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Brian February 8th, 2017 at 1:57 PM


The Daily has a book. It is a collection of their coverage from the 2016 season, and it's cheap at just $7.50. Marvel at things Peppers does, grapes that have been removed from existence, and the appallingly excellent skin of the youths who insouciantly bring it to you!

If you're in town you can stop by the Maynard building and avoid shipping costs. There's also something in the draft copy about bringing them a pizza from NYPD so you can see all the things they stole from road games but that's CLEARLY a joke so please don't do that and also don't tell me what it is afterwards. (Operative theory: Michigan State's dignity.)

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[Bryan Fuller]

Not a starter, technically. PFF lists the best returning players in the Big Ten. Michigan has a member of the DL land at #3 despite graduating all four starters, and you already know who it is:

Michigan’s defensive line was so loaded in 2016, Hurst was technically not considered a starter. This year, however, he is the clear leader of the unit, as three likely top 100 picks will be moving on to the NFL. In terms of production amongst his returning peers, Hurst has no equal. His 34 total pressures in 173 pass-rush reps last season ranks him first in pass-rush productivity among 2017 defensive tackles, and his 18 run stops on 155 run downs ranks him eighth in run-stop percentage within the same group.

Expect a lot of "where did this guy come from!?" next year as Hurst's increased snap total results in some silly numbers.

Everyone quote tweet tonight. About a dozen people on my timeline quoted this Bruce Feldman tweet to let their followers know it was a good idea:

They are not wrong. Hoke plucked Willie Henry, Ryan Glasgow, and Frank Clark out of obscurity; even the touted recruits he grabbed frequently outperformed their rankings. Chris Wormley(composite #129), Taco Charlton (#132), and Mo Hurst (#258) are all potential first-round NFL draft picks. There were some busts in there, but Hoke recruited seven of the eight guys on Michigan's best-ever defensive line.

I'd take him back in Ann Arbor as a DL coach if that wouldn't be super weird. In this instance, Butch Jones's weird tendency to get the Lloyd Carr band back together is not clinically insane.

Early enrollment is a thing. College football already has an early signing day of sorts:

The 2017 recruiting class seemed to have less late drama than years past, and that could have something to do with the growing number of early enrollees. Among the top 50 prospects in this class, 26 were midyear enrollees, which included 11 of the 15 five-stars. And of the top 150 prospects, 54 enrolled early.

Michigan had a whopping 11 guys enroll early, a program record. The large numbers of Michigan seniors ready to graduate and start prepping for the NFL draft full time created a bunch of openings that freshmen gladly filled.

Haves vs Have Nots: Fight! It's going to be a short fight. Michigan has some analyst spots to fill, as they usually do, and they're going after this gentleman:

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Monday that Hawaii DC Kevin Lempa met with Michigan over the weekend about a "non-coaching" position in Ann Arbor.

Lempa already resigned as the Warriors' DC to take a 'worse' job once before, when he departed the islands to be a DBs coach at Boston College in 2002. He's in his mid-60s so this won't be a play to move up at Michigan if it does indeed happen; it would be about dollars and the opportunity to participate in Championship Football(tm).

FWIW, Don Brown is the connect here. Lempa was on his staffs at Maryland and UConn.

OL exit... MSU OL Thiyo Lukusa has left MSU's program, reportedly to retire. Lukusa played last year as MSU tried to find any combination that would work and was widely expected to compete for and probably win a tackle spot. Not good for the Spartans as they try to pick themselves up after a 3-9 season.

And it might get worse, with rumors flying that a number of other MSU players are off the team. Nothing definitive yet but there is a lot of smoke out there.

...OL entrance? Cal starting left tackle Aaron Cochran plans a grad transfer, and he was definitely a part of a thing that did things:

Cochran was an integral part of an offensive line that paved the way for a nationally ranked offense and numerous school records the past two seasons.

Everyone's nationally ranked, sir.

