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Brian April 28th, 2016 at 3:12 PM

Hello. Sorry about that involuntary vacation there. Dumping water on your laptop is not fun, especially when the backup you had on hand for just such an eventuality doesn't boot either. Then I was at Blogs With Balls yesterday, trying to look somewhat official.

I am back now, even if the change in keyboard styles makes me want to die. Nothing makes me angrier than trying to use a keyboard I'm not familiar with. It's like having a stroke, one that suddenly puts punctuation all over the place for no reason. Anyway.


Just another day in the life. Offseason is relative.

Jim Harbaugh gives his version of Drake's album cover, gets RT'd by the First Lady

Anonymous NFL scout strikes again. The woooooorst:

There's about a 90% chance that the dude anonymously slamming Apple's life skills spends most of his life in hotels, has been divorced four times, and hasn't cooked anything more complicated than cereal since the 1970s. Also, this random slam from a guy who doesn't even know Apple appears to be 100% false:

The NFL draft starts tonight so our brief annual spate of anonymous, ludicrous slams of NFL prospects is just about over. Tune in next year, when someone accuses Jourdan Lewis of setting fire to his toaster.

Durkin on Harbaugh. None of this is actually a surprise; it is a confirmation about what life under Harbaugh is like:

CR: I'd imagine your early days at Stanford under Jim Harbaugh were a lot like the early ones at Bowling Green under Meyer. Is that accurate?

Durkin: It was absolute mayhem. It really was.

When I first got there, it was like, oh my gosh. Then you finally spend more time with Jim. The guy is really smart. Extremely smart. Everything is for a reason, but he loves chaos. That's just how he operates. He loves confrontation, chaos, conflict. He doesn't want it to be everyone comfortable, this is the schedule. He just loves throwing a wrench in the works.

So, when you first get there, it's like, what's going on? But it was great. To see someone impose their will, their confidence, their vision on a program, to totally change it—total 180. Stanford was known as a soft, academic, wine-sipping program. Now it's the total opposite. He definitely imposed his will on the place.

This was Bo's approach to the point where he would deliberately stoke fights between his coaches just to see what everyone really thought. Harbaugh runs through a lot of coaches; they generally move on up afterwards, often quickly, because life under Harbaugh is a pressure cooker.

Durkin also relates the one-on-one story we've heard a couple times before:

CR: Let's end with the story of you playing Harbaugh one-on-one at Stanford. What do you remember?

Durkin: It was a random day in the office. We were meeting, talking about something, and he was dribbling a basketball. We were talking about something—recruiting or something—and the conversation somehow got to, "Hey, let's go out and play."

So we went to play one-on-one. First to seven. Great. So we're playing. I went up for a layup or something, he fouled—I mean, hacked me. And I didn't call it. I didn't expect him to call foul. No, we're good. Check up.

Then it became, O.K., if that's not a foul, there are no fouls. So the game went on for—the reason it became epic—it was over an hour-long game. To seven. And people are up there watching. No one wanted to lose, and no one would call a foul. So it was, if the guy got a step on you, chuck him in the back, lose the ball. Nope, no foul. Good, your ball. So it went on. It was well over an hour. A game to seven.

CR: Who won?

Durkin: He won. I let him win in the end. Job security.

I've repeatedly stated that I was skeptical about how good of a DC Durkin actually was after Michigan tailed off against spread teams late, but he's the kind of guy who could be much better as a head coach than a coordinator*. He's already done some good things with Maryland's recruiting.

*[And he's just unproven there, not necessarily bad. Last year was his first truly running his own D after operating under Will Muschamp at Florida and he inherited a ton of talent from the previous guy. It's striking how close the parallels are between 2015 and 2006, which also saw a hotshot new coordinator inherit a bucket of talent, turn his unit into one of the nation's best, and then get annihilated by Ohio State while doing something seemingly nonsensical. With Durkin that was running a safety at 15 yards against a spread to run offense; with Ron English it was trying to cover an NFL first-round WR with Chris Graham.]

Maryland doesn't recruit good and stuff. Excellent data post from Capital News service detailing the futility of Maryland recruiting despite a healthy amount of local talent. It incidentally proves our Mississippi Is A Black Hole Nothing Escapes theory:


That will never cease being a mystery to me.

I do think there are some questionable assumptions the data invites you to take away here because their list of top talent-producing states has Delaware(?!) third and Hawaii fifth. This is correct on a per-capita basis, but why that's relevant to a college trying to fill a recruiting class is unclear. (Delaware is likely that high because of ECA, the controversial magnet school that Freddy Canteen and Brandon Watson attended.)

Incoming Cain? MI SF Jamal Cain got his Michigan offer. Cain, a 2017 kid ranked as a three star by the world, got a bunch of Michigan predictions on his 247 page in the immediate aftermath. It doesn't sound like he'll drop immediately…

"His recruiting is rapidly growing," said Covington, a former player at Oakland, who added that Cain is likely to go through the recruiting process and not commit anywhere until before or duirng his senior year at Cornerstone Prep.

