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Seth December 8th, 2015 at 1:37 PM

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Portrait of attractive young female showing a thumbs up on white background: Hey there, Steve!

steve[3]: [sigh] Hey Carol-Sue.

Portrait of attractive young female showing a thumbs up on white background: Why so glum?

steve[3]: Well I told my wife last weekend that I want to go to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Then she went and booked our flight and told her mother we were coming to visit!

Portrait of attractive young female showing a thumbs up on white background: Then why aren't you happy?

steve[3]: Because my mother-in-law lives in Phoenix!

Portrait of attractive young female showing a thumbs up on white background: Oh.

steve[3]: She thought I meant the…whatever it's called I dunno—the one we went to against Kansas State!

Portrait of attractive young female showing a thumbs up on white background: I see. Well it looks like you need LANGUAGE!

steve[3]: Language?


That's right, Steve! You see, I'm a scientist. And we here at the Human Race have developed a special patented technology called Language™ to communicate ideas using mutually understood sounds.

One of the keys to our Language™ technology is the ability to identify a person, place, or thing by association with a specific set of organic sounds called "nouns." Through the transmission and recognition of commonly recognized nouns within a grammatical framework, we make it possible for another human to actually understand what bowl you're actually talking about!

Our nouns are specially pre-formulated to achieve maximum comprehension. By using a noun your listener is already familiar with, the thing you actually meant to convey will be transmitted directly to the brain thing of your audience, enabling 100% instant, seamless, optimized, non-GMO return on linguistic investment.

steve[3]: Wow! Where do I find nouns like that?

scientist2: Well that's the great news, Steve: you know them already! But if you hit THE JUMP right now, you can have all of these nouns that describe bowl games, and their commercial-free logos, for absolutely free!

Date/Time They Call It You Call it Logo Since Teams
Dec19-noon   New Mexico New Mexico Bowl 2006 Zona/UNM
Dec19-12:30   Las Vegas LasVegasBowl 1992 Utah/BYU
Dec19-4:30   New Orleans NewOrleansBowl 2001 LaTech/ArkSt
Dec19-5:30   Camellia camellia-bowl-logo 2014 OHIO!/AppSt
Dec19-7pm Cure or Citrus III for Breast Cancer curebowl 2015 SJSU/GASt
Dec21-2:30   Miami Beach 2014 WKU/USF
Dec22-3:30 Famous Idaho… Potato Potatobowl 1997 Akron/UtahSt
Dec22-7pm   Boca b_xxLEMu 2014 Tol/Temple
Dec23-4:30   Poinsettia PoinsettiaBowl 2005 Boise/NIU
Dec23-8pm GoDaddy Mobile mobile 1999 BGSU/GASo
Dec24-noon   Bahamas logo 2014 WMich/MTSU
Dec24-8pm   Hawaii or Aloha Aloha_Bowl 2002 Cincy/SDSt
Dec26-11a   St. Petersburg
or Tampa II
Primary-Full-Color 2008 UConn/Marsh
Dec26-2p   Sun Bowl SunBowloldlogo 1934 Miami/WSU
Dec26-2:20 Heart of Dallas or Cotton II DallasBowl 2010 UW/SoMiss
Dec26-3:30   Pinstripe pinstripebowl 2010 Duke/Ind
Dec26-5:45   Independence indepencence-bowl 1976 VT/Tulsa
Dec26-9:15 Foster Farms San Francisco sanfranbowl 2002 Neb/UCLA
Dec28-2:30 Military D.C. Military One military_bowl_logo_2 2008 Pitt/Navy
Dec28-5pm Quick Lane Motor City Bowl in Detroit 2014 Minn/CMU
Dec29-2pm Armed Forces Ft. Worth Military One armedforces 2003 Cal/AF
Dec29-5:30 Russell Athletic Tangerine
or Citrus II
Tangerine Bowl 1990 UNC/Baylor
Dec29-7:30   Arizona arizona-bowl-logo 2016 CSU/Nevada
Dec29-9pm Texas or Bluebonnet bluebonnet 2006 TT/LSU
Dec30-3:30 Belk Queen City queen city 2002 MSSt/NCSt
Dec30-noon   Birmingham birminghambowl 2006 Aub/Mem
Dec30-7pm   Music City music city bowl 1998 A&M/Lville
Dec30-10:30   Holiday HolidayBowl 1978 Wis/USC
Dec31-noon   Peach peach_bowl_logo 1968 Hou/FSU
Dec31-4pm   Orange OrangeBowl 1935 Clem/Okla
Dec31-8pm   Cotton Cottonbowl 1937 Bama/MSU
Jan1-noon Outback or Hall of Fame HOFBowllogo 1986 NW/Tenn
Jan1-1pm   Citrus 1990_1-1_Citrus_Bowl_Guide 1946 Mich/Fla
Jan1-1pm   Fiesta Fiesta 1971 ND/OSU
Jan1-4:30   Rose rose bowl 1902 Iowa/Stan
Jan1-8:30   Sugar sugar_bowl_logo 1935 OleMiss/OkSt
Jan2-noon Taxslayer Gator Gatorbowl 1945 PSU/Ga
Jan2-3:20   Liberty Libertybowl 1959 KSU/Ark
Jan2-6:45   Alamo 5kcx6fynk65qmg23v4ek 1993 TCU/Ore
Jan2-10:15   Cactus (or Copper) 14cactusbowl 1989 WVU/ASU
Jan11-8:30   Championship event-cfp 2015 ?/?

