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Brian February 26th, 2010 at 3:30 PM

Training day. AnnArbor.com talks with Brandon Graham about his prep for the NFL combine. Includes interview segments with Graham and a look inside what Barwis's program is like. Graham also makes a huge array of pained faces:

Graham's running 4.58 40s and doing linebacker drills. I feel a RBUAS piece referencing this video in the future.

In other NFL draft news, Zoltan Mesko is interviewed by the Boston Herald and references a name from the past you might be surprised is hanging around the program again:

“I thought he [Pats special teams coach Scott O'Brien] was very knowledgeable in the special teams game,” Mesko continued. “I know we have our own Michigan guy that takes special teams really seriously, Pierre Woods, and basically, I never knew… When Pierre came back this past month, he’s training up at Michigan again to stay in shape, the amount of knowledge he’s picked up from the special teams coach there is unbelievable. You can really make or break yourself as a linebacker… you’re going to play special teams at that level.”

Woods got in some trouble after a breakout sophomore year and barely hung on with the program after that; many people believe that's where Michigan's rift with the Glenville program that pumps out players year after year started.

Hunwick! After last night's hockey game I bet my friend a dollar that Shawn Hunwick would get the first star despite not facing much in the way of scoring chances, or even shots, from Notre Dame. Lo, it was so. That capped what was probably the best game at Yost all year, a 4-0 win over Notre Dame that saw loveable tiny walk-on get (split) a shutout and two of the four seniors score. Carl Hagelin even added the sort of pretty goals that have been sorely lacking all year when he danced around an ND defenseman and set up Matt Rust for a slam-dunk on a two on one.

The downer:

Hogan, who has made 41 straight starts in net, is listed as doubtful for Saturday's regular-season finale at Notre Dame.

I know I've been pretty down on Hogan of late—so has Red—but Hunwick's a 5'7" walk-on. That's a major blow.

Michigan is now sixth in the league. Four and five are done with conference play and Michigan can pass them with a win Saturday. If Northern gets five points or more out of their weekend (ie: win both nights and win one in regulation) against Lake State, they'll pass Michigan. Anything less and M will sneak into the fourth spot and grab the first-round bye that comes with it.

Will it matter? Eh… probably not. Unless MSU or Ferris State is upset, Michigan would reach the Joe as the lowest remaining seed and have to take out #1 Miami, a team that's lost all of two conference games this year. Doing that full strength is difficult enough, and now with Hogan questionable it's even more doubtful.

Side note: excellent work by whoever slid this game to Thursday night. I assume it was to make sure the students were present for senior day, something that's been exceedingly rare for a long time. Usually the students are on break and senior night is a flat affair.

Recruiting cavalcade. This didn't get mentioned in Thursday Recruitin'—which we promise will return to Wednesday when things are less insane—but this weekend Michigan is hosting a massive "Showcase" for high school recruits at Oosterbaan and Newsterbaan. They're not officially involved because they can't be, but having what seems like half of the Midwest's big recruits take an unofficial visit to Michigan's shiny new practice facility can't hurt.

Scout has a couple lists of all the folk coming in. Prepare for the begats. Notable names include MI RB Justice Hayes, MI WR DeAnthony Arnett, commit Shawn Conway, OH WR AJ Jordan, MI LB Lawrence Thomas, OH LB Antonio Poole, 2012 MI LB James Ross, commit Greg Brown, commit Delonte Hollowell, MI WR Valdez Showers, MI OL Anthony Zettel, OH OL Chris Carter, OH OL Aundrey Walker, IL OL Chris Bryant, and many others. It's like a super-massive junior day on Michigan's campus, the equivalent of getting a NIKE camp. The difference: NIKE camps are rare appearances and this is going to happen every year.

I'll be most interested to see how the current Michigan commits do. Zettel's already torn up a lineman camp and seems like he'll be an easy four-star, but Hollowell, Brown, and Conway haven't been to a senior camp yet IIRC and this will be a first read on where they'll end up in the rankings.

