Thursday Recruiting: What Day Is It Again Edition

Submitted by Brian on April 25th, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Basketball? Basketball

Michigan's extremely-critical 2014 class has a couple of guys who already sport offers but have not committed for reasons that are unclear to me. I mean srsly, you can play for Pilot Walter White in a fun system and go to the Final Four. Commit already you guys.

IN SF Vince Edwards, a guy with a median ranking around 60, says he's down to Michigan and Purdue and is looking for love. These things may not seem related, but they are.

"Just show me, you know?" Edwards said. "Just show me that you're interested. Just show me like you've been showing me."

Edwards on his finalists:

"I like both," Edwards said. "Honestly, I like Michigan because I really think their offense fits my style. Being a 6-7 wing who can shoot, that really fits in with Coach Beilein. He likes guys who can do that, so I think I can really fit in well with him and his offense and he thinks so, too.

"With Coach Painter, what I really like about Purdue is -- they're both actually great coaches -- but Coach Painter had to take some guys and develop them this year and you could tell by the way he coaches that he's a great coach. He can develop players really well."

Purdue's supposed to be in the tentative lead for some reason. I mean, what does Beilein have to do to prove he can develop guys?


Maybe he has to have a who-dat postgrad point guard go off for 17 points in the national championship ga—oh yeah that actually happened and was not a crazy dream we all had collectively. In conclusion, Matt Painter smells faintly of gasoline and Vince Edwards has an obvious choice.

Michigan's after MS SG Devin Booker, of course, and while one suitor probably took itself off the table when Duke took a commitment from big-timer Grayson Allen at Booker's position, Kentucky has now offered. Goody. 

Touted 2015 center Stephen Zimmerman plans a visit, as does($) CA PG Sedrick Barefield. That class is the one in which Michigan's Final Four run should really open up possibilities. It helps with 2014, but the guys they're after are for the most part still the same guys they were after before.

Who's next, Malcolm Streamers lol zing



Michigan picked up their tight end in Ian Bunting, a 3/4 star tweener at the moment who should rise this fall if he can stay on the field for a change. Bunting has the offer list of a clear top 100 guy (M, ND, OSU, OU, USC, etc.) and enormous skillet-sized hands on a 6'7" frame. There is the Hello post;  247 also posted some extra analysis($) after that went up:

Similar to Michigan’s Devin Funchess, Bunting should be a great weapon in the red-zone against smaller defenders. Bunting shows strong hands with the ability to extend and pluck the ball out of the air. … I really like Bunting’s burst in and out of his breaks for as tall and long as he is. The ceiling is very high for Bunting, especially being in a very tight end friendly system at Michigan.

I am hyped about Bunting, and I hear the coaches are too. He was the proverbial #1 TE on their board—and a lot of others.

Actually it's probably Mo Ways

Ways is on campus as you read this. It's hat-eatin' time if he doesn't commit today.

And then probably Kyron Watson


Kyron Watson terrifies Alex Anzalone

IL LB Kyron Watson features in a freebie by Allen Trieu in which his coach flat-out states he's a visit away from a commitment:

"His top two, I think, honestly are Michigan of course and Kansas. Michigan because it’s Michigan. Kansas, it's because of Reggie Mitchell. He's great recruiter for our type of kids, which I’ll call inner-city kids. … I believe, and I can’t speak for Kyron, but as soon as he gets a visit to Michigan, I believe he'll walk away committed to them."

Pencil that in. The days when Charlie Weis could keep kids from Ann Arbor are long over. As for what kind of player Watson is, your keyword is "violent":

It only takes a play or two of Kyron Watson's highlight tape to understand what you're dealing with. The 6'1, 220-pound junior made 142 tackles last season, but it was the three or four at the start of his tape, violent de-cleaters, which immediately caught the eyes of college coaches. …

"He's always been an aggressive kid. Towards the end of year, he began to understand it and blew up in terms of physical contact and meeting them in the hole. He's a special kid. As he grew, the impact of hips became a little more damaging. He came in at like 160-165-pounds. He's 220 now. In two years, he gained basically 60 pounds."

His best other offers are Missouri, Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, and MSU; he does have a believer in ESPN.

And eventually Parrker Westphal

Sullivan catches up with the guy I invariably call a Todd Howard protégé in a lengthy article that confirms a lot of what we already know about him: ie, that he'll probably commit sooner or later. He's got an interesting top five($) forming:

"I told the Michigan coaches that whatever list that I cut down, whether it's a top five or top three, they'll be in it," he said. I'll make that cut probably the summer. I'm hoping earlier, but we'll see. No [other schools have a spot on that list] so far, but Northwestern and Vanderbilt, they're ranked pretty high because academically and athletically they're pretty good. They'll probably be in it.

