Unverified Voracity Also Has 80 Pound Trophy

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I think this means we win. Kate Upton is a Michigan fan. She is also a moderately attractive young lady!

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High fives for everyone!

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The Ten Year War ends. WH compiles the 1978 Michigan-OSU game:

A few weeks later Woody Hayes would bonk a Clemson linebacker and that was that.

Ref bump noted. Kyle Kalis's epic ref bump


…is something OL coach Darrell Funk also picked up on:

"He just wants to tear your head off," Funk said. "He plays like that all the time and practices like that all the time, and we need that. You can Xs and Os all you want, and that’s important, but at the end of the day, it starts up front." …

Funk laughed when he described one sequence of film in which Kalis knocks over an umpire “when he was throwing someone around” and couldn’t decide whether to help the guy up or find someone else to hit.

The ref was shaken but not badly hurt. This is because Kalis was hurting someone else.

Funk also notes that none of the four guys currently in the class projects to center; that will be a priority in 2013.

The old mean guy. Meanwhile, David Molk adds to his Scrooge-McDuck level quote vault:

“The awards were never anything that I strived to get,” Molk said, before correcting himself.

“I take that back,” he said, laughing. “The only award I wanted was the Rimington mostly because a guy who worked with us, (Michigan assistant strength coach) Dan Mozes, was a Rimington winner at West Virginia. I’d say something, and he’d say, ‘Hey, Molk, shut up. I’ve got an 80-pound trophy and you don’t.’"

He's being told he could go anywhere from the bottom of the first(!) to the third round.

Three point defense: random. This Kenpom post at ESPN($) caught my eye after I previewed a Nebraska team that is thoroughly awful at all basketball activities except opponent three-point shooting. Here are the year-to-year correlations between various defensive stats:

Opponents' 3-point percentage: .204
Opponents' free throw percentage: .266
Opponents' 2-point percentage: .558
Opponents' 3-point attempt percentage: .575

There are just four numbers here, but they provide a very powerful context. What stands out is that opponents' free throw percentage correlates more strongly from season to season than opponents' 3-point percentage. In other words, we can predict a team's "free throw defense" in the future based on current stats better than we could predict its 3-point defense. And I think everyone understands that a team has little control over its opponents' free throw percentage.

IE, the percentage of threes your opponents hit is not a particularly useful thing to look at, but the number of threes they get off is. Wisconsin is a particularly excellent example of this phenomenon. Last year their opponents hit 37% of their threes, good for only 299th nationally. This year that's dipped 10 percentage points and they skyrocket to first.

What does this mean for Michigan? Not a whole lot. Their three-point D is a little below average; so is their ability to prevent opponents from launching. It will be interesting to watch how that latter number changes next year as Michigan adds a ton of height.

No elite teams, continued. Following up on Monday's assertion that there don't seem to be many elite teams in college hockey this year: KRACH provides strong evidence of that. KRACH is a ranking system that's more pleasant to statistically minded folk for reasons I won't get into in case some of you are operating heavy machinery. For purposes of this argument it's useful because it not only provides a ranking but also has a strength rating.

KRACH tends to get enthusiastic about strong leagues and teams; it has a tendency to proclaim certain teams nigh invulnerable. Here's last year's version:


Note the huge jumps in rating as you climb. There's a pretty tight bunch until you hit BC and North Dakota; there's also a cliff after #7. This year there is no such gap:

Rk Team Rating RRWP W-L-T Rk
1 Boston University 357.8 0.7546 17-8-1 3T
2 Boston College 337.6 0.7445 17-10-1 11
3 Michigan 336.4 0.7439 17-9-4 9
4 Mass.-Lowell 314.8 0.7322 18-7-0 1
5 Ferris State 314.4 0.732 18-8-4 7
6 Minnesota-Duluth 294.3 0.72 18-6-4 2
7 Maine 287.6 0.7158 16-8-3 8
8 Notre Dame 270.5 0.7044 16-11-3 19
9 Merrimack 261.7 0.6982 15-6-5 3T
10 Michigan State 260 0.6969 15-11-4 21T

KRACH ratings add to the same number every year and so provide a baseline: this year's most dominant team would be… eh… fourth last year, and the gaps between the top teams and the bottom of the top ten are significantly smaller than they usually are.

