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World Cup stuff. LET'S GOOOOOOO

Zonal Marking has previews for the entire group, and despite the late shift by the US they are right on point with theirs.


The holding midfielder could still be Jones, if Klinsmann is adventurous, but Kyle Beckerman came into the side against Nigeria, having also played there against Mexico, and is a much better fit. Playing at the base of a diamond is a specialist role, and Klinsmann is fortunate to be able to call upon Beckerman, who has been playing in that position for Real Salt Lake, where he is captain.


The 2010 squad was packed with youth, and therefore it’s no surprise that the majority of players have retained their places as they’ve gained more experience. But as Ghana’s reputation has grown, they’ve been forced to adapt to different challenges. When they were the underdogs, they could sit back, remain compact and counter-attack extremely swiftly. Now opponents are aware of that threat, they’re forced to become more proactive, but lack the creativity and incision to dominate games and score goals.

The Ghanian friendly against South Korea could not have echoed that evaluation more closely; Ghana spent most of the game watching South Korea play around with the ball and not quite score, and then they executed ruthlessly—and somewhat fortunately—on the break. This is a game in which hoofing it upfield under pressure is understandable.

Note that Ghana has probably lost wing/forward Majeed Waris, who tore a quad in that game. The guy who replaced him scored a hat trick, but Waris was first choice and played well in qualifying.


Portugal always have roughly the same style, roughly the same strengths and weaknesses, and roughly the same chance of winning the competition. It’s no different this time around. Portugal’s starting XI for World Cup 2014 is extremely similar to their starting XI for Euro 2012, and it’s a familiar story – solid defence, talented central midfield, dangerous wide players, no prolific striker.


Talented players everywhere, but guaranteed cohesion nowhere. It feels like there’s a World Cup-winning XI somewhere in this side, and if Low had infinite friendlies to work out who works well together, he’d eventually find the winning combination.

Jerry Hinnen reviews the USA's WC history; all of Altidore's touches against Nigeria; Brian Phillips on Garrincha and Pele and goddamn Brian Phillips is just the man:

There is no possibility that this World Cup will cast itself in Garrincha’s image more than Pelé’s. But if his spirit could just touch it a little. If the next month could just remind us that FIFA’s agenda is not all that soccer can be.

And here's an excellent and informative breakdown of how the US played against Nigeria and how important it is to keep things tight at the back:

Let's compare things to other things. The perennial easy post is back in force thanks to the unfamiliarity of where soccer nations fit in everyone's pantheon. Crimson Quarry takes a swing at comparing World Cup outfits to Big Ten basketball programs:


The Fab Five was a phenomenon in the 1990s, and the Wolverines made two title games but lost. Meanwhile, Total Football was a phenomenon in the 1970s for the Netherlands, who also made it to two World Cup finals and lost both. Since then, both teams have made it to the finals another time, but lost in the process. In addition, both have recently had strong offenses with suspect defenses, and love to refer to their teams by the colors of their jerseys. "Hup Holland" is basically the Dutch equivalent of "Go Blue." Plus, the state of Michigan even has a city called Holland. It makes too much sense.

That's a swing and a miss, from my perspective. Argentina is where it's at: offensively enthralling, weak on defense, had a moment of glory in the 80s.

Speaking of Indiana. IU QB Tre Roberson is transferring:

"We appreciate and thank Tre for his contributions to our football program both on and off the field," Wilson said. "He is an outstanding player and a great young man. We wish him well as he moves forward with his career."

Normally that would be a who-cares blip but after last year when Roberson came in for Sudfeld and nearly drove Indiana to a win, not so much. Taking the dual threat option away from the Hoosiers makes their offense considerably less scary.

Wait, what? Jeff Goodman has a list of the best developers of talent in the college basketball coaching ranks. John Beilein slides in at #3:

3) John Beilein, Michigan Wolverines: He’s starting to churn out NBA guys lately -- Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr., and Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III this year. “Player development,” said one NBA scout. “Bottom line. He works on players' individual games. There’s a lot of shooting, of course, but every practice he takes 20 or so minutes to focus on getting guys better.”

This makes plenty of sense, as Beilein's made a specialty of making three-stars into early entries starting with the Burke/Hardaway class, and with Caris LeVert on the horizon Michigan will have dumped six guys into the NBA in three years, only one of whom was particularly hyped when he committed—McGary.

That makes sense. The rest of the list… hoo boy. #2 is Ben Howland who is unemployed at the moment. #4 is Tom Izzo, because… uh… Draymond? I mean, when your list of top NBA developers has an entry that starts like this…

Izzo doesn’t necessarily churn out a ton of NBA guys

…you may want to re-evaluate your list.

Calipari also shows up, because he doesn't tear many ACLs.

That's one way to approach it. Miami has decided they can sell more tickets by getting people to go to fewer games.


It's basically a two-game package of the FSU game and the North Carolina game, comparable to Michigan's mini-packages with Penn State and anything else except incrementally more desperate.

Come on down. Sounds like the Michigan Elite Camp couldn't have gone much better from a recruiting standpoint. UMHoops caught up with Derryck Thornton, Jr.:

“It was probably my best visit, it was great,” Thornton reiterated. “The staff did a great job so that was one of my better visits, if not the best one.” …

“I’m going to wait for my dad to get back and we’re going to talk about that soon,” Thornton responded when asked if he’d think about committing early. “I’m not sure, but I think I’m willing to commit and make the early decision.”

Rivals echoes the confidence($) you might have on their message board—Thornton's dad responded to a question about whether Battle and Thornton will end up in Ann Arbor and got the response "high"—and I'm pretty sure one of the Thorntons—probably the elder—registered for a Scout account so he could assert that Thornton would not stay on the West Coast. It would be excellent to get a commitment by the end of summer.

