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I liked the koala, wallaby, and I chilled with a kangaroo a bit. There was a wombat that I quite enjoyed also.
Todd Barry

The floor is not on fire and we need water desperately. Crisler's new floor:


I like it, and not just because there's a charge circle.

Soon to be us. Penn State fans on their version of Special K:

Penn State has been saying for years now that the piped-in commercial music has not compromised in any way the Blue Band's ability or chances to play music in the stands. I'm calling bullshit on that. Since Penn State football became The Greatest Show of Great Shows of Not-Just-JoePa in College Football or something they keep renaming to something worse, piped-in public address music has become more prominent within the gameday experience at Beaver Stadium. They are no longer just snippets of music, or pre-game warmups music when the band isn't even done with Tailgreat. Nope, Penn State now plays full songs over the PA. You know, those raucous, adrenaline-pumping classics like... Sweet Caroline?

And the poll:


Penn State fans are not down with the sickness. Ah ah ah ah ah.

Dirty. Boo Nieves did this in an international tournament against Russia: :

Dang. Nieves is consistently criticized for being a "perimeter player," FWIW, which probably means he tries stuff like this all the time instead of bulling his way to the net.

Practice highlight type substances. From Rivals and strictly FWIW since there's no pads:

So there you go.

Rerank. ESPN's latest 2012 re-rank sees Glenn Robinson III at #53 (up from #60) and Nick Stauskas at #85 (from #99). Their profiles don't show any updates, though—wonder if they still think Stauskas is a low-athleticism guy who can't create his own shot or whether this AAU season has changed that. The highlight videos suggest he can get to the hoop.

Mitch McGary is #3, BTW. Come on, Mitch McGary. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

Also rerank. Scout redid its Midwest state rankings. Your instate top 10:

Rank Name Pos City (State) High School Ht/Wt Verbal
1 James Ross MLB Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Marys 06/01/20 Michigan
2 Aaron Burbridge WR Farmington Hills (Mich.) Harrison 06/01/80 Michigan State
3 Danny O'Brien DT Flint (Mich.) Powers 06/03/90  
4 Royce Jenkins-Stone MLB Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech 06/02/15 Michigan
5 Terry Richardson CB Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech 05/09/65 Michigan
6 Ron Thompson TE Southfield (Mich.) 06/04/20  
7 Devin Funchess TE Farmington Hills (Mich.) Harrison 06/05/10 Michigan
8 Dennis Norfleet RB Detroit (Mich.) King 05/07/75 Cincinnati
9 Mario Ojemudia DE Farmington Hills (Mich.) Harrison 06/03/15 Michigan
10 Ben Braden OT Rockford (Mich.) 06/07/19 Michigan

If O'Brien commits that's seven of the top ten with two of the others guys who wanted to commit but got slow-played because of grades (Burbridge) or undisclosed "things to clear up" (Thompson). They really should have taken Burbridge just to make Dantonio's head explode.

Braden's moved up and threatens to get a fourth star if he performs this fall. Only one That Guy complaint: Matt Godin is #15, which seems low for a guy with his size and offers. He's behind a CMU commit, for one, and Thompson appears to be picking between Syracuse, Indiana, and a late offer from Illinois.

Etc.: Michigan soccer enters this season ranked ninth, which is a vote of confidence in the program after they lost Justin Meram and Soony Saad—AKA all the goals—in the offseason. Hopefully that holds up. Hoke's entire opening presser. Two toned pants: ack.



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...that Ovechkin would be proud of. The Russkies must have been all "Hey, we're the one's who are supposed to do stuff like that, tovarisch".


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Burn it with fire, pull its arms and legs off, and push it over a cliff. Neil Diamond should never, ever be heard within the confines of any football stadium, whether it's a piped-in recording or performed live by the MMB.


