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Indeterminate issue. RSS subscribers may have noticed the disappearance of the daily mgo.licio.us linkdump. This is an issue on Feedburner's end and I can't do anything about it until they fix it. Sorry. I assume it will magically resume working at some point in the near future.

Also, while I'm talking about site stuff: the twitter feed is usually just a repackaged RSS feed, but I've wanted to make it more newsy, too. One manifestation of this: on signing day I'll be twittering news as it comes in.

Pre-emptive bombing. Signing day approacheth, so it's time for Dr. Saturday to do yet more research on the accuracy of recruiting rankings in a futile attempt to forestall those annoying columns from cranky newspapermen declaring that "recruiting rankings don't matter because Utah," to paraphrase DocSat. As per usual, the finding is that they're somewhere between useless and gospel. They are worth paying attention to but not worth pulling your hair out over, as the following table suggests:


That's a breakdown of 332 games between BCS opponents organized by gaps in overall recruiting rankings. It's flat until you get to 400+ points per year, which may sound like a big gap but isn't really: current #1 LSU has about 2500 points this year, which puts them about 400 points in front of #6 North Carolina. North Carolina, in turn, is about 400 points in front of #12 Oklahoma. That's at the bottom end of the range where recruiting ratings really start to get separation, but even if you increase it to 700 points—the midrange—we're talking about the gap between #7 M and #22 Mississippi State.

I'd like to see these things take things like opportunity costs and attrition into better account, as raw numbers indicate the SEC is washing out 50% more recruits than the Big Ten is, which leads to inflated recruiting rankings just because they've got more d00ds in their base.

Kampfer stuff. Red has (reluctantly, I'm sure) addressed the issue:

It all comes down to intent. Sometimes it's not what you do, it's why you do it. Or what it appears to be. I think this was the issue. This was not a pre-meditated thing, but it was an instant reaction, and it was ... too serious to overlook. You can't just say drawing blood. I mean, I hate to tell you this, but I put a kid's eye out one time by lifting a stick. And he wasn't expecting it, I lifted it too high, he lost an eye, and it was an accident. Everybody felt terrible. But, boy, when you swing your stick at someone's head intentionally, when he's down, someone that hasn't even done anything ... Anyway, I don't think we need to revisit it, but that was a serious incident. Very serious, and the kid will never do that again.

There's considerably more from him in the above-linked article; the other item that jumped out was a response to the question "Has the CCHA issued a warning for the next time the teams play?" Red said "they don't have to," basically, and continued:

We're not carrying anything over, and personally, I don't think Michigan State will be carrying anything over. So if we do play them in a game, I don't think you'll see anything. ... I don't think there's any real serious animosity. I mean, Kampfer's gotta just accept that it was a bad deal, the players have been punished, let's move on.

As for moving on, eh, the attempt is being made. The Ann Arbor police are "investigating" the incident—which seems like a 30-second process consisting entirely of watching the video, but whatever. Kampfer didn't skate yesterday; he's expected to give it a go today.

Game on, I assume. Ohio State has cancelled classes for a reason other than "it's Wednesday again": there's a big damn ice storm in town. There's been no indication this will affect tonight's basketball game (6:30, BTN), but it may seriously depress attendance, for whatever small benefit that might provide. Previews are up at UMHoops and Varsity Blue; Ohio State is favored by six.

Livin' on the edge. I'm having a hard time figuring out whether Tajh Boyd's commitment to Clemson is a good or bad thing. Ohio State was the other major contender and the Buckeye depth chart outside of Terrelle Pryor currently reads: 26-year-old walk-on and former baseball player Joe Bauserman. That's it. If Pryor gets injured or shoots a dog or something, it's freak-out time.

On the other hand, Michigan and Ohio State are battling for 2010 MI QB Devin Gardner, and depth charts and all that.

Etc.: Mock Rock is on February 3rd this year. Prepare your cringing-from-afar muscles.



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January 28th, 2009 at 1:58 PM ^

"On the other hand, Michigan and Ohio State are battling for 2010 MI QB Devin Gardner, and depth charts and all that."
I haven't heard too much about the recruiting battles going on over Gardner or which school he favors, anyone have solid info?
J. Lichty, I'm curious, why do you say you would be shocked if Gardner didn't choose OSU? Has our in-state recruiting become so bad that we can keep top talent in-state anymore?

J. Lichty

January 28th, 2009 at 2:06 PM ^

No I think our instate recruiting is fine, but I think that RR is still another year away from really showing what he can do, and OSU is more of an it-girl right now.

Shocked is perhaps too strong a sentiment, but I think that, especially with our depth chart, will be in second on this one.

Shock G

January 29th, 2009 at 9:28 AM ^

Thanks. I haven't heard of this kid. But OSU is going to need a QB in the 2010 class regardless if there is an offer on the table for this kid or not.

Besides, he looks like a sure fire redshirt candidate upon arrival - quite smallish.


January 28th, 2009 at 2:45 PM ^

funny how this whole blog including brian trashed me when I was talking about the battle between osu and M re: gardner involving boyds commitment and yet here we are talkin about it a month later...


January 28th, 2009 at 4:30 PM ^

I understand how Oregon might have been eliminated from Boyd's thought process. Oregon has awesome facilities and winning tradition under Bellotti. But the depth chart with Masoli, Darron Thomas, Justin Roper and Chris Harper, Boyd would be challenged to move up that depth chart quickly.

Clemson was the best option in terms of early playing time.
Cullen Harper is gone. Sophomore Willy Korn arrived with high marks but was ho-hum on field last fall. All Boyd has to do is beat out Korn this fall, which should be possible given Boyd's full set of skills compared to Korn.

In my view, Ohio State may have been interesting to Boyd, but not a good option for him unless Terrelle Pryor got hurt. There is that risk, but what if Pryor stays health for 3 seasons? I don't think Boyd is going to sit on the bench. Would he have been happy if Tressell used both Pryor and Boyd? What would Pryor say to this?

Clemson was good enough out of the three, and appears to display the path of least resistance for early playing time in 2009.