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Brian September 16th, 2009 at 10:50 AM



It's tiny and it's in the corner but it's something. (Via MVictors.)

ISO. I'm looking for an iPhone programmer for a startup project. Email me if you're interested.

WHOAH. Yes Forcier woo but hold on just a dang minute here:

It's only two games, but you would not be completely unreasonable to start worrying about Michigan as Penn State's main competition in the conference.

That's Black Shoe Diaries, and yes it would be completely unreasonable. A five three-point loss to USC does not destroy Ohio State's status as a team that doesn't run out walk-ons on defense. Let's keep the increased expectations at the Alamo/Outback level, plz, lest Michigan failing to hit the BCS this year is cause for another round of "I'm not saying Michigan should fire Rich Rodriguez, but did you know he uses babies as fuel for his Hummer?" stories. This team still has huge problems on defense and the offense is currently held together by Forcier's insane magic, something that's probably going to lose Michigan a game or two when the freshman in Forcier bites back.

Also from that post halol:


If there's one thing Penn State and Michigan fans can get together on, it's Terrelle Pryor schadenfreude.

Quick kickin'. Tate Forcier's quick kick ended up downed at the four and it sounds like Michigan will be inclined to use it in similar situations in the future:

Forcier, Michigan's true freshman quarterback, doubled as a punter (and defensive back) for his high school team in California, and Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez said Forcier worked occasionally on the skill during fall camp.

"He's very good at it," Rodriguez said.

Later in that article Rodriguez points out he won't call that on third down, which uh thanks for that clarification. Shades of Brian Griese and a much better alternative than Carr's well-loved fake-FG punt that hardly worked and often saw teams put a returner back anyway. Michigan hurrying to the line and threatening to go for it means no one can get back lest a fake happen.

Rising. I always like it when the assessments I make in UFR are echoed by other people, as it makes me think I'm not totally bats in said assessments. So here's a rising guy for the NFL draft after two games:

Donovan Warren/CB/Michigan: Warren, the Wolverines well-sized cornerback, seems to have his game back on track after a disappointing sophomore campaign. He broke up three passes during the victory over Notre Dame and was forceful helping to stop the run. The junior's game comes with a great amount of upside potential and should Warren consistently play at a high level, he will eventually move into the draft's initial 45 selections.

That would be just about perfect: an excellent season, a mid-second round rating, and a reason to come back to school.

What in the hell? Deadspin's gone downhill ever since Leitch (mostly) left but I didn't know they'd turned into an LSU message board:

Have you ever been to Auburn? No? Well, I have, and IT SUCKS! Which is why, in order to "attract" recruits, the program has to dispatch its illiterate boosters to harass the nation's top prep talent into signing with them.

I have been to Auburn, and I can say confidently that it sucks far less than "The Cajun Boy" and his post. Don't they pay people to write there? I don't understand.

Point of clarification. The Only Colors took some exception to gentle—you might say brotherly—ribbing at the bottom of Monday's game column:

1. To me, this [the press box announcer stating that the MSU-CMU score was an exception to "no cheering in the press box"] is a hell of a lot less defensible than MSU fans cheering on the HORROR.  (That video, of course, being one which Michigan fans have alternately whined about and made fun of for two years now.)  Fans aren't supposed to maintain any pretense of objectivity …

First, this isn't about defensible or not. What we are talking about here is talking, and the worst of it rises to "ha you lost." This blog has always been wildly in favor of press conference trash-talking from anyone from the pope on down. The whole "moment of silence/little brother/Mike Hart is short/pride comes before the fall" sequence was awesome. It raised the stakes in the rivalry to the point that OSU fans entering a tailspin of self-doubt, regret, and pining for Tate Forcier was only my third favorite thing that happened over the weekend. In no way do I disapprove of Dantonio taunting Mike Hart. In that spirit, press box announcer trash-talk adds fuel to the fire. Fuel is good until Ned gets involved.

Second, I don't know what he's referring to about the fans. I've never seen Michigan fans suggest State fans shouldn't enjoy The Horror—maybe the occasional dig at brahs wearing App St gear around, which is sad. But "pride comes before the fall" and "should we have a moment of silence?" are direct quotes from the head man and definitely deserve comeuppance mocking.

2. For our purposes, I'll assume that Freep writers weren't among those cheering.  Still, how exactly does this square with the Michigan-fan meme/persecution complex that the lolmsm has effectively become an arm of the MSU athletic department?