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I had a similar thought - not so much fast (as in top end speed), but quick - his feet were moving very fast on some of those drills.  I mentioned this in the "all weight gain / loss is good" thread - I was personally happy to see V smith drop 8 pounds.  He was far quicker during his first year, when he was lighter.  I understand wanting to put on weight to be able to take a hit, but at his size, the extra 8 pounds aren't going to make a difference - he is still a wee little guy.  But, losing those 8 pounds make allow him to regain the shiftiness that he displayed his first year.

kind of a big deal

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Anyone notice how Fred Jackson told the other backs to watch V Smith to see how it's done during the footwork drills? I'm betting there is still a role in this offense for Smith (just please don't be short yardage, please don't be short yardage, please...).


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where is the info coming from that Burbridge was going to commit to UM? Everyone repeats it as if common knowledge yet he commited to MSU. Hoke missed on this one.


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Whoa: "truth" as a handle -- please tell me that's in jest, as in "wouldn't it be funny if a thoughtful, considerate guy used a name you'd expect of the biggest douchebag on historychannel.com's boards?," not as in "I'm the one guy in the world who speaks the truth," because that kind of contempt for other peoples' opinions is not very condusive to polite discussion.

To answer your question, there were multiple reports after his trip in May that Burbridge was favoring Michigan, but that he did not have a committable offer unless his grades picked up.

5/11: Mario Ojemudia commits to M, and eyes shoot toward Burbridge. TomVH got this from his coach:


I will also say that anyone that says Aaron Burbridge is an MSU lock doesn't know what they're talking about. I was told quite a bit this weekend about Mario and Aaron, and if Mario chooses Michigan [ed: Check!] then there's a chance Aaron would follow. He does have grade issues, but I don't think it's bad enough to where Michigan wouldn't take him and hope he makes it. I don't want to say too much, obviously, but there's a chance Michigan could steal those two from MSU.


5/13: SpartanMag's Paul Day got a quote from Burbridge: "Right now I feel kind of more comfortable with the [UM] coaches than I do at State."

6/20: Harrison's semester ends. Premium sites post headlines ($) that suggest Aaron's a silent Michigan commit, so long as the semester's grades are good.

7/5: No change from Aaron but it's confirmed from M's side that his offer is conditional on something, and this can be easily conjectured to fit the "grades" talk.

7/21: Burbridge coming to Big House BBQ event, but he was still figuring out his grades

7/28: Commits to MSU.

I wish him success at Michigan State. Michigan's not for everybody.


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Anyone who had to watch the Red Tape commercial before the practice video, if you look really closely at the background right at the end of the commercial there's me talking to two ladies at the service desk while trapped in the Ontario (Calif.) airport during last winter's big snowstorm. Was fun watching them shoot that.


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Can't post a msg board topic but didn't see this anywhere so Unverified Voracity's Hodge Podge of Goodness seemed like as good a place as any to bring light to the fact that FreakBase lives on to haunt Notre Dame:




The article is schticky but kind of fun - reminds me a bit of the Smith's Songs action from last year.


Who would Michigan be this year?    Eminem seems like a decent choice what with his MI roots.  Off the map for a while but a hugely anticipated return coming up (let's hope).  Any others?


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NBA and NHL games sure but do NFL games have that much piped in music?

I go to Steelers games every year (which is where I might expect PSU fans to be going) and the only songs I can remember being played are Enter Sandman at the start--which is clearly cheesy and over done but when it's December football and there are 60K drunken lunatics waving terrible towels I could give a shit--and Renegade for the defensive hype video (oddly you cannot hear the song in the video but Woodley kicks it off!);


Which everyone loves because it is awesome, who else is playing Styx?

Anyway, I don't remember much piped in music at NFL games but I probably wouldn't because I don't give a shit and am usually buying beer or peeing or worrying when these things would be playing.

In conclusion, Sweet Caroline is horrible and if it must be played should be limited to baseball games.

J. Lichty

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The NHL used to be all organ music  at least through the mid-eighties and at least at the Met Center in Minnesota where I grew up watching the North Stars.  My first recollection of the piped in music is when the Hey Song (rock and roll part II) became popular after goals in the late eightiesor early nineties (was for sure there in 1990-1991). 


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Gardner takes off out of the shotgun on what looks like either a zone read or a play that was designed to be a QB run all the way.  I can't tell b/c of the angle.  Maybe my fears that Borges is only paying lip service to the idea of keeping part of last year's offense are unfounded.