Ticket Watch Jumps Out a Window

Submitted by Seth on November 15th, 2017 at 8:00 AM

So we haven’t talked in awhile. If anybody here had any problems finding Rutgers, Minnesota, or Maryland tickets as gametime neared let me know. I used the “gawd these teams suck” period of Michigan’s schedule to put together a Christmas HTTV (announcement later today), plan a tailgate (announcement later today) and try to get this app out onto Android (announcement…now).


imageWe got a lot of feedback for Tidget (www.tidgetapp.com) after the iTunes test. If you’re going be selling your OSU ticket and want to make sure it goes to an MGoBlogger, may I recommend the only ticket market that has nobody BUT MGoBloggers on it?

If you’re wondering what this is about, we made an app for on-site ticket trading so you can sell an extra ticket from your tailgate and buyers will find you on a map. It’s secure (works over Paypal for now) and since we’re just telling MGoBlog readers about it so far that’s the entire community. If you haven’t yet, take that link and sign up now and you’ll get to use the app for free when it actually launches, and have a chance to play around with it while we Beta it. We’ll try to do that a bit for Ohio State since fees for online ticket markets get HUGE when you’re talking the kind of get-in prices Ohio State demands.

Speaking of Ohio State demand:



Seats Aug 31 Sep 13 Sep 27 Oct 4 Oct 18 Now
Midfield $500 $500 (nc) $545 (+45) $545 (+45) $458 (-83) $418 (-40)
The 35 $382 $352 (-$30) $436 (+85) $436 (+85) $359 (-101) $306 (-53)
The 25 $341 $410 (+$69) $384 (-26) $384 (-26) $366 (-18) $272 (-94)
Goal line $315 $360 (+45) $305 (-55) $305 (-55) $273 (-32) $255 (-18)
Endzone $245 $296 (+$51) $246 (+4) $246 (+4) $233 (-71) $195 (-38)

and for those going to Madison,


Seats Sep 27 Oct 4 Oct 18 Now (^Deck)
Midfield $256 $243 (-13) $262 (+19) $207 (-55) $157
The 35 $240 $274 (+34) $226 (-48) $182 (-44) $156
The 25 $230 $229 (-1) $209 (-20) $165 (-44) $122
Goal line $183 $173 (-10) $172 (-1) $127 (-45) $116
Endzone $154 $150 (-4) $150 (-) $122 (-28) -

Tickets for the Game started dropping as soon as they started selling, which really had nothing to do with the rote blowouts of bad teams so much as delayed reaction from getting blown out at Penn State.

Put your mind in the mode of the guy you want to buy from: he watches…that. Figures he’ll wait and see what happens with this Peters guy. It’s alright but Michigan is just running over bad teams. “Okay, should I go? Let’s see what they’re selling for. Eh, just $230, I paid that much to get these in the first place if you count the seat donation. How long has this can of Vernors been on my desk? Has Marla noticed it? I really need to get a new chair. Ooh, Twitter.”

This is Seth makes a rule out of nowhere of the week: there’s no reason for sellers to offload tickets they might want to use until they’re up against the sunset. So you don’t really know what the market is for a game until you get there. Most of the factors that could drive up a price have occurred way out: the team is good, the opponent is good, the opponent is a rival. Those that can drive down a price occur a few days before: weather, family things, cumulative apathy effect, let’s see how I feel that day, your buddy Jason cancels because he can’t get sick or the whole hospital will collapse, and then of course the highly common “Why was I reading Twitter instead of selling my seats when I decided to four weeks ago?”



The cheapest are usually the Friday before the game, unless it’s a Football Armageddon situation where there’s enough “I’ll go if there are tickets available” people to make up for the “yeah, I really need to get those leaves picked up” people. State games are like that. The Game would be like that in competitive years.

We’re actually at a window for Ohio State right now: if you order mail tickets they’ll get to you in about a week, so 11/22. If you wait another day you could save maybe a little money, but also risk running into the Post Office day off for Thanksgiving, and then you’re into Black Friday when the USPO is in post-holiday/everybody bought shit today/and they’re sending Christmas cards! mode. The two seats together in the charts above are still around $200 but you can find a single right now for $160 and that’s basically what The Game price will be.

Unfortunately there are a ton of Buckeyes who fit in that “I’ll go if there are seats available” so I don’t think a Wisconsin loss will have as big of an effect on the ticket prices; it will mean a lot of Michigan fans replaced by Buckeyes.