I think that's restricted to the Free Press, FWIW. Also, the Michigan press box is full of your Ebling and (lol) Spartanmag equivalents too; every press box is divided between aloof observers and homers.

In summation: I can't complain about Michigan fans playing the comeuppins' card, especially when my team choked as badly as they did on Saturday.  But, playing that card also forfeits the high ground they've staked out for themselves, as Dex from WLA essentially admitted.  Welcome to the muck.

What high ground? We mock you for being dunderheaded nitwits who can't get into the country club, you accuse us of never getting laid. It's the circle of life. It's a circle.

Falcon punch? Jonas Mouton got a little pop on one of ND's offensive linemen on Saturday:

This is really weird. It looks like a punch, but on the complete tape Mouton just jogs away after it and in the second or two before the camera angle cuts the ND OL appears to get up like nothing happened. Contrast that to the reaction when Greg Mathews kicked an Oregon player. Slightly different. If there'd been any problems afterwards I'd think you'd suspend the guy—though Mathews didn't get a game for a far more blatant case of poor sportsmanship, nor did that Wisconsin punt scrub who twisted Breaston's knee—but no one seems to have a problem with it except Charlie Weis. I might sit Mouton down anyway. That's not likely if Robert Reynolds got all of a game for choking out Jim Sorgi.

Etc.: Old timers will remember unofficial MGoBlog editorial cartoonist Joel A Morgan; he's taken his stuff to Mustaches with Michigan. MfM wasn't just a one-off, by the way. They're around for the long haul. Michigan Monday is always more entertaining when we're not awful. LSUFreek tackles last weekend's game.



September 16th, 2009 at 2:18 PM ^

One of our offensive lineman gave an opposing player an intentional shot to the balls while getting up. I can't remember the player or even which game it was, but I found it much more egregious.


September 16th, 2009 at 2:22 PM ^

Needs some form of punishment from Rodriguez. It had nothing to do with the outcome, but it shouldn't be allowed to happen without a response from the coaches. Extra conditioning and sitting a little would be good.


September 16th, 2009 at 2:23 PM ^

I'm usually the first to point out when the ESPN monopoly takes over and creates a star, instead of letting the player create his own. Kind of like when ESPN told me for 11 straight days the Matt Barfley was going to be the first freshman, blah, blah, USC, blah, blah, vomit. Literally ad nauseum. Give Tate time SI. Let Madden jinx him after he graduates. He's a freshman who's won 2 games, and does look very promising for the future, but let him develop. BTW, my brother keeps telling me that Jonas Mouton is the 4th or 5th Jonas brother. Is that true? He doesn't have the eyebrows that look like tarantulas fighting.


September 16th, 2009 at 2:28 PM ^

"In summation: I can't complain about Michigan fans playing the comeuppins' card, especially when my team choked as badly as they did on Saturday. But, playing that card also forfeits the high ground they've staked out for themselves, as Dex from WLA essentially admitted. Welcome to the muck."

That's absolutely incorrect. There's a difference between "woohoo our team is halfway decent this year and not coached by an insane maniac" and "woo we had one horrible year to humble us and now being good (as we have been for a century's worth of football) feels even better".

In other words, Michigan fans have come to value excellence more because once it was taken away for a year, we realized what we'd had before. I'm not saying the team this year is "excellent" or anything like that, though it is compared to last year.

State's elation is more like that of Lions fans when the Lions win a game, except on a season scale. Hooray, we won a few games, but we'll never be able to consistently stay on or near the top!! /Elation


September 16th, 2009 at 2:32 PM ^

but I have my doubts that Mouton's "uppercut" was completely intentional - at least in the manner in which it landed. Watch the tape in slow motion and you see Cissoko, playing the role of enforcer I guess, give the ND lineman a little shove from the side in retaliation for what he probably thought was a block in the back. This shove pushes the lineman into the path of Mouton's swing. Now watch it again at normal speed. The movement of the lineman's body and Mouton's fist is just too coordinated to seem plausible. Either Mouton has spiderman-like reflexes, or the jab to the face was an accident (maybe meant as a jab at the shoulder pads. It just seems light-years from Carson Butler last year to me.


September 16th, 2009 at 4:55 PM ^

At least not in my book. I came here to say the same thing. It was meant to be a little push on the arm or something. The kind of thing you see after every play. Then Cissoko shoves the guy from the side and it happens. It’s not like Mouton’s looking at Cissoko and saying, “Okay, you shove him over here and I’ll catch him with a right hook as he goes by.”

If the ND player reacted, he reacted to the shove.