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Brian May 17th, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Brace yourself. LSUFreek spent yesterday swapping rival coaches' hair. Paul Chryst/Dana Holgorsen:


Aaand our local rivals:


As Orson says, that makes Hoke look like a senator straight out of O Brother Where Art Thou.

Point Gene Smith. OSU's AD on the possibility of playing The Game at night.

"Are you crazy? What's wrong with you? It'll be noon. I have to be open to 3:30, but noon is my favorite time for that one."

Grudging respect meter: incremented.

Oh come on man. I'm gonna need some more detail on this($), Wyatt Shallman, before I agree this is a thing that actually happened:

In elementary school, he once caught a 10-pound bass using nothing more than a Spiderman fishing rod and a Lifesaver candy.

I wasn't born yesterday, Wyatt Shallman.

Goodbye, stupid o'clock bowl. The Big Ten has (likely) dumped the Insight.Chicken bowl in Arizona, not that Michigan ever showed up in it since any vaguely bowl-eligible Michigan program got snapped up as soon as the Big Ten bylaws allowed it and they were too far down the pecking order. I mean, that 7-5 outfit a couple of years ago got snapped up by the Outback.

For people looking for more variety in their bowl destinations, it's still grimly central Florida in the consolation prize area:

The Gator Bowl and Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl previously had rotated the No. 3 Big Ten selection after the Rose Bowl. The Holiday Bowl is expected to get the No. 3 Big Ten pick, after Capital One and Outback. The next Big Ten team could go to the Gator Bowl or Music City Bowl, depending on the year.

They've only managed to insert the Holiday in there and lessen the big ten presence in the Gator Bowl. Meh. The Pinstripe and Please Change The Name Of The Bowl In San Francisco are likely to be added, but again so far down the pecking order that it's unlikely Michigan is around when those bowls are picking. Also slightly alleviating the central Florida malaise is the Orange Bowl, which will get a Big Ten team at least three times over the next twelve years. In those years the ACC will send a team to the Citrus. Miami, while inconvenient to get to, is essentially its own insane tinpot country that is at least interesting.

More helpful than the bowl switch up is the Big Ten taking back some of their autonomy as far as who goes where:

"We'll probably be somewhere in between (a bowl committee) selection and a conference placement," Delany said after the league's athletic director meetings in Chicago. "So what we'll do is give a lot of conditions to each bowl, and they will have to get conference approval for the selection that they choose.

"The goal is going to be that we keep these games fresh and also that the bowls create the best possible lineup. I think there's been some fatigue."

So if fanbase X that's been to central Florida six straight years ends up in a big pile of approximately equal teams they'd probably ship 'em to the Holiday or Music City.

Also in annoying things, the Holiday will feature the #2 Pac-12 team against the #3 Big Ten team. The Big Ten has a couple extra teams, yeah, but with the road-ish nature of that game that should be an even 2-for-2 or 3-for-3 if it's going to be even in the long run. The Big Ten doesn't help perception of itself much when its quest for maximum dollars continually puts them at a disadvantage in bowl matchups.

Weird thing I just thought of in relation to all this: if we do get a Ten Year War II going on the Rose Bowl is going to be the consolation prize for the loser of The Game. Ew.

Are we dumping the only incompetent Germans? This is admittedly a bit of a stretch that Drake Harris would be the one guy who knows what Michigan's plans are in re: their apparel contract, but he's tweeted out "when we got back to Nike, I hope we get [appalling uniforms that prove seventeen year olds are blind and/or insane]" and responded to a guy asking him about it that he thinks it'll go down in two more years. That's not accurate according to Angelique Chengelis, though the door is going to be open:

Brandon on WTKA says 3.5 years left on Adidas contact. Will honor contract. And then....negotiations begin

It is possible that they're telling recruits they plan to switch in an effort to assure them they won't end up having to play skins in a critical conference game. There are many, many reasons to do this, from Adidas's uniformly (ha!) appalling alternates to the labor kerfuffle to the fact that the only incompetent Germans can't supply Michigan with non-tearaway uniforms or replacements for the tearaway ones.

Well, yeah. Brandon says the 2014 Penn State game will likely be at night:

"That's a good hunch," Brandon said when asked the likelihood of a Michigan-Penn State night game at Michigan Stadium. "I would expect that Penn State game would be a terrific game in early October to have as a night game against a Big Ten opponent."

…because the other three are Maryland, Indiana, and Minnesota. Dave sounds a little defensive, must be getting a lot of heat for the Worst Home Schedule Ever. At least he acknowledges it's a problem:

"Football can be pretty boring in September if you've got all your teams playing down to competition," Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon said. "It's boring for the fans at the stadium and it's boring on television. We don't want to be boring, so we want to strengthen the schedule."