Expansion dampening? Yes, another Big Ten expansion article. This one has a couple of interesting quotes about the issue of buying into the Big Ten Network. New members are probably going to have to operate at a lower revenue level to start:

"You just don't jump into the league and get a full share of what everyone else in this league has established over time," Alvarez said. "I think someone has to buy their way into the league."  …

"We've created such an asset in the Big Ten channel," Outgoing Michigan athletic director Bill Martin said, echoing Alvarez. "I cannot see our 11 institutions simply saying we're going to divide our pie up into more pieces from Day 1."

That will dampen enthusiasm from potential additions, but it might not matter. This is the first time I've seen these numbers for the BTN's second year and holy crap:

But according to tax forms the nonprofit conference is required to make public, it generated $217.7 million and paid each school about $18.8 million in 2007, the most recent year for which tax forms are available.

The next year, according to the Sports Business Journal, the new TV network added another $66 million to the pot. That pushed the per-team payout to about $22 million each, a figure officials from several Big Ten schools confirm remains accurate.

The next most prosperous conference, the SEC, paid its member schools about $11 million each in 2007, according to tax documents.

I'm pretty sure that latter distribution is way up since the SEC's blockbuster ESPN contract kicked in, FWIW, but I also think the SEC is going to have a static amount of money for the next 15 years; the Big Ten is half-owner of its network and will see increasing revenue shares over the course of that time.

(HT: Get The Picture.)

Yes that again. The WLA has a piece similar to the one I just posted, but when I said "I cannot emphasize enough" I was not kidding. Money grafs:

They certainly didn’t know their statements were true either. Is strongly asserting something you know could theoretically be true but might also be false a lie? If you don’t offer up any qualifications to your assertions (I didn’t see any), then I say yes, especially in the case of Rosenberg.

I suppose the best we could say about Snyder is he was totally ignorant of the subject on which he was writing and he didn’t know he was uttering falsehoods. So yay for being a dumbass, Mr. Snyder. But with Rosenberg, we know from his opinion column that he disapproves of the job Rodriguez is doing. For him to write falsehoods that also denigrate someone he disapproves of is just a bit too much of a coincidence for me to believe. Rosenberg knew what he was doing, IMO.

They lied. In the days and months to come regarding the story about “Michigan Players Practice A Lot,” let us not forget the fact that Rosenberg and Snyder lied to their readers.

In the diaries, MaizeandBlueWahoo does a 100% fisk of the article that echoes the points already made. Even Ohio State bloggers are sympathetic.

To aid you in your stalking. People tend to like the occasional mentions of my personal life, so they'll love this: my fiancée's food blog. In it you will find out what I have been eating, what food-related conventional wisdom has recently been enraging in my presence, and various other bizarre things that don't have anything to do with me.

Etc.: Delany has our back, I guess.



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My understanding is that everyone with over 2,000 mgopoints gets an invite to your wedding. Please confirm. Also, can you plan it for a weekend with a home football game?



February 26th, 2010 at 4:08 PM ^

A football weekend is a bad idea, but we know the food at the reception will be great, so I'll RSVP in the positive now, 1 & guest.

I bet they're a cute couple, blogging together at night...

Though Brian my friend, you are definitely living the champagne life on a beer budget. Congrats!!


February 26th, 2010 at 6:50 PM ^

... that you can officially say that this is your job, nowadays. I think I first started reading this blog around the time it was transitioning away from time consuming hobby. Pretty cool to see the growth. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Oh, and congrats!

BTW: Will the Pat Suzuki version of The Victors be your wedding song?


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Despite repeated studies showing that egg consumption is not associated with higher serum cholesterol, myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease, or all-cause mortality.

So, one of those egg council creeps got to Brian's girlfriend too.


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Nice work, Brian. Congrats. Here's to a great life for you and your e-fiancee. And, nice work out kicking your coverage.

On a related note, what kind of blogger is this couple going to have. Holy crap. He or she will UFRing preschool playdates before the terrible twos hit.


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SOMEbody's blog has SOMEbody else's blog referenced in the links of note, while the referenced blog does not reciprocate.

As a recently married guy to a might-as-well-be-married guy, rectify immediately or else this will be used against you. Also, masel tov.


February 27th, 2010 at 11:47 PM ^

when the married guy insisted that brian demand countenance and respect, a 3 hour fight ensued that involved the destruction of both a delicious quiche and a program from the 2003 Michigan/Wisconsin game.

neither blogger is available for comment.



