks. If that DE can't consistently contain the ball inside on the weakside this scheme can get into trouble fast.

Finally, the strong safety should be a player worth featuring as a free hitter against the run game.

Michigan appears to check all these boxes, pending the resolution of the WDE spot, and looks set to be a 4-3 over team this fall.

The other thing you haven't considered. Steve Politi keeps banging the War On Rutgers drum because all of a sudden his articles are clicked when he does this. I keep banging on the War On Rutgers drum because it is deeply hilarious to me. Anyway, this episode:

Now that we have the seeds of a Rutgers-Michigan feud planted,


now that we have the New Jersey high school coaches lining up behind their state university in an eye-popping show of solidarity,

against Paramus Catholic with Rutgers as a proxy

now that we have a reason for the national college football media to pay attention to our state in early June,


we should probably point this out:

Satellite camps are a farce.

yes, but not for the reasons you think.

The rest of the article is the usual reiteration of Politi's worldview that Harbaugh is a Machiavellian manipulator of the media and "fake," whatever that means. Anyone who's laid eyes on Harbaugh knows that his personality is on full display, and at maximum volume, at all times. This insistence that the guy is anything other than genuine is the least convincing rival smack talk I have come across. Crazy, sure. Phony, no. That's the equivalent of accusing David Shaw of being excessively emotional.

One strikeout. A couple times this space has wondered why Michigan State was telling people they expected three sixth-year players back when none of them seemed to have any case. Here's the resolution to one of those cases:

Veteran defensive tackle Damon Knox will not play for the Spartans in 2016 and has decided instead to pursue a career in law enforcement, the school announced on Friday afternoon.

MSU didn't even submit paperwork for him; as of a few weeks ago they hadn't done so for either of the other two guys, LB Ed Davis and OL Brandon Clemons. This is a really weird situation: it seems like the relevant persons at MSU are unaware that a sixth year is much harder to get than a fifth year.

The spin here rankles a little. Knox didn't get a sixth year because he never had a case for one. It's not because he has a passion for The Law. but the aforementioned oddity means outlets who haven't been paying much attention write articles like this:

There’s something you don’t see every day.

Friday, Michigan State announced that defensive tackle Damon Knox will not be returning to the Spartans for a sixth season.  The reason?  The lineman has decided to pursue a career in the field of law enforcement.

Uh… no. That's not CFT's fault They're just aggregating a story. It is the fault of the universally credulous Spartan beat, which will get around to investigating Max Bullough's suspension any day now.

Etc.: Rutgers fans remind each other to thank Jim Delany for "the biggest gift the school had received since Colonel Rutgers donated the money to revive the college back in the 1820s," which is accurate.

People attempting to purchase Budweiser-taunting "Murica" beer disappointed to discover it doesn't exist. Hey man take a cue from InBev and just put the same beer in a different package. Just one incoming hockey recruit, Will Lockwood, mentioned amongst the top 100 prospects for the upcoming NHL draft in an extensive article. BU is cleaning up.

Again, I would like to apologize to dogs for my insensitive comments about their intelligence.


Wolverine Devotee

May 16th, 2016 at 12:38 PM ^

Michigan actually spanked FSU twice while ND was beaten pretty good by them twice.

And we also smacked NC State 9-1 in 5 while ND lost to them and gave up a ridiculous amount of runs in one game. I think they lost like 15-14.

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May 16th, 2016 at 12:41 PM ^

Check out the pictures of Ever After on Zillow. Nothing subtley suggests humility quite like a giant Chihuly sculpture dangling above your dining room table.


May 16th, 2016 at 12:57 PM ^

A bidet.  Because of course he has to have a bidet (photo #42).


And the spiral staircase leading to the exercise room (photo #71) even though there's a perfectly good staircase literally 20 feet away (photo #61).  Not to mention the jacuzzi in the exercise room (photos 71-72).


May 16th, 2016 at 2:46 PM ^

Yeah. It's not a home: it's a resort/business center. Some of the individual rooms are kinda cool,but put it all together and living there looks like it would be exhausting.

Oh, and whoever decided that the carpet in pics 61-65ish was at all nice...that person should die. Slowly, like molasses in January.


May 17th, 2016 at 9:35 AM ^

I did notice that. Between the lockers, and the bathrooms where you see multiple towels rolled up right next to the tub (ummm...how many people are going to be in that bath??), it's clear that Dave Brandon was expecting houseguests at pretty much all times.

My guess is that Ever After would need a full-time staff of 5-6, not counting landscaping/snow removal. That's...kinda nuts for Brandon's salary. Unless he had a deal where the University was going to pay for his upkeep expenses.


May 16th, 2016 at 1:48 PM ^

Any idea what the steps next to the bed are for in picture 58?  I'm getting bad pictures in my mind.

And what's up with picture 88?  It looks like the garages have some kind of lifts so the cars can be stacked on the second level.  There are 5 covered parking spots, and 4 indoor spots with second levels.  That's room for 13 cars. WTH???


May 16th, 2016 at 2:58 PM ^

Otherwise, I thought it actually had some pretty good features for what it is and the view was killer.  Curious to find out what the final sale price is going to be as I have no idea who in AA is going to be able to put down the $7M for a house, especially one that is going to be fighting erosion control issues for it's entire existence.  


May 16th, 2016 at 3:02 PM ^

The douchey self-serving stuff will all go with DB in my opinion.  They're his personal touches to the home and will undoubtably follow him to Ever After (the sequel).  And my guess is he got the house taken care of in his relocation package with Toys R Us so if somebody doesnt buy it for close to what he's asking - his new company will at a much lower price.

If he's got that as part of his contract (and most executives do) then starting insanely high is smart.  He doesnt have any bottom end concerns over selling it (that's Toys R Us problem) so might as well see if somebody falls in love with it and is willing to overpay.


May 16th, 2016 at 5:10 PM ^

Good points, I am sure that was part of a relo package.  If thats the case the moonshot asking price makes sense, especially when you're not under pressure to sell the house.  

I just remember how terribly stressful trying to sell the house was when I was moving and couldn't imagine putting in that much over the market as the list price, but decision making is different when you know what the bottom price of the house is.

I could however, hope that whoever buys it keeps the douchey stuff and holds some sort of bonfire celebration to "purge the demons" as it were.


May 16th, 2016 at 2:48 PM ^

Also the listing name dropping "Frank Lloyd Wright" is pretty fantastic and appropriate. Franky wouldn't have allowed your 1990s hotel conference room carpet in the basement, Dave.

The man can't live in his dream home because he was so bad at his job that he is near-universally despised in the community. Fantastic offseason schadenfeude.