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Deal with it. Is this off topic? Yes.


my world cup future's so bright I've got to wear shades thrown at me by irate Salvadoreans

But it gives me a chance to mention that you guys who make college football topics—topics about OHIO STATE—and make them off topic are just as bad as a guy who makes a pokemon thread and declares it on-topic. This section has gone from off topic to META:.

Bombs away. Mike Slive took some soft shots at the NCAA during his SEC Media Days appearance, but he's got nothing on new Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, who just got off the podium at his conference's event. Choice quotes (or paraphrased quotes) from twitter:

  • "Realignment will never be considered one of our proudest moments."
  • Bowlsby says big conferences don't want to get rid of the NCAA altogether. That's true. They don't want to stage another softball tourney.
  • Bowlsby's remarks are measured but aggressive about the NCAA's lack of innovation. Echoing Slive, sans historical references.
  • "The time has come to think about federation by size and scope"
  • "I really think we need to reconfigure the leadership in the organization."
  • "It's time to reevaluate our core purpose."
  • I’m not critical of Mark Emmert. I’m critical of an organization that is just not very efficient.”

The glove has been removed, and used to slap.

Bowlsby's comments come on the heels of ACC comissioner John Swofford floating the idea of a "super division" that would separate the Indiana States from the big programs, allowing those larger programs to make changes that would make the enterprise somewhere between a bit and significantly less icky.

"That's a potential way of making a change that would basically retain the fundamental NCAA oversight and umbrella, if you will," Swofford said. "If the five conferences were to break off, I mean, that's a complicated move. You'd have to, in essence, duplicate the NCAA in some form or fashion, and then what does that mean for intercollegiate athletics? So if you've got another division, if that's the answer within the NCAA, you can maneuver and find an appropriate way, I think, to address those kinds of issues."

Dollars to donuts Scott and Delany follow up with agreement; these guys don't yawn without a focus group about it and if all three are taking potshots at Emmert and company, there was meeting. With cigars.

Next time read the wall? OSU starting RB Carlos Hyde is a person of interest in an assault that had twitter and message boards abuzz the last couple days. Not helping is Aaron Hernandez and the legion of guys itching to write COLUMNS about Urban's corrupting touch with youth, but the vibe I get is that it's pretty bad. "Sources" tell the Dispatch Hyde is gone, so… yeah. Bad.

Dude, next time read the wall.


I'll take "things you don't have to tell Brady Hoke recruits" for $1000, Alex

OSU is also looking into an incident with corner Bradley Roby in Bloomington over the weekend, the Dispatch says. He was arrested for "battery resulting in bodily injury." Not a good weekend for the Buckeyes.

If gone, Hyde will be replaced by Rod Smith, who's a lot like Hyde, and sophomore Brionte Dunn. The dropoff there would not be huge. Roby would be a different matter, since top-half-of-the-first-round cornerbacks don't grow on trees. Sounds like Roby's thing is more of a two-game suspension kind of thing, though:

Sources told The Dispatch he was asked to leave a bar after a disturbance, refused, and was subdued by bouncers at the bar before being taken into custody.

Unless that bodily injury is ripping a guy's heart out through his chest, he'll hang on.

Random old-ish thing. 1995 ad for M/OSU, amongst other things:

Tim Biakabutuka would go off for 313 yards in a 31-23 victory.

Well, maybe. Michigan and Ohio to face off in a high school all-star game, replacing both the intrastate Michigan game and the now-defunct Big 33 matchup. It's scheduled for June 14th, 2014, which is after the date when Michigan freshmen coming up for summer enroll, AFAIK. Apparently it can't be any earlier because the MHSAA, which remains as up-to-date as a Model T, will kibosh the eligibility of anyone who participates in such a thing before things like track end.

Michigan has always been a little iffy on letting their freshmen participate in such things, and I don't think they'll be fired up to put their recruits through a live-contact game six weeks before the season.

Etc.: John Beilein gets paid. More on the concussion flap. Wojo knocks OSU around a little. Come on, NCAA.



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That soccer game was awesome to watch for me. My wife (and obviously her family) is Guatemalan and the Guate-El Salvador relationship is like Michigan-Ohio but Hispanic so way crazier.

Not a fan of soccer? Sit with my in-laws for 90 minutes and listen to what they have to say about Salvadorean women. LD's corner kick had be rolling on the floor.


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I can't tell if that is a joke or not.  It looks like one of those optical illusion things that, at-a-glance, tricks you into reading "Honestly, treat women with no respect. Drugs. Stealing. Weapons."


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further reinforce the importance of our student-athletes having character and integrity. That's why I don't overreact when I hear of us dropping a highly ranked recruit because of academics or character flaws. Must say kudos to Hoke et al. for a job well done so far!


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I guess we'll have to wait and see what Roby did, but Hyde got kicked for elbowing a woman in the face at a bar.  Roby gets arrested for assult with "bodily injury" at a bar.  What's the difference? 

Oh wait, Roby may actually change the outcome of the season, so he'll miss his cupcake game.  Silly me.

Ron Utah

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Roby will get the maximum suspension that doesn't matter: four games.  Somehow (yes, that's sarcasm) Ohio will find a way to beat Buffalo, SDSU, Cal, and Florida A&M without Roby, and he'll be back for Wisconsin (and then Northwestern).

While losing Hyde isn't good, a longer suspension for Roby could be more damaging.


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Everybody rapes, everybody kills.  Everybody strikes girls. Everybody trades helmets for tats. Everybody uses their local auto dealer as a free loaner program.  In all honesty, I don't think Meyer is as bad as Tressel, but the whole thing down there has been off the rails since the days of Cooper.  Send Rosenberg and Snyder down there for a week and I'm guessing the results would be just about as bad as we think (and worse than we see).


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have a hard time with violence and personal space when they spend all day in a building named for an old man who punched a kid on an opposing team during a bowl game on TV.


His Dudeness

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Urban may be a great coach, but man he either recruits guys that just don't have character or he completely lets loose the reigns re: off field conduct.

It's a bonafied pattern at this point.

I am not 100% in the "Brady Hoke poops gold" faction of the fanbase, but one thing is for certain; the guys Hoke Co. recruit won't make me want to put bars on my windows if I lived in AA. There is something to be said for that. "Character guys that win" is a lot harder to do than "guys that win." And I for one respect the hell out of Hoke for trying to do the former.


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Ah, sophomore year. Came back to my dorm room after and my roommate was taking personal credit for starting a "Biaka" - "Butuka" chant in the stadium. Real or imagined...what an awesome game.


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Has anyone seen this game on Big Ten Network's Classic Games?  I remember listening to that game on radio because it wasn't on TV in my area (remember those days) and I've been looking for a replay of it lately.

Biakbatuka is still one of my favorites of all time and a good portion of that is due to that unstoppable game.


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the ad seems to imply it was a regionalized broadcast.  Ohio State was 11-0 and ranked #2 in the country!  Florida was 10-0 and ranked #3!  And both were playing against an elite team that was also ranked in the Top 20!


It just seems crazy to remember the days when even top-tier games like this weren't universally available.


Also, I like freezing this 0:02 into the ad ---0000 OSU had that crazy, borderline-evil looking Brutus for a few years there in the early-mid 1990s.