Also in October and November when you're playing Rutgers and Maryland every week. My mind is still struggling to interpret those as football games instead of extra byes.

Chrome it up! Death comes for us all. YOLO. Synergy. Brandon:

Michigan ended last season by making a rare alteration to its winged helmet, adding a matte finish for the Outback Bowl. That theoretically could open the door for more changes, including a chrome helmet, which many teams already employ for their alternate looks.

The idea surely would ruffle feathers in some corners of the fan base. But Michigan has also shown a willingness to push the envelop during the Brandon era.

So, would he do it?

Brandon said he is reluctant to alter the helmet so drastically -- but added, "never say never."

He cites "some polling done," which… I mean it's already locked in your brain or it's not. Also he calls college football "the platform" at some point. I hope MBA programs know they're killing the language.

/buys even more Ann Arbor Torch & Pitchfork stock.

I'm with Dave here though. The MSA president, still as useless as ever:

"The students are upset to say the least, they feel that the athletic department broke its long-held social contract with the students," said Michael Proppe, Central Student Government president for the 2013-14 academic year.

Oh I see they've changed the name to something more evocative of Stalin to emphasize their extreme lack of power. Anyway. Ahem.

YOU broke the "long-held social contract," Michael Proppe, by not showing up. You and lots of other people. The deal was: you get cheap tickets, show up, and be loud. You have altered the deal. Pray Dave Brandon doesn't alter it any further.

Etc.: Oh goody: "dead is a strong word" for expansion. Big Ten ADs want seven wins to be the minimum for bowl eligibility. Rutgers' new AD was on the wrong end of a lawsuit about discriminating against pregnant women. Kicker: is a woman.

Yes please can we ignore the twitter losers with five followers who rant at players? Rick Reilly, world's most overpaid man. Hawaii goes back to "Rainbow Warriors." Thumbs up.

Sports On Earth's Matt Brown demolishes MSU. Ugh protected basketball rivalries, ugh. Denard profiled. Single plays suck in a 14 team conference.


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May 17th, 2013 at 11:38 AM ^

Of course we have 3.5 years left on the contract.  Because that is what the contract has said all along.  (Actually, I understood that we had 3 years left, with some sort of option for another.  And, it apparently runs through an academic year so like July '17 following the '16-'17 school year.  I think.)

Best for us if all of the athletes gripe about it (as we know they are) and if Brandon keeps a determined lid on all of that griping.  Puts Brandon in a better negotiating position with adidas.  He can say to them, "You guys really don't want us to be the highest-profile adidas defection since... [since when?]... and my kids really want me to make a switch.  What will you give us to make it worth our while?"


May 17th, 2013 at 12:08 PM ^

While I'm vehemently against moving The Game away from the last weekend of the regular season, I don't have too many qualms with playing around with the time.  The major negative is that nighttime at the end of November is likely to be damn cold.  But I don't think it destroys any pagentry of the game to move the time of day around.  The ND night game has proven that it can enhance the atmosphere.

Feat of Clay

May 17th, 2013 at 2:51 PM ^

I dunno about the lifesaver, but my mom used to fish occasionally with my nephew's little Shamu-themed kiddie rod.  She caught a crappie or walleye (I forget which) one day, large enough to qualify for a Master Angler certificate from the state.  And yes, she caught it on the Shamu rod, which she never let my Dad live down (or anyone else who made fun of her for using it)


May 17th, 2013 at 2:57 PM ^

But do you agree with Gene Smith on no OOC M-OSU basketball game? Respect meter back down.

In the "become Czar of college football for a day" what bowl trade outs would people like to make? Putting the Holiday in there is a good, non-Florida bowl, but what realistically are people hoping for? Rose, Orange, Sugar, and then the 4th place team in the Fiesta? The Peach would have been nice before it started getting upgraded, but what existing bowls would we rather trade out for?

And unless we're headed to something different, I don't know how many times during Ten Year War I the winner would have headed to a national championship game. So the Rose Bowl will still be a prize most of the time. And even if you think that we're really going to have undefeated vs. undefeated so the winner IS going to the playoff, there's probably decent odds half those years the loser is lined up for a playoff slot too one loss.

I did love the "long held social contract" line.....I can't wait for them to get a sit down and have that converse with Brandon-speak. Do they all realize people don't talk like that? Even the ones who went to Michigan.


May 18th, 2013 at 6:26 PM ^

What's with the boner for Nike? They're a shitty company too. I buy clothing for 2 Nike schools and an Adidas school. Adidas > Nike any day of the week. 


May 19th, 2013 at 10:46 AM ^

So much fun could be done with that exchange between DB and the students.


Dave "Vader" Brandon:  Calrissian. Take the student tickets and seat cushions to my ship..

Micheal "Lando" Proppe: You said the seats in the student section would  under my supervision!

Dave "Vader" Brandon: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.