Unverified Voracity Checks Out The Dames

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Pimpin' is easy for Tom Harmon, but I'm guessing it was considerably more difficult for Pat Watts and a couple other guys from the 1975 team. 1975 was not a pretty year for anything.

Stuck in. You know, Nick Sheridan's taken a lot of stick—some of it from this blog—for being the guy who was holding the hot potato when the quarterback carousel stopped and that's one hell of a mixed metaphor but there you go. And he's been discarded as a viable starting option this year by everyone—including this blog. Despite this, he keeps on working:

"Because I wasn't heavily recruited, because I wasn't given a scholarship out of high school, they assume I just stumbled into this opportunity," Sheridan said, his voice rising as he defended his position on the team. "People said that all the time, 'You just want to be a coach, right? So football isn't that important to you.'

"Being the quarterback here is the most important thing to me. Going through an experience here with the Michigan program will serve me well in the future, when I want to be a coach. It's not an ulterior motive for me to want to be on the team."

That's from an excellent Chengelis article on Sheridan that paints him as CJ Lee in pads.

(But, no, I still don't see him as a viable starting option.)

Yeah, nevermind that. Remember a few weeks ago when Leonardo Dicaprio sported a Michigan hat whilst courtside at a Lakers game? Did it mean anything? Is Dicaprio a Michigan fan? Does he even know he's wearing a Michigan hat?



No, no, and no, given the West Virginia hat he's sporting now and the… er… discontent between the two fanbases. Further evidence of Dicaprio's indifference: before the Michigan/West Virginia swing he was rocking an FAU Owls hat, which… really?

Also: yes, that's the lunkhead brother from My Name Is Earl.

It could be big. Manny Harris came away from the That Guy Dunks On LeBron Academy hauling a sack of effusive praise behind him. One evaluation:

One of the most athletic players in attendance, Manny Harris showed a lightning quick first step and terrific leaping ability. While Harris’ narrow frame and poor wingspan aren’t going to help him out much on the defensive side of the ball, he did show the ability to make tough shots, which he seems to settle for quite often. An extremely talented scorer regardless, Harris is likely to emerge as one of the top players in the Big 10 this year, even if his NBA potential is still a matter of debate.

Another from Slam:

-DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris both look really good this week. No doubt Michigan fans would like to see them look really good a little more consistently. Having seen their squad on both side of 20-point spreads against my Nittany Lions last year, I can vouch for the inconsistency.

If Zach Gibson can take the Graham Brown/Chris Young memorial Gumpy White Post Senior Leap and Darius Morris can provide a secondary threat to create and score, Michigan will be in business next year. Challenge for the Big Ten title business? Maybe if they're lucky and healthy.

(HT: UMHoops.)

Coyotes of the distant, distant future. Phoenix loves them some Michigan players, having drafted Chad Kolarik, Kevin Porter, Chris Summers, and incoming freshman Chris Brown and traded for goalie Al Montoya. They also love leaving their kids in school, which you go 'Yotes. They recently had a prospects camp attended by both Summers and Brown. The Coyotes' GM on Summers:

Maloney said he thinks at least six of the defensemen at the camp will reach the NHL some day, including Chris Summers, who will return to the University of Michigan for his senior season in the fall.

“He may be the best skating defenseman in college hockey and he plays with an edge,” Maloney said. “He’ll be with us at the end of this year for sure. He’s a guy that we’ll be excited to add.”

"With us"? As in "with us in Phoenix?" Eh… probably not unless the Coyotes are eliminated from playoff contention and just playing out the string. Nevertheless, commendation for his talent.

Maloney on Brown—the article is a profile so there's considerably more at the link:

“Chris comes to us as advertised,” Maloney said last week. “You know you watch him and when you first see him he looks a little rough skill-wise, but then you see him play and he’s very strong with the stick and has a heavy shot. What impresses me is he just goes to the net. He’s run over the goalies four or five times here and I think that’s just Chris. He charges the net and we really don’t have anybody like him in our prospect system, you know, a guy that just charges the net hard and then might stay around and have a conversation about it if anybody wants to talk about it… he’s still young and he’s evolving, but I’ve really liked what I’ve seen of Chris at this camp.”

Brown sounds like a fan favorite in the making, and a guy that opponents love to hate. Think Ryznar or Nystrom, but hopefully with a little more offensive pop.

Etc.: EDSBS has a better version of ND's annual t-shirt; Maize 'n' Brew sees my Wermers post and raises by a couple thousand words. Mark Messner thinks Scott Shafer should have gotten more time.



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In Rensaeller Indiana, Born and Raised,
On the football field I spent most of my days.
Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool,
Winnin' 14 letters at my high school.

When a couple a' guys who were out recruitin,'
started askin me to play for Michigan.
I signed one little LOI and my mama took me to the barber,
and said you gotta look nice you're off to Ann Arbor.

I pulled up to the school about 1938,
and I yelled to to the Buckeyes, "Hey Holmes, Torch ya' later"!
Look at my kingdom, the football machine,
just wearin' 98 as the greatest wolverine!

(Okay... that was pretty bad).


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...or is Ethan Suplee (the dude from My Name is Earl) a doppleganger for Justin Boren? Looking at the picture without any initial context, I thought that was JB all the way.


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Is it crazy thinking he can be effective a la CJ Lee and David Merrit this past year on the hardwood?

How many bowls of pot will I have to smoke to convince myself.

I'm setting the O/U at 3.5.

Place your bets.


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Challenge for the Big Ten title business? Maybe if they're lucky and healthy.

Uh oh, Brian. You're coming close to crashing that ceiling. What will we needle you about if you jump aboard the "Anything Is Possible with Beilein" Bandwagon with us?

No worries. The wine is sweet. Take a drink, amigo.


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I think Summers will be with Phoenix by the end of the year. They've made an annual tradition of "eliminated from playoff contention and just playing out the string". And I see no signs of that tradition changing this year.