Always good to see a guy with Vandy and Northwestern as serious options consider M, as those kind of kids are low-attrition sorts that often pick M even when ND, OSU, and Florida are options, as they are for Westphal.

Westphal wants to make a decision before his high school season, which means anyone trying to catch Michigan will have to do so without the opportunity for an official visit.

Also: Westphal talked a lot about how Michigan wants to blitz him, so he may be destined for the nickelback/safety spot that Dymonte Thomas is currently slotted in.

And then those Paramus guys

ESPN's Jared Shanker catches up with both. NJ OL Juwann Bushell-Beatty had previously declared Michigan his leader and basically confirms that:

The Wolverines are in a strong position for the top 10 tackle nationally following the two-day visit earlier this month, which he took with five-star teammate Jabrill Peppers.

“It just felt like a lot of what I was looking for,” the four-star said. “Everything felt like a family. The player felt like real guys; the coaches felt like real guys.”

He maintains a top three of M, Boston College, and Florida, and says he has offers from all plus FSU, Miami, and Tennessee. He says he'll probably pull the trigger in the next couple months.

As for NJ CB Jabrill Peppers, this is a tantalizing headline($) for a guy who just declared Michigan his leader:

Peppers should know future school soon

The money quote:

“Definitely after I visit Stanford I should have it pretty clear where I want to go,” Peppers said.

The five-star cornerback is coming off April trips to LSU, Michigan and Ohio State, and while Peppers did not tip his hand, people close to the dynamic two-way athlete say Michigan has a sizeable lead of those three. He has listed Stanford as his No. 1 for several months and will visit Palo Alto before officially dropping them from the top of his list.

HOWEVA, Peppers isn't going to commit after the Stanford visit, at least not publicly. He plans to take a couple of officials after his high school season, at which point he may as well just announce at an All-Star game. Hopefully that'll be one of those anticlimactic ones.

The Periphery

Touted DC CB Jalen Tabor visited yesterday as part of a team-wide swing through the Midwest. AZ OL Casey Tucker decommits from USC($), may poke around Michigan, doubt we see much come of this. PA S Montae Nicholson has many offers($), refreshingly seems to not give two hoots about deciding between them. Michigan is mentioned in a quasi-top eight.

2015 Stuff

IL DE Terry Beckner, Watson's HS teammate, was one of the best performers($) at the St. Louis Rivals camp:


Despite Hendrix's dominating performance on Sunday, his was not a walkaway MVP win because Beckner nearly matched his interconference foe in level of domination. Beckner is an imposing 6-foot-5 and 260 pounds and shows an advanced technical grasp of his position for a sophomore. He plays with great pad level and has exceptionally fast hands. Most impressive was his two-rep win over four-star offensive guard D.J. Foster, who has been nearly unbeatable in past camps.

Tim Sullivan reports($) that Beckner has an "unofficial offer" that will firm up when the kid gets on campus. His coach:

"Terry will be, at some point, this is my early prediction, a top ten player next year. For his age and size, the skill set he has, he’s a very dominant player and will only get better. He gave what they consider a top 100 player, Dewayne Hendrix, a run for his money as being the best guy there at the camp on Sunday. The sky’s the limit. He will even play a little offense this year. Terry, I believe, will be the first five-star at East St. Louis in this era."

Beckner has the local offers: Illinois, Kansas, Mizzou, Purdue, Nebraska.

Touted Mason Cole teammate and FL WR George Campbell shrinks to 6'3" in this article—a lot of places list him at 6'5"—in which he talks about the broken hand keeping him out of action and says he's talking to Michigan, Auburn, and A&M. He also went to the Vandy and Florida spring games.


QB commit Wilton Speight picks up a Miami offer.



April 25th, 2013 at 12:16 PM ^

Has Watson scheduled a visit yet? Winovich is visiting on the 10th. It seems if Watson gets on campus before that then he has the last LB spot. If he doesn't then it will be Winovich. Just the way it looks to me.


April 25th, 2013 at 12:21 PM ^

I'm cool with either of those guys, as they both look good.  Watson has the film, and Winovich has the offer list.  

Which of those guys commits might determine Ferns's positional fate.  If we pick up Winovich, Ferns is a MIKE.  If we get Watson, however, I think Ferns goes to the SAM (provided we don't take a 3rd LB in this class who is a SAM).  We need a SAM backer in this class, since without one we'd have a senior JMFR and McCray in 2014 which would mean we'd have new starter McCray and true frosh in 2015 which is not good.