A win at Wisconsin will jack them up by $50-$70 from where they are now, so either jump on those immediately or wait it out and buy on Thanksgiving or the day after. Also it will feel good. Also, not counting on it.

Last year I wound up getting into Ohio Stadium at $270. Tickets were $100 more than that at this point. For the 2015 game I said to buy at $200 and then I found a really good single seat (Section 2) for $180 at a tailgate.

By the way, as for weather considerations, currently the forecast says it’ll be a normal Game day—slate gray and chilly but not freezing or precipitous. The market won’t realize this, but if it does get crummy out, YOU SHOULD GO TO THE GAME. You know about J.T. Barrett’s weakness, and you know how good he can be when he’s not discomfited by nature’s intrusion. If you weren’t going to this game but tickets drop to the $135 range on Black Friday morning because of an ugly weather report, jump on that and go, dude.


Mad Trucker

November 15th, 2017 at 8:33 AM ^

Bringing my oldest to his first OSU game and was looking for hockey tickets for Friday night. Found 2 @ $50 ea. in section 10. Good buy or is there a scalper market I should try to hit?


November 15th, 2017 at 8:44 AM ^

I am having to relearn everything I knew about the hockey secondary market because the last few years you could get in for free if you knew anybody who goes to games and before that there were always a few tickets available on the walk in for 10 bucks. Also I was a hockey season ticket holder in college when I went to the majority of hockey games in my life so I don't have that same 20 years of scrounging knowledge.


November 15th, 2017 at 8:51 AM ^

..first all hope is NOT lost!  C'mon man!

But, If you have lost hope and can't abide - don't try to sell out for top dollar, probably to OSU fan. Give them to some kids - take the nephew/niece/grandkid and his/her buddy. 
Give/sell cheap to another fan to take a kid.

You just might make their life story.


November 15th, 2017 at 9:10 AM ^

Agree, some awesome person on the blog sold me two tickets for $250 right on the 35 yard line for the 2013 heartbreaker where we lost on the failed two point conversion. Had a blast despite the outcome and was very fortunate to get those tickets for that price.

I'll be shelling out whatever it takes to get to the game this year as Thanksgiving and Christmas are really the only times I'm in the area.


November 15th, 2017 at 10:37 AM ^

This is an outstanding feature that is very helpful for those of us in the secondary market - much appreciated.

BTW I do disagree with your assessment on why prices of tickets are now dropping.  Ticket prices for OSU are dropping because people who would otherwise go are now selling (family situations, apathy, weather, ect) and so those tickets are now being listed.  People who list their OSU tickets in Sept/Oct are doing so for one reason and one reason only - to make a profit on those seats.  Those are the seats to stay away from IMO - wait until the game gets closer and watch as more and more seats get listed.  Back in 2013, for example, I didnt go because my Father in law passed away the week of the game.  No way to know that was going to happen back in Sept so my seats got listed for cheap right before the game.


November 15th, 2017 at 2:04 PM ^

“People who list their OSU tickets in Sept/Oct are doing so for one reason and one reason only - to make a profit on those seats.”

Too much generalization. I buy season tix but live in TX so I only make a handful of games a year. I know which I’ll attend and list the rest. Would be happy to sell the rest to Michigan fans but have had much better luck selling on stub hub than any other exchange. Folks on the spreadsheet are unreasonable with their demands for prices well below market value. Why would I sell to them other than the notion that they *might* be Michigan fans?

Indiana Blue

November 15th, 2017 at 9:52 AM ^

are very possibly the worst in the B1G, when it vomes to selling tickets for big games.   Schools that have huge season ticket fans are Michigan, OSU, PSU, Nebraska , Iowa and Wisconsin.   When ohio comes to Ann Arbor there will be 10,000 buckeye fans (at least that is what it has been in the past).  This never happens at any of the other schools.  If you go to THE GAME ... you know what the past has been.  I've been games at all other schools listed other than ohio - and Michigan fans at these sites have a very small section ONLY.    

UGH ... hate having to sit in a crowd of ohio fans when I am in my season tickets !  And those that go, KNOW this is true.

Go Blue!


November 15th, 2017 at 10:09 AM ^

Its really more psu and osu but those fans are unequivocally more dedicated than the michigan game going crowd.  They are also louder.  In the case of psu they are also much shittier people who support covering up child rape to protect a football program so you take the bad with the good.


November 16th, 2017 at 6:14 AM ^

when the August September realized they just were not going to get more than $200 a seat for two in the corner.

Seats aren't moving that I had been watching, particularly anywhere close to the visitor section.