Cain is currently rated as the No. 190 overall played in the 2016 class in the 247 Sports Composite.

…but plans have a tendency to change. Endless Motor has an interview with Cain that is of interest:

EM: Can you tell us a a bit about the basketball presentation?

JC: Coach Beilein showed me film of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Zak Irvin, and said he wanted me to play a similar role at the shooting guard/small forward spots, and that I would be used in that way. Coach Beilein said I could really thrive in that role at UM.

In Trey-Burke-ish basketball recruiting news, Xavier SImpson surges into the top 50 in ESPN's final rankings after an outstanding senior season that saw him win the USA Today POY in the state.

So much for that. JT Compher signs with the Avs and CCM is gone lock, stock, and barrel. When Red returned one of the arguments made in favor of that decision was that CCM was more likely to return—at least portions of it—in Ann Arbor. That obviously did not work out.

With NHL departures now (probably) completed, this is what Michigan's looking at next year. I'm bumping Cutler Martin up to F:


On D:

De Jong/Boka
L Martin/Luce

That does not look like a tournament team unless Michigan is better than it's been on defense since Mel left. Michigan loses six of its top seven scorers and gets back only two forwards who were significantly above zero in +/-: Kile and Dancs.

Goodbye Idaho. If only EMU would follow. The Vandals are dropping down to I-AA after getting booted from the Sun Belt, which only admitted them in the first place so they could have a conference championship game. With no conference home and none pending, their only logical move was to drop down and play with the Montanas and North Dakota States of the world. Two things: this apparently won't even save them money…

The athletic department will save money having to fund fewer scholarships (63 as opposed to 85), but a source told CBS Sports that the program will lose money overall.

…and Idaho football costs about 20% as much as EMU's athletic deficit.

While the move enjoys some support in the community, Idaho will lose its FBS branding -- playing at the highest level of college football. Idaho students fund football to the tune of $127 per semester in their tuition payments.

Which is boggling if you think about it. EMU faculty and students just urged the university to drop football, to which the regents said "nah." Eastern's athletic department spending is completely insane:

The study point to an increase in the total full time equivalent athletic staff from 64 in 2006-07 to 85 in 2015-16, doubling staff salaries from $3.2 million to $6.4 million as the department saw 10 more coaching positions and more than 11 "athletic personnel" added during the same time period. During that same time period, the report indicates EMU's entire faculty increased by just 15.78 full-time equivalent personnel.

The arms race at the top of college athletics makes sense because the money's got to go somewhere. Eastern is setting money on fire—its students' money.

Rappists say nice things. I mean, I think they do. Migos on Harbaugh:

"He knows the music," Migos member Offset told TMZ. "He's a real cool playa. He's a playa, man, from the Himalayas."

#wellactually he goes to the Andes mountains, person who was clearly trying to rhyme things.

SBN on the Big Ten's rights situation. This is a point worth considering:

Will coaches freak out if their games aren’t on ESPN?
Yes, and so will administrators throughout the conference. Years ago, when the ACC flirted with leaving ESPN for Fox, some of the conference’s powerful basketball coaches were not shy about voicing their displeasure, believing that the lack of ESPN coverage would hurt their recruiting efforts. It’s too early to know how Big Ten coaches and athletic directors will react. But consider this: When school administrators asked at the recent league meetings if it’s possible for ESPN to get shut out, they were told, “Anything is possible.” One senior official at a Big Ten school said his peers “were scared to death” at the prospect of not having games on ESPN, which could eat into their recruiting.

ESPN's "lowball" offer for half the rights package was easy to pass over. It'll be harder for the Big Ten to extract maximum revenue from the second half without abandoning ESPN entirely, and that's a move everyone is wary of. Well, maybe. I've yet to see the Big Ten do anything other than maximize revenue.

Etc.: MLS to Detroit? If so you have to make them Detroit City and call them "The Rock." This is not negotiable. Profiles of Graham Glasgow and Jourdan Lewis. More on Glasgow's draft status. Jabrill Peppers already being talked about for next year's draft. A CFB commissioner is discussed; seems impractical. Baseball doing well. Holding The Rope on personnel shifts at ESPN.


Bando Calrissian

April 28th, 2016 at 3:17 PM ^

Water-on-laptop is one of the most helpless and awful things you can experience with technology.

Story: I was on campus doing office hours for my students the day Brady Hoke resigned. I had a half hour to get home between when I was done and when the press conference started. I threw everything in my bag, jumped on the train, and walked in the door right as the presser started.

When I took my laptop out of the bag to fire up MGoBlog and talk about it, I discovered my water bottle was slightly open and my laptop had been sitting in an inch of water all the way from campus to my apartment. Fried. $745 at the Apple Store later... 