Click each logo to get the full size. Use however you like.

steve[3]: Thanks guys! These are great! In fact they're not nearly as annoying as they used to be!

picture-2357: I know! Like, as long as you ignore the sponsor name ahead of the actual name most of the time you can actually figure out what the hell bowl they're talking about. There are a few annoying ones left however. In order of I want to choke the organizers:

  1. Gator Bowl. The sponsor is some tax company that charges you to do a worse job than it will take you to do the same thing online for the same amount of time, and they got rid of a name that we've been familiar with for 70 years! SEVENTY YEARS! Gator Bowl. In Jacksonville. Where they have Gators.
  2. Motor City, Queen City, Mobile, San Fran. Sponsor names replacing recognizable city names or nicknames. Even if these are relatively new bowls, you should keep a static city-centric name on the game for continuity and comprehension.
  3. Citrus II/Tangerine. This one has had so many names. Tangerine, which is the Citrus Bowl's old name, gets the "This is the Citrus Bowl's little brother bowl" across. So does "Citrus II"
  4. Military/Armed Forces. You can't have two Support the Troops™ bowls. The one that's now in Annapolis can stay the Military Bowl or have a cool name like The Great Big USO Show, while the other can be the TCU Bowl or whatever not military related. For this year specify the city first.
  5. Outback/Hall of Fame. They've been sponsoring this so long now that most people have forgotten the other Florida bowl with a Big Ten tie-in might as well go by the sponsor's name. If Outback ever drops this, go back to the original name and keep it that way. Can count the Potato Bowl here as well since saying Potato Bowl will conjure the Boise game.
  6. Cure Bowl. Nice idea, good charity. This is our concern:the-cure-1992-650-430-1
    So until this game is established specify it's the Citrus III for Breast Cancer Research Bowl.

steve[3]: Does this really matter?

No. It's just annoying.

steve[3]: Don't you think there should be fewer bowl games?

No I like football, and adding more football plus a free trip for more football teams is pretty nice. The players are on break so it shouldn't affect their schooling as much as, say, a conference championship game the week of Finals. And football on TV is good for fans of football.

steve[3]: Don't you think having so many bowl games ruins what's great about bowls?

No I think the prestige of going to a bowl game died in the 1990s. They tried to manufacture it back with the 6-win and then the over-.500 rules, which just punished middle-of-the-road Power 5 schools who scheduled anybody of consequence in the non-conference. If the NCAA wants to actually have a meaningful get-in policy, they should not count games against FCS schools for anything. 

steve[3]: What do you have against ads? Don't you sell those?

Let's stop before here.

I went off on this last year. That again:

What specifically bothers me about bowl game naming is the people doing the selling don't provide any product or service. If Chobani buys the "right" to name an Ann Arbor bowl game, what does the bowl game provide? The chief marketing service—name recognition—is done by the media, and by extension the public, as we talk about the Chobani Bowl.

It's not the bowls (let alone the teams in the bowls) who get paid the most by title sponsorships, but the TV stations who are broadcasting the games. They in turn package those ads with their regular programs so that it's impossible to separate the title sponsorships themselves from the ad package they were sold with. Over 70% of the revenue from title sponsorships in 2014 went to ESPN, because ESPN sold the BCS bowl sponsorships on top of seven more games they own.

Language is public, or else it can't do the thing it does, which is help us communicate information to each other. If a sponsor (e.g. Outback)'s name has affixed itself to the general consciousness of that game, communication is served and there's no harm.

The sponsorship money, it's supposed, makes these games possible, but they don't really cover the payouts (that is on the organizers), and the schools, as detailed on this site before, tend to lose money on all the bowls below the $2 million payout line, what with being overcharged for flights and food and hotel rooms (which all kick back to the bowls). The sponsorship money itself mostly feeds the TV dudes. Other than the fun of playing in it for the players, the point of a small-time bowl game is to fill more TV slots with live football.



December 8th, 2015 at 1:46 PM ^

What the hell is the Battlefrog Fiesta Bowl?  When did Tostitos stop sponsoring the Fiesta?  This is getting ridiculous!

DFW and the Decemberists were on to something - next stop The Chewable Ambien Tab Rose Bowl.