Unverified Voracity Finds Young Delano

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This is good publicity. This is a very Michigan Difference sort of thing.

Two amazing things. One: every member of Cass Tech's 2013 secondary is currently in the NFL. Two: ESPN found a picture of Delano Hill in which he looks younger than 45.

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The two guys not pictured, DaQuan Pace and DeJuan Rogers, both went to MAC schools and signed as UDFAs so this is likely to be short-lived. Nonetheless that is extraordinary. Jermain Crowell, the DBs coach at Cass Tech at the time:

He planned to take all four of his NFL-bound protégés out to dinner to congratulate them Tuesday night.

"This might be the last check that I pick up," he said. "This might have to be the last one."


Bits and pieces of the schedule. Michigan's added some guarantee games in 2018 and 2019. They'll play WMU in 2018 and MTSU and Army in 2019. The Broncos are likely to be far enough removed from the PJ Fleck era to be a major threat, but they're likely to be on another level from a low-level MAC opponent.

It's even tougher to project to 2019. FWIW, MTSU has been about .500 the last four years. They were competitive with Vandy (a 17-13 loss) and Illinois (a 27-25 loss) last year; this year they were hammered by Vandy but beat (a very very bad) Mizzou. Army has been the service academy it's safe to schedule for about 20 years now but they got off the mat for an 8-5 2016 with third year coach Jeff Monken.

Hooray for not worrying about this anymore. This site used to have annual posts dedicated to the Academic Progress Rate, because a late Carr falloff and disastrous transition to Rich Rodriguez had Michigan hovering near the Mendoza line. That 880 fell off a couple of years ago, and from there it's been about consolidating a spot at the top. Mission accomplished:

Oddly, I don't see Notre Dame on that list. Someone check ND Nation for fainting spells.

Excellent job all around here, and if you're scoring at home Michigan just had the most NFL draft picks, the third-highest APR in college football, and took a trip to Rome. Croots should be knocking the doors down. For real:

Michigan's coaching staff was just returning from an Italian dinner -- their final meal as a team in Rome -- in a 17th century Baroque mansion with marble door frames and elaborate chandeliers when their phones started to buzz again. A few thousand miles away, on the other side of the Atlantic, the New York Jets had just selected Jeremy Clark with the 197th pick of the NFL draft. He was the 11th Wolverine to have his name called in Philadelphia, a new school record.

In one particular way it's tough being a McCaffrey. Zing:

Hurst will go high. PFF has always been about Maurice Hurst and it looks like that is approaching consensus in the draft analyst community. Todd McShay:

Hurst has started just four games at Michigan, but I love what I've seen on tape so far. He was frequently Michigan's best defensive lineman during the games I studied. And remember: That group just had three D-linemen selected in the 2017 draft.

He's projected to go 16th next year. Don't expect much else: Michigan has just eight seniors. Mason Cole is likely to be drafted and Mike McCray could play himself into the middle rounds. Khalid Hill might be a draftable fullback. Unless there are some very surprising breakouts from juniors that would be it.

Good luck with that. Per Athlon, both in-state teams have to replace a ton this offseason:

East Division

Team Offense Defense
Indiana 5 9
Maryland 6 6
Michigan 5 1
Michigan State 2 3
Ohio State 8 7
Penn State 10 7
Rutgers 4 7

We all know about Michigan's massive turnover; Michigan State actually has fewer returning starters. And they went 3-9. Have fun, guys!

Usually this dude trolls Penn State fans. David Jones puts together a list of Big Ten schools by football revenue and this is either a brilliant way to get me to link very boring content or the worst take of all time:

Though Dave Brandon was unseated as athletic director in Oct. 2014, the revenue monster he built breathes without him. Michigan always was a conference heavyweight but it has recently become the unrivaled giant of money-making B1G football programs, the first in the league to approach the $100 million mark in gross revenue. The 2015-16 figure is a whopping 10-percent increase over 2014-15's $88.3M. Michigan's $60.6 net after expenses is easily the conference's largest.

/head explodes

Jones must have missed the collapse of Michigan's season ticket waiting list and ~75,000 fans at the dismal Maryland game. The part of Michigan's revenue surge that isn't TV money lifting all boats is directly attributable to one Jim Harbaugh, not the athletic director he didn't want to work for.

Etc.: Wagner, Wilson decisions will be at the deadline. That's May 24th. Quinn profiles David DeJulius. Michigan is looking for new lax coaches. Kyle Rowland on the scary, scary hours for Grant Newsome after his ACL tear. Rookie wage scale in the NFL is devastating for running backs. Excellent post on evaluating OL.



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This great news makes me even more proud of our school, our coach and our program. Congratulations to all the folks who helped bring about this success, from Coach Harbaugh, to the entire football staff and athletic department, to the academic advisors and tutors, and to the student athletes themselves. Well done!

APR is not a perfect measuring tool, but it's no accident the schools at the top are all schools that truly care about academics.

It was an utter embarrassment that Michigan was ever in a position of concern about low APR. 

The reason I passionately support Michigan sports is because I believe our school genuinely works hard to play by the rules, and is committed to the concept of the student athlete.

"Putting the 'college' back in college football. The 'student' back in student-athletes," Harbaugh said. "That's what's really important to us. I believe our administration, coaches, athletic director an president -- we're all on the same page (there)." 

Thank you, and congratulations to Coach Harbaugh and the entire football and athletic program!


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I remember before the draft everyone was saying Delano would be a free agent invite.