Anyway, Cochran is enormous at 6'8", 350, and has 16 starts under his belt at a Power 5 team. Cal was third in adjusted sack rate last year so he can't be horrendous. He only pops up once on PFF, but it's an encouraging note: he graded out well in Cal's loss to Washington, the #5 sack rate team last year. He is vaguely draftable per NFL Draft Scout.

Isaiah Hole reports that Michigan is "actively seeking" guys who could help them out but hasn't decided to pursue any particular player yet, including Cochran. If Michigan has the spot it would seem like a no-brainer to add a Pac-12 starter, even an iffy one, at a position of yawning need. Do they have it, though? Right now they're two over their scholarship limit. (Publicly, anyway. It's likely that Michigan knows of a couple departures already.)

Keeping the hype contained. Charles Matthews is profiled by Brendan Quinn, and John Beilein would like to keep expectations reasonable.

Beilein is careful not to preordain Matthews. One of the grand traditions in college basketball is for the redshirt player -- the one no one gets to see -- to be billed as a team's best player. Beilein avoids the pitfall.

...by turning into Fred Jackson:

"He's probably a combination of Hardaway and Glenn Robinson III. That's a good combination to have."

But fast!

Frustration, defined. John Gasaway's Tuesday Truths column from before the MSU game:

Big Ten W-L Pace PPP Opp. PPP EM
1 Wisconsin 9-1 63.2 1.08 0.93 0.15
2 Purdue 8-3 70.3 1.12 0.99 0.13
3 Maryland 8-2 68.4 1.09 0.99 0.1
4 Northwestern 7-3 66.7 1.07 0.98 0.09
5 Michigan State 6-4 66.7 1.06 0.99 0.07
6 Michigan 4-6 63.3 1.14 1.13 0.01
7 Minnesota 4-6 68 1 1.01 0
8 Indiana 5-6 67.2 1.1 1.11 -0.01
9 Iowa 6-5 70.5 1.04 1.07 -0.03
10 Nebraska 4-7 68.4 1.04 1.09 -0.05
11 Ohio State 4-7 68.2 1.04 1.1 -0.06
12 Penn State 4-7 69.9 0.95 1.01 -0.06
13 Illinois 3-8 66.1 1 1.1 -0.1
14 Rutgers 2-9 68.8 0.85 1.02 -0.17

Michigan's offense is as good as anyone in the country in conference play. They have the same points per possession as Villanova, WVU, Kansas, and anyone in the ACC not named North Carolina (1.16). Only the Pac-12 has teams doing better on offense. Even a meh defense gets Michigan into the tournament with ease.

Or you could boot them for Houston, just sayin'. The Big Twelve has voted to dock Baylor a quarter of its annual payout until such time as "proper institutional controls" are in place and vetted by a third party. That's about six million dollars a year and is probably sufficient to get what the Big 12 wants out of them. But you could, I dunno, boot Baylor from your conference for cause and add a school in a much bigger media market? That's both ethical and a financial win.

FWIW, this is a measure of revenge for Art Briles in a mutually-assured-destruction sense. He tried to bilk some money out of Baylor with a lawsuit, causing the Baylor regents to assemble a pile of texts (and submit them to court!) that definitively expose Briles and former AD Ian McCaw as the worst kind of one-dimensional B-movie villain:

When a female student-athlete reported that a football player had brandished a gun at her, the court paperwork said, Briles texted an assistant coach: "what a fool -- she reporting to authorities."

In another case, a masseuse asked the team to discipline a player who reportedly exposed himself and asked for favors during a massage, the document said Briles' first response was, "What kind of discipline... She a stripper?"  ...

In one text exchange, after a player was arrested for assault and threatening to kill someone, the paperwork said Briles texted athletic director McCaw that he had just talked to the player, who said Waco police had agreed to "keep it quiet." Briles promised to ask Shillinglaw to check in with a local attorney.

"That would be great if they kept it quiet!" McCaw allegedly replied. He is now the athletic director at Liberty University in Virginia.

Briles had to drop his lawsuit but the revelation of what actually went on was probably a spur for the Big 12's financial penality. In his accidental way Briles actually did some good here. So he's got that going for him.