April 28th, 2016 at 4:20 PM ^

left a can of open pop on the desk of our bedroom desktop computer.  The tower was nestled next to the desk directly against the wall, and had a small opening for air on top.

Murphy's law struck.  Our dog must have knocked into the small desk, knocking over the can, which landed and stayed on top of the tower near the opening.


"Use The Force, Spike!"


April 28th, 2016 at 3:19 PM ^

And we all just live in it.

Also: I don't like Eli Apple as a 1st round pick, and I REALLY don't like him for being a buckeye, but I would eat his cooking. What a moronic way to criticize someone. 


April 28th, 2016 at 3:21 PM ^

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SoDak Blues

April 28th, 2016 at 3:39 PM ^

I mean honestly, at least post this shit in a thread from 2 months ago. GTFO! 

EDIT: also, my experience with ruined laptops is the same nightmare. Waterlogged my work laptop several years ago and had to use my wife's. It had one of those little mouse buttons in the middle so everytime I tried to type G or H, the fricking cursor would be all over the place. 

/too dumb to realize you could turn that function off...

DOUBLE EDIT: when Rita the spammer gets the banhammer (nice rhyme), this is not a reply to Scruffy the Janitor. 


April 28th, 2016 at 3:21 PM ^

ECA is in Elkton, MD so either it's getting wrongly counted for Delaware or there's a different reason Delaware is getting ranked so high


April 28th, 2016 at 3:44 PM ^

EMU has too many influential alumni who were football players to drop the program without a fight. GCSI, the heavyweight lobby firm in Michigan, employs key former Hurons who played football (including a regent) as well as the man who has his name on the business school (a UM alum). The people who played for EMU when they were good are now in positions to at least make it difficult to drop. 


April 28th, 2016 at 3:48 PM ^

He improved both Michigan and Floirida. He has top 20 defenses 4 years in a row. He took Michigan (under Mattison - who is pretty good) from top 20 to top 10.

The failure against OSU has to be considered against the massive success the rest of the season was.  While there was a lot of talent there was also a lot of holes that Durkin papered over expertly.  Have to credit him for the Buck LB thing, using Henry and Wormley as jumbo DEs, finding Clark a home at CB, turning around Thomas' career, and many many more. By the end of the year Michigan had lost 4 starting-caliber DLmen. 

Durkin did an excellent job in his one year at Michigan. It was valid to call him unproven before the season because of Muschamp, but he excelled without him too. He's proven, and when he is inevitably canned for losing at Maryland he'll be a higly sought-after DC again.


April 28th, 2016 at 6:57 PM ^

But Durkin left and did a great job away from Muschamp, validating that he deserves a healthy dose of credit for Florida. FWIW - Muschamp did NOT improve the defense he took over in 2015. Durkin did.

When Harbaugh and Muschamp hire you to run their defense - that should tell you something. Beyond that, there's all this evidence that Durkin is a really good DC [ http://mgoblog.com/content/hello-dj-durkin-defensive-coordinator ] even before turning M into a top 10 defense (top 5 before Indiana).

Tossing all that aside because of one or two bad games against spread teams (that just so happen to be top 20 offenses) when you're down 4 DLmen is petulant AF.

I'm not sure there are 5 better DCs in college football. Hopefully Brown is one.


April 28th, 2016 at 4:28 PM ^

but I didn't really have an issue with the Scouts take on Eli Apple IF it was taken out of context. Not having life skills is a pretty important issue for people to worry about, and if the scout was saying something like "He has no life skills, I'm worried about his success and ability to make the right choices" and used the cooking as an example of something he couldn't do as well as other basic tasks, then I'm ok with it. If he was actually using the "he can't cook" as a negative, then that's incredibly stupid. 

Also, I've heard Apple can cook. I'm not saying that this anonymous scout isn't incredibly stupid. I'm just saying I understand the statement provided there was certain context behind it.


April 28th, 2016 at 4:37 PM ^

"Eli has made me some fire fried chicken and mac and cheese. The source seems to be pretty unreliable"

Because putting this in the microwave for two minutes counts as cooking...

Space Coyote

April 28th, 2016 at 5:02 PM ^

Is that apparently his dad is a retired 5-star chef. Unless he learned absolutely nothing from his dad, which I guess is possible, that comment completely backfired.


April 28th, 2016 at 5:13 PM ^

You're telling me more 'blue chip' talent stays in Delaware to play for the Blue Hens than Maryland guys do for the Terps? No. UD has never signed a 4 or 5* player. 100% go out of state

And yes, it's because of ECA or more accurately ECA's predecessor Red Lion Christian which scaled back their athletics profile dramatically and saw ECA spring up just over the border in Maryland.


April 29th, 2016 at 3:42 AM ^

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