Ticket Watch is Your Rival Too

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Okay it’s time to talk road tickets.


If you used Tidget (www.tidgetapp.com) for State week and didn’t imagecontact me please get your complaints in now, since we’re about to send the developers a big “fix all these things please” caseload. All of you who already wrote us thank you a ton! The big one was how it searches your area: in the future it will default to a 10-mile radius of where you’re standing, and when you drag the map outside that radius it will refresh. Also signals when Sparties are in town. The other complaint is there was only one guy selling for most of the afternoon, but it’s just a small handful who were using it. Next rollout, including the Android version, is scheduled for 10/26.


Seats @PSU Ru Minn @Md @Wis OSU
Midfield $427 (-97) $123 (-22) $151 (-21) $140 (-11) $262 (+19) $458 (-83)
The 35 $360 (-128) $83 (-11) $150 (-11) $140 (+7) $226 (-48) $359 (-101)
The 25 $360 (-37) $88 (-) $121 (-22) $118 (+7) $209 (-20) $366 (-18)
Goal line $357 (-9) $61 (-13) $114 (-7) $110 (+12) $172 (-1) $273 (-32)
EZ/UD $259 (+14) $48 (-8) $98 (-17) $73 (-3) $150 (-) $233 (-71)
Buy? thurs b4 at game for face at game thurs b4 next loss?

The ones I highlighted are from Stubhub and are two together. It’s rare SH has a good deal since they jack up the fees worse than anyone else—e.g. they’re grabbing $65 to facilitate this pair.

As for the rest, Homecoming continues to be a sick dog—that the get-in price continues to drop tells you that you really shouldn’t have trouble getting decent seats for $20 on Game Day. Minnesota is still falling and I still recommend getting those at face value. Ignore Maryland because I stopped counting lower obstructed view seats; a dropping get-in price means those are falling across the board.

Ohio State has starting to move some—if Michigan loses this weekend expect that to continue, and if we lose at Camp Randall that market will take off. If you think Michigan can win one or both of those, jump in at $233.

Wisconsin and Penn State are discussed in detail after THE JUMP.


As in they’ll rip off your skin. If you’re still looking for seats, they’re at about $250 still, and likely to remain so. A couple of years ago Penn State wasn’t very good and Michigan fans wanted to stay and watch basketball play Xavier and people got into the away section for under $75.

This year they’re a playoff team with the Heisman frontrunner at running back and expect vengeance. I think your best bet is Michigan fans who want to cancel the trip.

A quick guide to the stadium lifeless erector set on a hill before we discuss pricing:


It makes kinda sense. The sections start with “N” for North Endzone (where the road fans sit) and so on so forth. Then those partitions are broken down alphabetically with “E-F” the center (so “WE” is west side 50 yard line). If you have a 3rd letter on your section it’s in the upper deck. “U” means upper deck and “C” is the middle deck in the south end zone. The road fans are usually high up in the NFU to NLU seats.

Now for what you should pay: the get-in price tomorrow will be the get-in price. I think there will be a few $200 tickets from Michigan fans who cancel the trip because a lot of them still haven’t gotten those tickets in the mail. If you see one at $150 that’s priced to move, jump on it.

The rest of the stadium is pretty sold out. The thing about Penn State is it’s in the middle of nowhere—you therefore have very few people with tickets making their minds up late relative to most schools: if you’re going to drive through the mountains from Pittsburgh or the East Coast, you’ve already secured exactly as many tickets as you need. Their on the ground secondary market exists but it’s pathetic, and rife with counterfeiters.


After their thrilling 17-9 victory over the Badgers’ most likely challenger for the Big Ten West crown, it’s smooth sailing until the Michigan visit. Wisconsin gets Maryland this weekend, then travels to Illinois and Indiana before hosting Iowa. Their wins other than Purdue, are Northwestern, Nebraska, FAU, Utah State, and the worst BYU program ever. Wisconsin easy schedules of years gone by think this is a ridiculously easy schedule, especially on a rebuilding year for Michigan. The West title is already all but clinched.

That’s kinda bad news for us, since it means we’re now the biggest test of an undefeated Badger team. Also this is a rivalry game. I think. Let me consult the chart again…


click biggerates

Yep, rivals. You can wait because prices aren’t going to go up, but they’re probably not going to go down $100 unless Wisconsin gets clipped. That means wait: Indiana or Iowa might be capable of it.



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I have tickets for the top end of the stadium with a bunch of other Michigan faithful, but there is potential for me to sit in the coach's family section.  Will know by Friday.....Image result for nervous gif


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And waiting on the ticket purchase.  My assumption is anybody posting tickets now is simply looking to turn a profit so prices are unlikely to fall significantly until people who legitimately cannot go for one reason or another (I had to sell my seats to the OSU game in 2014 due to the death of my Father-in-Law) start posting.

But like you said - some of it is also dependent on what happens with the team between now and then.  Win out and the prices will skyrocket.  Lose one or two (and couple that with OSU losing one as well) and prices will plummet.

Sadly I'm betting on the latter happening.  Hard to imagine us winning out right now.

Hope I'm wrong.


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Anyone want to sell me some Rutgers tickets for a reasonable price before I resort to StubHub? Both people I've reached out to on the MgoTicket Spreadsheet wanted over $200 for a pair of not good seats. Buying at the stadium is not an option for me or I'd be doing that like everyone else.


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Anyone know where I can find a parking pass for the blue lot near the stadium? I am taking my wife and daughter to the Minnesota game and we usually park a mile away but would love to park close for a change of pace. Only thing I can find is on stubhub for like $130 which seems insane for a parking spot.


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Seth - great stuff as always.

Something that might be a helpful addition for buyers: an image of what the tickets for each week's game looks like.  Could help some readers identify fakes and avoid disappointment at the gate.

Not sure how many different versions there are, but I would imagine Season, Single Game, Student, Visitor, etc. If this would make for a visually unpleasing post, perhaps even a sticky at the beginning of the season with all of the images would work instead.