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Brian June 27th, 2012 at 1:53 PM

Hi. I returned, sorry about the unannounced vacation time. I was in NYC, I thought I would be able to proceed as normal, I was correct only on Thursday and Friday. Back now.

Falk talks Bo. Self-recommending.

Draftings and goings(?). Michigan folk came off the board frequently at the recently-completed NHL draft. Jacob Trouba went 9th, Phil DiGuiseppe and Boo Nieves were second-rounders, and Connor Carrick went in the fifth. That was almost exactly what everyone expected—Carrick may have gone a little higher than his rankings suggested. So hurray, sounds like Michigan has Komisarek 2.0

9. Winnipeg Jets: D Jacob Trouba. Trouba is a tremendous skater — likely the best of the whole bunch — who loves to dish out punishment along the walls and easily separates his opponent from the puck. He's a rugged force in the defensive end who scores off the charts in both his character and compete levels.

…and will see him on the ice this fall since Trouba took opportunity after opportunity to restate that, barring a meteor strike, he'd be in Ann Arbor in the fall and even the meteor would have to do some explaining.

The sad fugee face news comes from Mike Spath, who brings a screeching halt to optimism in re: Phil Di Guiseppe's return. Yes, the PDG who said this after his selection by the Hurricanes:

“It’s great hockey,” Di Giuseppe said of the Michigan experience. “That’s why I went to school there and played there. I’m happy with my decision and I’m happy to go back next year.”

But Spath is hearing otherwise:

However, we heard chatter even before the season concluded that Di Giuseppe had one eye on the OHL and with the right situation could leave U-M early. After the Hurricanes picked him, that talk has only intensified, to the point that we put his chances at returning to Michigan at 50 percent, and would not be surprised in the least if he is playing in the OHL next season.

Getting picked by Carolina is not so good because Peter Karmanos owns both the Hurricanes and the Plymouth Whalers. Even if every public utterance from PDG has been strongly pro-college (Spath even references the one PDG gave him in the article), Spath is plugged in on this stuff.

Meanwhile in Lansing, four incoming Spartans were drafted, the first two coming off the board back-to-back in the third round. That's their best showing in the draft since… 2006. Rick Comley was a disaster and Tom Anastos may have been a better idea than he seemed at first.

BONUS: apparently NHL Network analyst Craig Button compared the kid who went seventh to Charles Woodson? I don't even know, man.

Come on, be as good of an idea as Anastos? Scott Stricklin got bombarded with the usual things about leaving Kent State after his Zips Golden Flashes bowed out of the CWS and responded a typically Ohioan fashion:

“I know some of you have been speculating that the coaching staff might be moving on after our historic season. A certain school up North came calling and we decided that Kent State and what we have built here was too good to leave."

Moving on, then, to… Chris Sabo? According to the twitter feed user Raoul has latched onto as the only plausible source of college baseball coaching scuttlebutt, yes:

Hearing reports Chris Sabo will be named new HC at #Michigan. Several reports today on this story. Something's up.Stay posted.

— Skippers Dugout (@SkippersDugout) June 23, 2012

According to other people, not so much:

Michigan asst. baseball coach Wayne Welton told me earlier today that Twitter is the only place he has heard Chris Sabo will be new HC.

— Matt Slovin (@MattSlovin) June 24, 2012

And our twitter feed started backtracking in the way people do in these situations when people get mad at him. But you are on twitter! I trusted you!

Sabo is a famous program alum and rec-specs aficionado, so he's got that going for him. He does not have any of that coaching stuff to recommend him, unfortunately. I'm guessing the guy who does get hired is not Sabo, nor is it someone who we've been talking about at all.

[UPDATE: and as I'm drafting this a report from College Baseball Daily says Michigan has hired Erik Bakich of Maryland. That would be underwhelming:

Erik Bakich's Maryland record

2010 — 5-25 ACC, 17-39 overall
2011 — 5-25 ACC, 21-35 overall
2012 — 10-20 ACC, 32-24 overall

On the bright side, his most recent effort is the second-winningest season in Maryland history.]

2014 offers of the basketball variety. Michigan's firing out 2014 football offers left and right already, and meanwhile John Beilein's has put the finishing touches on another handcrafted piece of calligraphy, this one directed at Indiana wing Trevon Bluiett. He's the third 2014 kid to pick one up after MS SG Devin Booker and IL SF Keita Bates-Diop. Michigan will have to battle Indiana and others (but mostly Indiana) for the kid. They are… not last:

How does the Michigan visit compare with other visits you’ve taken this summer?
It would definitely be near the top of other visits, you know? Like I said, not too many coaching staff jokes with you so once you find a coaching staff that jokes around, it makes you more comfortable. Being around campus, that made me comfortable. So it definitely beat some of the other schools.”