This promises to be the most wide open NCAA tournament since… well, not very long ago. Single-elimination playoff hockey remains an exercise in blind terror and weird bounces. A couple years ago three of the four one seeds crashed and burned before the Frozen Four. But if you like your barely-weighted plinko to be really hardly weighted at all this is your year. Anyone who makes it in will be eyeing the Frozen Four.

Hockey draft bits. NHL draft rankings multiply like rabbits. Hockey Prospectus has Jacob Trouba #7, Boo Nieves #30, and Phil Di Giuseppe #43. TSN has Trouba sixth…

Strengths: A mobile defenceman with length, strength and range. Plays a physical game and not afraid to take a run at an opponent. Has some offensive skills, is a good passer with vision and a hard point shot. Weaknesses: there are some questions about his overall hockey sense, needs to learn to rein in the physical play at times and play with composure.

…PDG 27th…

Strengths: Very quick skater with soft hands, a sneaky release and he competes. Good offensive instincts, good size, tough to contain along the boards on the cycle. Weaknesses: Needs to keep working on his defensive duties and could play with a bit more edge more consistently. He will likely require more time in college to round out his game but has been rumoured to be leaning towards playing all four seasons in Michigan. His production has waned in second half of season.

…and does not rank Nieves in their top 45.

Bad incentives. The United States of Hockey takes on UND coach Dave Hakstol's assertion that playing in the CHL shouldn't hurt your NCAA eligibility:

First off, allowing CHL players to retain college eligibility could have a gigantic impact on the USHL. More top-end players would go to the CHL fully knowing that they’ll have a fall-back plan. So they can go up and get added exposure, get in front of more scouts on a nightly basis. The top end in the USHL could be significantly diminished in such a scenario.

While this move would help the NCAA’s depth, it would most likely eliminate many of the top-end players from ever making it to the NCAA. By the time a player’s Junior career is over at age 20, most would go to the NHL or AHL. Only the guys that would have otherwise played lower-level minor-league hockey would end up in college. The quality of play gets dragged down in the college ranks. While the NCAA would remain a developmental option, it also becomes a safety net for CHL players similar to what the Canadian Interuniversity Sport is right now. That’s an ugly scenario for American college hockey, which has produced NHL talent as long as it’s been in existence.

The USHL is a hugely important part of the route to college hockey and should be protected at all costs. Allowing players to go to the CHL and maintain collegiate eligibility cuts the decade-long rise of the league off at the knees. It's a nonstarter.

The only way I could see this happening is if the NCAA restricted post-CHL eligibility to just Canadians. That wouldn't hurt the USHL. Because of the double standard in place between USA Hockey and their Canadian counterpart Canadians wanting to play college hockey have to cool their heels in Junior A leagues far inferior to the USHL. If the NCAA opened the door for Canadians coming over immediately after high school, I could see it working…

…except the CHL would immediately make it not work by finding sufficient NCAA regulations to violate so that any kid in junior would never make it to campus without an inquisition. Saban teaches that it is not a good idea to give people in charge of high school/college kids incentive to not have their charges graduate. So nevermind.

Etc.: GLI outdoors officially. Seniors on next year's team will have played outdoors all four years.. Michigan gets three million for renting out Michigan Stadium. Boo Nieves will make a move to the USHL after his prep season ends.

I talk with Lake the Posts about the Mattison transition and why Northwestern shouldn't expect the same miracle with a new coordinator. The Bylaw Blog on revamping transfer restrictions. Mock Rock recap. Ace on the GBMW podcast.



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tough duty.  Thank you for your sacrifice for the good of the blog.  Here's my contribution:

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It really has nothing to do with sports.  And this is the place where I've learned about the spread offense, Kate Upton, the rise and fall of Rodriguez, the 4-3 under defense, and Kate Upton.  Heck, we even Kate Upton about race, Kate Upton, homophobia, the hiring of minority coaches, and how Kate Upton can benefit student athletes.  I think it's beneath Kate Upton to Kate Upton with a picture of Kate Upton just to garner a few Kate Uptons. 