Meanwhile, Tyus Battle was also impressed

“Michigan was awesome, we had a great time,” Gary said. “Tyus really enjoyed the visit. The coaching staff is very thorough. We really enjoyed their presentation and the campus and the way they would use Tyus. Obviously, academically Michigan is something we like a lot.”

…but doesn't seem like he's anywhere near as likely to drop in the near future. The Big Blue death star looms:

“We’re trying to really focus on Kentucky right now,”Gary Battle told SNY.tv by phone. “That’s always been something we had planned to do and Cal had expressed some high interest in the kid and he’s always wanted to go and check it out.”

Battle will be a… wait for it… battle. If Michigan can secure Thornton, the two guys have said they want to play together. Battle's father:

“And for Tyus, I think a lot of guys want to play with Tyus but Derryck definitely, he’s an easy kid to want to play with as well according to Tyus. They were pretty excited about it cause they consider each other brothers and have known each other for a long time.”

Let's hope that package stays together. FWIW, Battle's father flat-out stated "I think Derryck's going to Michigan."

Given all this, it'll be interesting to see what happens on June 15th. Cassius Winston has checked the offer boxes and is pretty much a five star himself, and KY PG Quentin Goodin says he expects an offer too. If I had to bet, I'd say he ends up disappointed. Winston is on another level and instate. He probably gets one.

Hello, eh. Hockey announces their four late additions: Tony Calderone, Sam Piazza, Niko Porikos, and Alex Talcott. (They're still working on Zach Werenski's accelerated entry, it appears.) The release is the usual but it does give you some indication of where these guys might slot in on the depth chart. Talcott gets "depth" and "energy" mentions and Porikos is compared to Andrew Sinelli; they seem like guys for down the road.


"Tony comes here with the reputation of a player who puts numbers up and has a great shot," associate head coach Billy Powers said. "Offensively, we expect Tony to add to his game here. He's a skilled offensive player who has had two good years in the USHL"

…and Piazza…

"Sam is a defenseman who is not afraid to join the rush," Powers said. "He's got great offensive instincts and we're hoping that he adds some offense at the blue line. We're excited that Sam will have an opportunity to show what he can do early on."

…on the other hand, should compete for spots this fall. The four just announced join Cutler Martin, Dexter Dancs, and Dylan Larkin as incoming freshmen. Chris Heisenberg's listing Werenski as a 2014 recruit, but Michigan likely cannot announce that until he's on campus.

O'Bannon stuff. After eleven hours of questioning directed at a legal expert for the plaintiffs, Tyrone Prothro takes the stand:

Three years after suffering a gruesome career-ending injury in 2005, former Alabama star Tyrone Prothro wrote a book, Catch & Hold. He wanted to include some action shots from his playing career, but upon contacting a university photographer he learned he'd have to buy the images from the school's website for $10 apiece. So, he didn't include them.

Uh… wow. I bet that's just for a download and doesn't even include redistribution rights. Athletes! Do we have a picture of you? You can use it for free. I would like to thank Kevin Trahan for blowing up the NCAA's constant assertions that "hey, you get stuff!" is anything approximating a legal defense.

Oh man. Ramzy instructs you how not to be an asshole to recruits. I do not want to get on the ol' high horse because I've seen my share of miserable awful things from Michigan fans—we have it just as bad—and the linked piece is a fine, fine intra-fanbase immolation. But… wow.



Maybe 95% as bad.

Etc.: A ruthless fisk of Clay Travis is an auto-link. Early hockey commits are getting nuts. Maine has a seventh-grader committed.



June 12th, 2014 at 3:52 PM ^

The Braves and Birds "Fisk" of Clay Travis boiled down to basically an elitist @$$ calling out a redneck @$$, for not being sufficiently sophisticated/worldly in the way the elitist @$$ would prefer. We all lose for having witnessed it.

Ramzy's article was brilliant and a great guide for living as a college football fan.

Blue in Denver

June 12th, 2014 at 4:32 PM ^

Completely agree with your statements regarding both posts.  

Personally I find the "Fisk" of Clay Travis more irritating than the original article.  The original was meant to be humor (even if it mostly misses the mark).  The "Fisk" berates it for being uninformed after the author specifically tells you it's not meant to be informed.  Further, it does so with completely spurious arguments.

I find myself wanting to ignore Clay Travis but wanting to slap the second author.


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...I have to go with Ghana today.  I was there for three months about ten years ago, and Ghanaians car a lot more about the Black Stars than most Americans do about our team. 


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The list is "Preparing kids to play in the NBA." For a guy that has been there as long as he has been and to have the success they have had and to only have 4 current players in the NBA... kind of makes it hard to state that he prepares players for the NBA very well.


June 12th, 2014 at 5:34 PM ^

like that poor little girl in the OSU cheerleader outfit and Jonbenet Ramsey-style lipstick and fingernail polish, posed on what appears to be a bed. Jesus H. Christ.

Mr Miggle

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for his offer. He's said he expects one before the end of the summer It's apparent that Thornton is the staff's first choice, so it makes sense to give him the chance to commit first.

Mr Miggle

June 13th, 2014 at 4:17 PM ^

Everything in recruiting is at least a bit of a gamble and sometimes you should just try to get your first choice. Winston knows where he stands and seems to be okay with that, Thornton is talking about an early commitment. If he wasn't, I think they'd be more likely to offer both. Battle could be a nice bonus with Thornton, but I don't think that's what would drive their decision on when to offer Winston.


June 12th, 2014 at 9:22 PM ^

We have serious first world problems on the point guard front. Possibly both the #4 and #7 PG (#20, #30 overall) want to commit and our likely 3rd place guy is still #51.