Tom Crean has been locking his targets down of late so this one seems like a longer shot than Booker or Bates-Diop. That's just speculation, of course.

Even farther down the road, the courtship between Michigan and 2015 OH SG Luke Kennard took another step forward as Kennard knocked down three after three at Michigan's team camp. He was "by far the most impressive player at the camp"—one that included Derrick Walton and Mark Donnal—as he drove his team to the semifinals, and has this to say about the coaching staff:

“They are absolutely amazing. I love each and every one of them and they make me feel right at home, which I love about them,” Luke said. “They tell me I fit in with how they play, and I think I do, too. Like I said, I look forward to going to see them because that’s how much I like seeing them. It was good to see them.”

That goes above and beyond the usual palaver, it seems. May want to pencil him in to the 2015 class, if you're the kind of person with a spreadsheet column entitled "Michigan 2015 basketball roster." Surely there are a few of you.

Men actually on the basketball team.

Burke on the skills camp, via Beth Long at Scout.

Tim Hardaway Jr and Trey Burke have been hitting up the college-oriented skills camps that are popping up these days, and both have been performing well. SLAM magazine returned with an alphabetical list of the top 20 players he saw at a couple of the Chicago camps Burke and Hardaway were at:

Trey Burke, 6-0, Sophomore, Michigan

Burke was one of the nation’s top freshmen last season and after flirting with declaring for the Draft, looks poised to build on his debut campaign, as he showcased an improved outside stroke, which should help a loaded Wolverines squad attempt to get back to the program’s glory days.

Tim Hardaway Jr, 6-5, Junior, Michigan

A wing sniper with length and athleticism, Hardaway attacked defenders off the dribble for pull-up jumpers or dynamic forays to the rim, while showing an all-around game, as he made a strong effort on the boards and defensive end.

MOTS from Burke. If Michigan gets dynamic forays to the rim, rebounding, and defense from Hardaway they are going to be awesome next year… and won't need to worry about where those 2013 scholarships are coming from.

Burke also came in for praise from ESPN's Reggie Rankin, who included him on a select list of four impressive campers:

"He has a great command of the ball and is a terrific open court passer," ESPN.com analyst Reggie Rankin wrote of Burke at this weekend's Deron Williams' Skills Academy in Chicago. "He can also knock down open jumpers on the break or when reading the defense as he comes off ball screens, can nail ball-reversal spot up 3s and make a play when the offense breaks down.

"Burke has worked to become a complete point guard and his improvement is easy to see, along with his improved strength."

UMHoops has a further roundup.

Men coaching people actually on the basketball team. Michigan's dynamic recruiting and teaching assistant corps picked up new contracts:

The new contracts will pay the three coaches a total of $470,000 in base pay for the 2012-13 campaign. Each assistant received a $10,000 base pay raise from a year ago, when the total pool -- per Michigan records -- sat at $440,000. …

Meyer and Alexander both signed four-year pacts, and will make base salaries of $160,000 and $155,000, respectively, in 2012-13. Jordan, meanwhile, inked a three-year contract and will also receive $155,000 in base pay next season.

They've got an interesting bonus system for sticking around, where there's a pool of 20k for each if all three are still around in three years, 20k for Alexander and Jordan if they're still around, and 20k in individual bonuses. I don't think Beilein's going to revamp his staff in the near future unless forced to. Head coaching gigs for Alexander and Jordan—Meyer is 58 and probably not destined for a head job—are the most likely way Michigan's basketball coaching staff will change.

Erp? Sounds like a number of Pac-12 teams are less than enthusiastic about the prospect of loading up on Big Ten teams in their nonconference schedules:

Multiple league sources have told the Hotline in recent weeks that several Pac-12 schools are … how should we say it? …  less than enthusiastic about the partnership, set to take effect in 2017.

However, the schools are reserving final judgment until they see whether a strength-of-schedule component is  included in the formula that determines which teams participate in the four-team playoff.

If SOS is given serious weight … if it’s a tangible part of the formula … then Pac-12 schools may be willing to consider a partnership in which the top programs draw B1G heavyweights every few years, sources said.

But if SOS is not included in the formula, then a full-blown Pac-12/B1G partnership — and I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute — could be in jeopardy.

This would seem to affect the top end of the league more than the bottom, and would prevent the sort of titanic cross-sectional matchups that were envisioned when this thing was announced. If it looks more like Michigan's 2014-2016 schedule than "here's USC, Stanford, and Oregon" I'm even more of favor of adding that ninth conference game. Hopefully a committee is better able to take things like "you played LSU and Stanford did not" into account.

London Wolverines. Geena Gall will run the 800M. Peter Vanderkaay is headed to a third Olympics. AnnArbor.com has the ridiculously long list of Ann Arbor-area outboard motors competing in the (still-ongoing) Olympic Trials. Meinke profiles Michigan swim coach Mike Bottom.

