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Brian July 21st, 2010 at 1:03 PM

Relevant site information. The Sporting Blog is no more and has been sold to SB Nation. This is mostly a problem for me when I try to explain what I do to people over 50—before I could just say I write for "the AOL" or "the Sporting News" and that would create flickers of recognition. In other ways it is basically no change. I'll write non-Michigan stuff for SBN, keep the mothership going as it was before, and work on my patient explanations of how you can make a living writing on the internet.

Another thing that is tentatively moving to SBN: the BlogPoll. CBS never did anything with it, shoving it into a corner and studiously ignoring it. At SBN it will get the tech help it needs while still providing yours truly with the same cash flow—zero dollars—it always has.

This has been your meta update.

HYPE VIDEO. Hype video? Hype video.

Geeeeergugh. Darryl Stonum didn't do anything, but after you've picked up a DUI not doing anything becomes a reason to put you in jail. A hearing in which it was determined Stonum did very little of what the court asked him to do as part of his probation saw him spend three days in jail in early June.

Not a big deal in the scheme of things but it's another item on the Stonum dossier that argues against the guy ever living up to his copious recruiting hype. The others are the original DUI and his inability to adjust to deep balls. A large part of succeeding in college football is just doing what you're told to, and Stonum obviously didn't do that over the past year when it came to his DUI.

Old and busted. MCalibur put up a diary a bit back complaining about the NCAA's passer rating, which was calibrated in 1979 to render 100 as the performance of an average quarterback. He sets about recreating the formula based on modern averages, finding 139.2 is the new average and creating some interesting charts along the way that show both separation between three, four, and five star recruits and steady improvement as quarterbacks age:


Four-year starters with five stars are so rare (Henne is one of two in the study) that their numbers were left out.

Then MCalibur re-ranks the QBs with another version of QB rating that doesn't really move anyone around much.

Hondurans love Jonathan Bornstein. They love Michigan about as much when their English teacher is a fan:

Etc.: Holdin' the Rope writes on the Alabama Outback Bowl in 1997, the last game I failed to see live. I remember listening to it on the radio—we did not have cable—and feeling helpless as Michigan flailed its way to defeat. The other game I remember listening to was that Minnesota game in the mid-90s in which they outrushed Michigan by some comical amount and still lost. Different times. More Brock Mealer in the News.



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It wasn't until I saw that video (the second one) that I realized what college football really needs: more third world propaganda. Each university could pick a country, expose the children at a young age, and in ten to fifteen years acquire millions of new supporters. I'd pay good money to get in the ground floor of Big Ten Network: International.

El Jeffe

July 21st, 2010 at 1:53 PM ^

If I had a printer and a stapler and access to Rosenberg I would print out a copy of that Brock Mealer article and staple it to Rosenberg's forehead.


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It's ironic that hype videos from this summer and last revolve around showing highlights from the previous season while simultaneously playing song lyrics advocating said highlights are forgettable.

[email protected]

July 21st, 2010 at 2:22 PM ^

The goodbye post on TSN read far more like an obituary than a "We've Moved!" sign; I read it and grieved on teh Twitterz.  Fortunately, said Twitterz quickly enlightened me as to the acquisition and stuff.

Well, "Congratulations" if you're happy; my condolences if not.





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I cannot imagine NOT complying with court-ordered probation requirements.

This does not speak well of this young man, and it does not reflect well on his team.


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So...is there any way we can trade the down-in-front crowd for those Honduran children? I reckon it'd probably be a net positive, noise-wise. Vamos azul!


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anyone have any idea what the name of the school in that video might be? I know some people who have taught in a school system in the Gracias area. wild question, i know


July 21st, 2010 at 7:22 PM ^

While the music didn't strike me as anything that unique, the editing on it was fabulous. Very professional look.

But I wonder if we're ever going to find anything to top this-


July 22nd, 2010 at 2:11 AM ^

We all know that Notre Dame on NBC is horrible TV.  However, it just got a little better yesterday.  Pat Haden (the worst broadcaster in sports besides Tom Hammond) will no longer make us suffer for the Michigan/ND game in South Bend.  I'm sure NBC will roll out another idiot, but at least Haden's high voice will no longer make me suffer for one saturday every two years.  By the way, fuck USC!!