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That bread looks fan-damn-tastic! Reminds me of the bread they bake and devour in mass quantities every day in Germany. Excellent stuff, sticks to the ribs, keeps hunger pangs down during the day and rectifies one's entire digestive tract in one fell swoop. Recommendation: Kiss Dee Girl.


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to invade your fiancee's blog and repeatedly ask what the freshness ratings are for various seasonal vegetables and then lose his shit when all she wants to discuss is pie and the occasional remoulade.


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Will the MGoBlog staff be on hand for his event this weekend? I would love to read some analysis about recruits and quite possibly some MGoVideo to accompany it.


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I wish I had footage of what BG could do before the arrival of Barwis, b/c his 15 consecutive jumps plus his performance in the drills involving mostly lateral movement were pretty impressive -- on crunchberries at that.

Anyway, thanks for the Michigan S&C access. Definitely a highlight for the day.


February 26th, 2010 at 10:00 PM ^

Barwis: (to Graham) What did you eat for breakfast today?
Graham: Cereal
Barwis: what kind of cereal?
Graham: Crunchberries...
Barwis tells the wolf handler to release them.
Graham: (Running) WHAT ABOUT GRITS???
Barwis: Grits are good. Do you eat eggs?
Graham: (still running from the rabid wolves) YES, YEAH I LIKE EGGS.
Graham, although able to run a 4.58 40, is overtaken by the wolves. He tries to fend them off, but with his stubby arms, can not strike out without being bitten in the jugular. Blood is drawn from his neck. Graham notices that it is now night time, and it is a full moon. His skin begins to itch. He notices that his hands are growing claws. Pain courses through his body. He realizes that he is becoming... TEEN WOLF.


February 26th, 2010 at 6:52 PM ^

... I entered hesitantly, because, you know, OSU blog. But, it turned out to be my favorite piece on the whole brouhaha, mainly because it not only comes from a third party, but from our biggest rival. Check it out if you didn't click on the link.


February 26th, 2010 at 7:37 PM ^

is that even the coach and some of the fan base for OSU are saying "whoa, hey, man, not cool" while the Freep tries to slip something into RR's drink and the NCAA is on standby, ready to bust him for illegal consumption.

I mean, we support a team (or teams) in a conference where even little things can raise our hackles, and yet this brings out support for Michigan from some rather unlikely quarters. +1 to those gentlemen.

Now, back to the task at hand ... do I mail separate dumps to Sharp, Rosenberg, and Snyder, or do I put three in one box and risk it going over the Priority Mail limit?


February 26th, 2010 at 8:48 PM ^

Congrats Brian on the female blog presence here at MGoBlog. I now know more about Artichokes and its "sweetness" than I ever thought I would.

As for the BG workout, the one thing that caught my eye is that he looks "smaller" (relative term) than some of the other DEs you tend to see in the league. I think that will definitely help him, especially if he winds up playing a hybrid DE/LB in the NFL. The strength is clearly there (33+ reps @ 225 is impressive), and you get a sense that he'll be wreaking havoc on the edge for whatever team grabs him.


February 26th, 2010 at 8:55 PM ^

1) Don't cut the tops; press the top of the artichoke into your cutting board until the pointy tips are dulled.

2) cut off stems.

3) With artichokes prepped, gently pull artichoke leaves apart, leaving an opening for simple stuffing.

4) alternate drizzling olive oil, parmesan cheese, fresh crusty breadcrumbs (seasoned with roasted garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper) into the artichokes. Make sure stuffing gets into each fold of leaves.

5) in a pot, bring water to boil. enough water to reach about 40% up on the artichokes when all are placed in the pot, stem side down. artichokes should all be touching, so that none tip over and ruin the stuffing.

6) artichokes should be cooked relatively slowly; reduce heat. simmer. test for doneness by pulling outer layer of leaves from artichoke. if they fall off with little to no effort, they're done. About 40 minutes for 6 artichokes.

7) remove artichokes from stovetop, add sea salt and pepper to taste. consume.

Favorite vegetable EVER.

Zone Left

February 26th, 2010 at 10:51 PM ^

Graham popped out six cleans with what looked like 320 on the bar and lifted it like nothing.

I may be able to do six cleans with half that weight...College football players are very, very strong.