Etc.: Mark Hollis is going to out attention-whore Dave Brandon if he has to put a basketball game in a volcano. Freshman basketball class hits campus. Kirk Ferentz owns a piece of Americana.



June 27th, 2012 at 2:14 PM ^

Erik Bakich's Maryland record

2010 — 5-25 ACC, 17-39 overall
2011 — 5-25 ACC, 21-35 overall
2012 — 10-20 ACC, 32-24 overall



Meyer is 58 and probably not destined for a head job



June 27th, 2012 at 2:31 PM ^

I meant this:

Picture a football coach taking Indiana from 1-11 to 8-4.  And then leaving Indiana to take the Southern Miss football coaching job.

That's the equivalent of a baseball coach taking Maryland from 17-39 to 32-24.  And then leaving Maryland to take the Michigan baseball coaching job.

I was using Southern Miss as an example of team in mid-major football conference (Conference USA) that is about on the same level in the football world as the Big Ten is in the baseball world.


June 27th, 2012 at 2:39 PM ^

But would Southern Miss be willing to quadruple the salary that the football coach was making at Indiana? Because that's what Michigan is rumored to have offered Bakich to leave Maryland. Reports are that he'll be the highest-paid coach in the Big Ten.


June 27th, 2012 at 2:45 PM ^

Good point.  The other place the analogy breaks down is the fact that Indiana has never discussed dropping football.  Maryland dropped a few sports recently, and supposedly baseball was one of the sports they considered.

I'm assuming that one of the things pulling Bakich to Michigan is that he knows that the athletic department is healthy and willing to do what they can to improve the team and pull in fans, and he knows that the administration and the fans give great support to any team that wins (see softball, for example). 


June 27th, 2012 at 3:07 PM ^

money and a commitment to the program. An enticing combination.

Based on what you and others such as Kendall Rogers have said (he called this a "great hire"), I like this hiring, especially if Sean Kenny is coming with Bakich, which seems likely to happen. This also seems promising:


June 27th, 2012 at 2:47 PM ^

Great comparison between Terp baseball and Hoosier football. Brutal place to try to win in a brutally tough conference.


Why are we using record again to determine the efficacy of a coach? Didn't we learn anything from the Hoke hire? Different places have different ceilings.


June 27th, 2012 at 3:40 PM ^

I mentioned this in the other thread, but I'll say it here too: holding Bakich's record at Maryland against him is dead, dead wrong.  So you're basically spot on.  It's a floundering program in a top league, and Bakich was handed a total mess.  I think he should've done better this year, but the first two years can't possibly be held against him at all.


June 27th, 2012 at 3:30 PM ^

I'm not sure if Button is a Michigan fan or vaguely affiliated with Michigan in some way, but he mentioned Ann Arbor a number of times throughout the draft (and even dropped a "Go Blue" at one point), so...I don't know. As for the comparison, his explanation was that, like Woodson, Dumba is apparently an extremely versatile defenseman. Just like Woodson played defense, offense, and on ST, Dumba can do a bunch of different things on the ice...at least, that was his explanation, FWIW. Just thought it was an interesting if not slighly odd comparison to make. 


June 27th, 2012 at 3:34 PM ^

I'm always amazed to see Big Johnny Falk in these interview type things, he acts so... NORMAL.  In "real life" This guy is CRAZY!  Like wildly inappropriate, hillariously, certifiably crazy.  His "character" around the football building and when interacting with staff and players is almost indescribably nuts.  Ahhhh.... I miss Big Johnny.  What a riot.

Sac Fly

June 27th, 2012 at 3:46 PM ^

Warren Rychel is notorious for these summer pushes. The people I heard from around the Windsor camp said they had no intention of trying to flip him midseason, the trade was all set up for a push this summer.

We haven't heard anything from Phil about the Spitfires contacting him, but they traded a lot to get his rights. I expect them to be putting the full court press on Di Giuseppe right now.

Ed Shuttlesworth

June 27th, 2012 at 5:11 PM ^

Regarding the B1G/PAC scheduling agreement, I have no confidence whatsoever that the selection committee will adequately consider and balance a "good loss," schedule strength generally, and the self-referential SEC bullshit, 'We don't play a tough OOC schedule because the SEC is too strong" meme.

Nor is there any reason to have confidence.

Thus, I'd expect the contemplated B1G/PAC confederation to die rather quickly.

snarling wolverine

June 28th, 2012 at 11:20 AM ^

Good find . . . YouTube's closed captioning is always hilarious to read.  

Caption fun:

"Me talking to my family" was captioned as "Mike Tyson on."

"I was at the Chris Paul camp and got some great advice from him" became "last August in grave bison."

"Yeah a little bit, me and Tim Frasier" became "Yen will be meeting appraisal you know"

"National championship contender" became "nascent sense of center."