I thought he was better than that, and I'm really happy to see that his talent and effort will be rewarded.


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And what is the "coding" of my collection of Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly, Robert Cray, Ray Charles, Charlie Parker, Monk, Hampton, RL Burnside, Les McCann & Eddie Harris, and Hendrix?


Mr. Yost

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I'd like to state for the record, Tedbossman brought race into a conversation about music.


Personal comment: which is odd...because it started with rap/hip-hop and A LOT of people of all races (black and white and all races) consider a white man one of the best rap/hip-hop artists of all time. Not saying I agree or disagree...but it's a fact as much as data can prove a fact to be true. So how would not liking rap make anyone a racist? ...and you're likely joking...but it's just a weird joke.

Bringing race into coversation is often avoided...but warranted, we can't avoid it. This is not one of those times. That is a huge reason why music is so fucking special. You can find people who widely consider both a white person and a black person a top artists in most, if not all, genres of music. You can have people view a Beyonce album as black empowerment and have Adele, a white woman, cry her eyes out about what the exact same album meant to her. While music often touches on race...it is 101% not defined or owned by any race - and THAT is like so many cliche internet posters say...is "pure gold." (Sir.)

Let's also note that you did NOT win the internet today.

Mr. Yost

May 4th, 2017 at 7:34 PM ^

My god you're such a downer when anything remotely close to hip-hop or urban culture is even REMOTELY brought up. And if it's not...you'll be sure to bring it up, every time.
Nobody takes the time to bring it up more than you, which is funny considering you hate it all so much.
  1. We get it. We know.
  2. That's your preference - thanks for making us aware any chance you can. If Harbaugh is hanging out with someone? There you are, whining about it. Silly dog days of summer music video - never meant to be taken seriously? There's Don, crying about Harbaugh getting some publicity for his program. Background music for a video aimed at recruits, made to show off an AWESOME trip? There's old man Don again, cranky as ever.
  3. Unless you've heard a lot of hip-hop/rap...can you REALLY say you hate the entire genre? I'm not a defender of it, I promise...but I always thought that people who complain about any ONE type of music (rap, rock, country, etc.) were ridiculous because for most of those categories the variety is astounding. Rap today sounds nothing like rap 5 years ago which sounds nothing like rap 5 years before that...and so on. There are so many different things you'd call hip-hop, maybe you really would hate it all...but hearing snippets of some old ass Jay Z songs and using that as yet another feather in your "I HATE RAP" cap is odd.

    It's just weird...I know plenty of people who hate the rap of today, but like the conscious rap of the 90's - or any old school rap for that matter. Or people who hate hardcore rap, but like more pop stuff like Drake, people who like underground stuff, people who only like something with a positive message. I know people who like things that sound a lot more like this Florida/Georgia Line wave of country which has rap elements. Or folks who like rap which is more like punk or rock. If you like any type of music with a vocalist, I bet there are rap OR hip-hop (two different things) songs that head down that lane. There's likely someone in that lane who's collaborated with a rapper or hip-hop artist as well.

    I love all types of music and hate all types of music...but hating all one things because of some really bad examples is a bad way to go about things. In my opinion, of course. Rap/Hip-Hop is a weird one because it's probably the most popular genre in the WORLD along with Rock. Why? Because there are million different kinds of it.

Okay, I'm off it.
Music Enthusiast
P.S. lol at Mike Onwenu showing the Jersey boys that dance they do in Detroit. Very cool to see the team bonding the way they are. If this team makes history with an all-time type of year...it will have started with this trip in Rome.


May 4th, 2017 at 10:03 PM ^

Go find my many past comments in which I've criticized Harbaugh for "getting some publicity."

And while you're at it, go find all my supposedly numerous comments where I've criticized "urban culture." I've been here nine years, so there must be plenty of them for you to unearth.

You Only Live Twice

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I don't like rap either.  Go ahead and downvote me.  I also don't like country music.

I do like opera, and classical, and jazz, and R&B, and pop, and soul.

Shakespeare said, to thine own self be true, and people's preferences in music, are about being true to oneself, not pleasing someone else.  No one else is hurt because of what music you enjoy or don't enjoy.  


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Corley, Thomas, Hill, and Posey was the best group ive ever seen personally, and that includes the Dr. Phillips group in 2010 (Dee Hart, HCD, Roderick Ryles, and Ryan Luckett)


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Jeff Monken is Paul Johnson's second "descendant" to break thru after Ken Niumatalolo, and he can coach. 3 straight FCS "Final 4s" and now Army is bowling under his watch. if Paul Johnson retires, maybe we will all get lucky (me doubly so) and Monken will have moved on to Atlanta by then.

would really rather UM not play them. thats a losable game.

Jim HarBo

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There are a ton of things to get disappointed from with Hoke. However, he deserves a ton of credit with the APR scores, as well as the kids he recruited


May 5th, 2017 at 3:19 AM ^

A couple years ago there was talk that scouts were saying our football players were not being well prepared for the NFL.

That was somewhat due to the poor job that Aaron Wellman was doing.

Now we've got the biggest draft class in college football. Go blue!

Darn good progress.

And that goes with number three nationally for academics.

Darn good progress.



May 5th, 2017 at 11:10 AM ^

That SB Nation OL post by Schwartz was great. I had to chuckle, though, when he called OSU's offense pro-style. 

I wish he would do some analysis on the technique of our OL from last year, and I wonder if Frey is a technique savant.