I come here for Kate Upton, recruting info, and interviews with Kate Upton.  I cetainly Kate Upton just to Kate Upton so that I can Kate Upton.  If I wanted to Kate Upton about Kate Upton, I would Kate Upton, and I do not.  I have no Kate Upton in Kate Upton at all.

Kate Upton, Brian. You're more Kate Upton than that.

His Dudeness

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Saw Kate on the DP show over Super Bowl week and she is ... not smart... to say the least, but the hotness vs. smartness curve applies. She could be one of the ten dumbest people in the world and still be date-able.

Also that Molk quote is so so so good. I am going to miss that kid. Thatnks so much for that quote. I love this blog for the little things you learn about the players just like this quote.



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Molk's being told he could go anywhere from the bottom of the first(!) to the third round.

Dear Detroit Lions: Take take take.  Pick Molk.  Pick Molk.  NEED CENTER.  Just think: we could have a guy with the "if you're not with us fuck you" attitude of Raiola and the ability to play center of anybody but Raiola!  It's a win-win.


February 9th, 2012 at 4:11 PM ^

Dear Chicago Bears,

Jay Cutler spends more time on his back than any QB in the league (and has a new baby on the way, Hey-O!). This past year you had a 13 year guard playing center, and an 8 year center playing guard. And everyone else on the O-line was old and/or not good at football. Take Molk. Get a solid center who can pull and open up holes for Forte.

While we're at it, take a wide receiver, any wide receiver that is, ya know, better than decent. Stop patching holes with Roy Williams's butterfingers. Hell, take Hemingway. Also Koger, take Koger. Because in no way did the NFL become a tight-end league right after you sent Greg Olsen, a 1st round pick and bonifide talent at TE to carolina for a 3rd round pick.

Bah, my bears suck.


February 9th, 2012 at 3:54 PM ^

Aside from Kate Upton........great footage from 1978.  I noted 3 things: (1) Rick Leach was so much more fun to watch as a QB than he has been as an alum; (2) Art Schliester was annoying even before he became such a gamble-aholic that everyone had to feel sorry for him; and (3) HAROLD?????? Woolfolk?


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The link related to the Winter Classic at the Big House indicates that Michigan has 12 special one day liquor licenses.  Do they have these each year?  What events does the University put on with liquor? 

restive neb

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who read the title of the post ("Unverified Voracity Also Has 80 Pound Trophy"), saw the photo below it, and thought, "Kate Upton is thin but I'm pretty sure she weighs more than 80 pounds"?

Mr Miggle

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Hack a Shaq disagrees with your assertion about the opponents' free throw percentage. While there isn't anything much to do when they are at the line, there is definitely strategy involved in deciding whether to put someone there.  


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Family friends of my grandparent. My mother's godmother is Kate Upton's great aunt. Unfortunately, no, I have never met any them. Too bad my mother did not keep in touch with all her childhood friends...


February 9th, 2012 at 5:35 PM ^

for hot chicks, but she was just born here and moved to Florida when she was young.

Her whole family are huge UM fans/alums. Her uncle is Rep. Fred Upton, her family founded Whirlpool Corporation (formerly Upton Machine Company), heck, even the local school is named after her family: Upton Middle School.


February 9th, 2012 at 5:37 PM ^

Someone else said it before, but it bears repeating:  Kate Upton being a Michigan fan and Casey Anthony being an Ohio fan pretty much tells you everyone you need to know about the rivalry.  Hope RVB's successful in his quest to make time with Ms. Upton.

Tha Quiet Storm

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3 million for renting out the Big House for the Winter Classic - does this mean they could maybe lower ticket prices a bit next year, at least maybe for UMass and Air Force?...

...(Sound of Dave Brandon falling out of his chair laughing hysterically in the background)

glutton for pu…

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As an Ohio State fan, I can say that this is the most jealous I have ever been of Michigan.  Watching charles woodson, ohio born player kicking our butt.  Who cares.  I'd rather have Kate Upton as a fan.  I would like to trade Ohio States recruiting class for Kate Upton.  And by Kate Upton, I mean going out with Kate Upton.  And by going out with Kate Upton, well, you know what I mean.


February 9th, 2012 at 10:19 PM ^

What's it going to take to hear Brady Hoke say "I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of our recruiting staff. Kate, step up to the podium."