Etc.: Various croot profiles include Joel Honigford, Cesar Ruiz, PWO and Air Force decommit Sean Fitzgerald, and fellow PWO Jared Davis. Lorenz picks some underrated Michigan recruits. Hugh Freeze is mad that other schools mentioned the obvious thing they should mention about Ole Miss. Vincent Smith profiled by MGoBlue. More mock drafts.


Sac Fly

February 8th, 2017 at 2:07 PM ^

Briles is a sociopath. There's something not right in that man's head.

There were more texts and they were worse; when the girl was gang raped he texted something along the lines of "Why was she hanging around them?"


February 8th, 2017 at 2:21 PM ^

In his accidental way Briles actually did some good here. So he's got that going for him.

...but will he have total consciousness on his deathbed?



February 8th, 2017 at 2:26 PM ^

With so few upperclassmen, there should be fewer openings for early enrollment for this 2018 recruiting class. (The reverse of many '17 seniors = many EEs)

Doesn't that potentially hurt us with the "early playing time" recruits, since fewer get that semester jump on their competition?

Or does it clarify the class earlier since the ones who want EE will "claim their spot early?" 

(Obviously doesn't affect hat ceremony-types who wait until Feb. 1.)

Pepto Bismol

February 8th, 2017 at 2:38 PM ^

I think if the option is there, it definitely appeals to some kids to get a jump on things.  But I'm trying to remember the early enrollees from last year.  Brandon Peters, Devin Bush?, Kareem Walker, Kingston Davis, Amir Mitchell.  I'm sure I missed a couple.  I'm trying to remember who was on the couch at SOTS.

But look at who played this year, besides "everybody".  Gary, Asiasi, Bredeson, Crawford, McDoom, Kinnell, etc. 

It doesn't appear that early enrollment had any affect on their ability to get on the field.  That's a good thing to show 2018 recruits if they're not going to have the EE openings. 



February 8th, 2017 at 2:41 PM ^

There must be some kind of mental disconnect in Hugh Freeze's mind. You have to work hard to be succesful and if you break the rules, you will be punished and there will be consequences. 

The FannMan

February 8th, 2017 at 3:11 PM ^

I have to ask that you not show the belly rub picture from the Orange Bowl any more.  It's not that I don't love Mo, or that its not a good picture.  It's just that every time I see it, I am reminded how he could have tried to jump on the fumble (look how far it is from the QB!) if he hadn't already started his celebration.  Then, I think about the next play and get very, very sad.


February 8th, 2017 at 3:16 PM ^

Michigan's offense is as good as anyone in the country in conference play. They have the same points per possession as Villanova, WVU, Kansas, and anyone in the ACC not named North Carolina (1.16). Only the Pac-12 has teams doing better on offense. Even a meh defense gets Michigan into the tournament with ease.

Sooo Michigan Basketball 2016-2017 = Michigan Hockey 2015-2016? Just as likely to win 5-1 over a top 10 team as they are to lose 6-5 to Northern?

matty blue

February 8th, 2017 at 3:28 PM ^

i will never, EVER get tired of reading about that guy.  i liked him as a player just fine, sure...but then he used that opportunity to change the world.

the michigan difference.


February 8th, 2017 at 4:18 PM ^

Would love to see Hoke take over for Mattison when he retires. Might be weird but I know Harbaugh could get the fan base to accept it if Hoke were OK with it.


February 9th, 2017 at 11:27 AM ^

Me too, as long as it's DL coach and recruiter only. That is all he can handle on his plate, but he's exceptional at it.
Quite remarkable how many DLs of his he coached went/going pro.
Recruited by LLOYD: Martin, vanBergen
RR: ROH, Ash, Ryan as DE
Hokes recruits: Wormley, Henry, Hurst, Charlton,Glasgow, Clark.


February 8th, 2017 at 5:42 PM ^

at the end there. Like reading about the over looked players who could make an impact. I sometimes get caught up in the highest ranked players, but we have a strong class top to bottom and some good talent coming in as PWO.