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Brian June 3rd, 2013 at 11:40 AM

The Omen. Trey Burke had a crazy-good final high school season, and so did Derrick Walton. Then Trey Burke started putting videos of his summer workout regime on youtube. Derrick Walton's doing that too:

That step-back makes 'em say uhn. Michigan's going to be just fine at the point this year.

Reiterating. Brady Hoke was on Rich Eisen's podcast, wherein he reiterated Jake Ryan's timetable and said some other things:

On incoming freshman tailback Derrick Green being in the mix this fall: "Oh, he'll be in the mix, and Fitz (Toussaint) is healthy now. (Toussaint) is unbelievable how he works (coming off a broken leg). We'll find out (about Green). Like Michigan, you earn it, you earn it every day. You're evaluated every day. We're excited about Derrick, we're excited about that whole class."

Hoke says there won't be another Ten Year War, which lies. Also, only incompetent germans:

On some good things coming out of Ohio: "There's a guy named Schembechler who was from Ohio. We have Charles Woodson, Desmond Howard from Ohio, and the head football coach at Michigan is from Ohio."

We're #1, locally. Nebraska paper averages everyone's finish in Big Ten sports, comes out with Michigan on top by a significant margin: 

If there is a Big Ten sport, Michigan has a team for it.

And it's likely a pretty good team.

The Wolverines' average Big Ten finish for 2012-13, among their 25 men's and women's teams, was 4.04, tops in the conference.

Nebraska's 21 teams had an average finish of 5.57, good for sixth place -- the same spot the Huskers occupied in 2011-12.

Minnesota was second with 4.43, Ohio State third. MSU was 10th, Iowa last.

Surprise. The 2015 Big Ten schedule is an inverse of the 2014 one, except I guess in terms of order. Michigan's docket:

  • OCTOBER 3: @ Maryland
  • OCTOBER 10: Northwestern
  • BYE
  • OCTOBER 31: @ Minnesota
  • NOVEMBER 7: Rutgers
  • NOVEMBER 14: @ Indiana
  • NOVEMBER 21: @ PSU

Unfortunate bye timing. Not too worried about that @ PSU/OSU double bill since Penn State will still be in the meat of their sanctions at that point.

Peppers peppers peppers peppers peppers. If Jabrill Peppers's last name was Buffalo, that would be a sentence. Instead it is just a lead-in to Sam Webb profiling Mr. Peppers in the Detroit News. Peppers had a rough background—as you probably know, his dad has been in prison for going on ten years—and came through it:

"My brother (Don Curtis) was actually in (the street life), but that was the main person who sheltered me from it," Peppers explained. "He was my role model even though he was not doing what he was supposed to do. He kept me from doing the things that he was doing. I actually wanted to be out there with him. I didn't have a male role model in my life, so he was the closest thing to one. I was looking up to him so I was fighting every day, but every time he saw me out there in the street he would tighten me up and tell me to go home. He would tell me, 'This is not how (you're) going to do it! This is not how (you're) going to live (your) life.'"

His brother was murdered in 2010. The whole piece is highly recommended; it's going to be easy to root for him. Not that I have problems rooting for bionic supermen anyway.

Hello Hopkins. The Big Ten adds Johns Hopkins, which conveniently gets them to six lacrosse teams (M, OSU, PSU plus the two new additions). That's the minimum for an autobid and, like hockey, lacrosse is a minor but burgeoning sport that can fill airtime on the BTN. Hopkins is one of the sport's all-time great powers with a ludicrous 44 national titles, but once they missed the tourney this year for the first time since 1971 they decided something needed to change.

Hopkins is an academic powerhouse, of course, and since its only DI sport is lacrosse their addition doesn't do anything except set the Big Ten up as a power conference. The Big Ten wanted JHU pretty badly, as they allowed them to keep their current deal with ESPNU.

Hope. Brian Kelly on the M-ND series:

"We'd like to play each other," Kelly said. "I don't think it's ending. Give us some time to make it work."

I have my doubts since Notre Dame is stuck with five ACC games year—but they're not in a conference—and now that Michigan has MSU and OSU on the road at the same time they no longer want but in fact desperately need a sexy nonconference game in even years, when ND is away to USC and would prefer a home game against a marquee opponent themselves.

The dumbest thing Gordon Gee said. I know, I know, but where does your head have to be at when Rutgers is doing what Rutgers does right now and you drop this:

The blocking strategy is that we simply have now put the ACC in an almost no-win position. So who do they immediately go to? Louisville.

Yes. A no-win position in which they bring in the defending national champions in basketball and a BCS-bowl-winning football team with a fevered fanbase. Calling Bret Bielema a thug who was going to get fired after three straight Rose Bowl appearances is a strong #2, I'll grant.

Etc.: Yes in fact the Denard injury does hurt your heart. Indiana game at 3:30. The CJHL is coming down hard on teams in their purview that damage the NCAA eligibility of their players. Denard in Jacksonville. Free shirts for everyone. Scouting Tim Hardaway in preparation for the NBA draft. Lol rutgers.



June 3rd, 2013 at 11:59 AM ^

Welcome Johns Hopkins lacrosse.  Well really we want to welcome your vast stockpile of medical research dollars into the CiC, but it's just gauche (or shall I say Gee-esque?) to say that.  


June 3rd, 2013 at 12:08 PM ^

I know I'm in the minority, but I'd rather have Rutgers than Louisville. Once Charlie Strong gets hired by a good team, they'll be back to average and then you're adding half (maybe) of Kentucky.


June 3rd, 2013 at 1:37 PM ^

They have certainly been above average for the last decade.  

But let's say, long term, they're both average.  One of them brings in a huge media market, and the other brings probably 40% of a state no one cares about.  And I don't think Big Ten teams have been excited about expanding their recruiting reach into Northern Kentucky.  


June 3rd, 2013 at 1:07 PM ^

Honestly Louisville's medical center (and its history) is solid.  The rest of the school is pretty much a tire fire of academic failure.  However with Jonh Hopkins linking up, maybe Lousville's medical center looks less attractive in terms of the research dollars part of expansion.  

As Maize and Blue Wahoo says, Rutgers has been aspiring to medoicrity forever.  If Lousvile had a credible plan to continue to build their academics up, they'd be a valid option.  After all they're managed to rebound from Petrino leaving.


June 3rd, 2013 at 12:41 PM ^

You always have to look at the seasons we have MSU and OSU at home as the ones with a far better chance for highest end game national ranking and championships.  MSU is on the decline relative to us so they are not as big of a concern, but still, you'd have to think this year and 2015 will be the best chances we have, except for the fact that 2015 will probably be Shane Morris or Speight's first year as a starter.  Thankfully that will also probably be a year OSU is also breaking in a starter, playing on the road in Ann Arbor.

I'm circling 2015 as our year to dominate.

San Diego Mick

June 3rd, 2013 at 2:02 PM ^

looks like Trey Burke 2.0 to me, solid looking and with Spike's experience, I really don't think we'll miss much of a beat at the PG position.

Very sad to hear about Jabrill's older brother, thanks to him, Jabrill does indeed have a real chance at a real life, a potentially awesome one.

2015 schedule, 2 home games from mid Oct to the end of the season, sucks to me. I disagree about PSU hurting too much, Hackenberg will be a junior and they've been recruiting pretty damn good really, that program will get through their sanctions better than most originally thought, IMHO. Plus, that will be their last seaaon on probation and the coaches can sell that fact to recruits.

Welcome JHU, may you help the U-M become competitive in Lacrosse just by your mere presence.