April 25th, 2013 at 1:41 PM ^

I agree with Magnus, Gant is certainly a bit smaller at this stage than Gordon was, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Jeremy Clark move there.  Although he's a little on the light side too, he's not even to the fall of his RS frosh season yet and he has the frame to add the bulk more than Gant does.  

I think Jeremy Clark is probably a career back up wherever he plays (that is not a knock on him, but we have a lot of talent) but he might be too big to be a safety soon, kinda like Gordon was.

Mr Mxyzptlk

April 25th, 2013 at 4:03 PM ^

ESPN just did an "exit interview" thing with all of the departing seniors.  One of the questions was about which 2012 red-shirt they expect to make a big impact this year.  At least three of them picked Jeremy Clark and had some really nice things to say about his development and his performance on last years scout team.  I don't think he's going to beat out Thomas Gordon and Jerrod Wilson for the starting safety spots, but it sounds like he has a good chance to see some playing time this year.


April 25th, 2013 at 6:43 PM ^

I didn't mean to say that I didn't think he'd ever see the field, because I think he will.  Just that he won't be a full time starter at any point.  He will be only one year behind Jarrod Wilson and the same year as Dymonte, so he has a tough road.


April 25th, 2013 at 7:23 PM ^

I seem to recall Jerald Robinson used to get hyped up HARD by players in the offseason and then...well, yeah.

NOTE: I am not saying that Clark might not be a decent/good player, rather that you are playing with fire when you take the word of other players' as gospel about how a kid is progressing.


April 25th, 2013 at 1:30 PM ^

I think the coaches might be aiming for three linebackers in this class.  They've offered Watson and a bunch of SAM-type guys.  If Winovich beats him to campus and commits, I don't think that automatically excludes Watson from the class.


April 25th, 2013 at 12:24 PM ^

George Campbell is not 6'5" in the same way Drake Harris is not 6'4".  I know it's hard to tell in pictures, but in the picture with Campbell, Harris, Ferns, Cole and Speight, those first 4 all look to be the same height, and Cole and Ferns are listed at 6'3".  The thing that really sticks out is how Speight absolutely towers over all four of them.  


April 25th, 2013 at 12:27 PM ^

I definitely get a James Ross vibe from Watson, maybe minus the crazy instincts part (I say maybe not because I think he lacks those, just that I've not yet seen that he has them).  He's a little on the shorter side (he was measured at a camp recently at 6foot even) but he has great pad level and will knock the stuffing out of you.  

I want to see him line up against Dan Gibbs just to see what happens.  No offense, Dan Gibbs.  


April 25th, 2013 at 1:35 PM ^

The slightly odd thing is that Ross had crazy instincts in high school, but he wasn't really a huge hitter.  That seems to have developed for Ross once he got to college, perhaps with improved S&C and/or tackling technique.  Comparing them at the same stages, Watson is a bigger hitter but yeah, he's not quite as instinctive as Ross.

turd ferguson

April 25th, 2013 at 1:53 PM ^

I would imagine you're right, but it's a little odd that Rivals immediately bumped his interest in Miami to "Medium." They didn't do that when NC State offered and don't typically do that as far as I know.

Does anyone know if Rivals heard something?


April 25th, 2013 at 4:57 PM ^

He's from Middletown, the home if Chris Carter and Jerry Lucas. I know this, because I'm from Franklin, which is the next city over and also the home of 2015 SG Luke Kennard. Hopefully Vince and Luke can bump the buckeye trend as I did, and become Wolverines. Vince's older brother went to Penn St a couple years ago, and is now at Miami, oh playing, fwiw.


April 25th, 2013 at 1:19 PM ^

He glanced out the window, giving his reddened eyes a break from the steady light of the monitor.  The twitter feed, mostly banal and occasionally clever, had yet to yield the one piece of information he waited for.  On another tab, the words had already been carefully ordered and waited only for a single click to be hurled unto the world.  The submit button ached to be touched, but our humble blogger could only wait.  Refresh, and wait.  


April 25th, 2013 at 1:16 PM ^

"Just show me, you know?" Edwards said. "Just show me that you're interested. Just show me like you've been showing me."

Ugh. . . sounds like something I said to someone in my twenties, and I was very late to mature.  No, Michigan does not exist to put a silver spoon in your mouth; the entire culture to its very roots its that it's bigger than any one person.

It's a bit of a surprise to see this, because I'm used to seeing Michigan recruit athletes who speak as well as I did in my early thirties.  Which says a lot about how spoiled I am as a Michigan fan -- this is pretty much how most high schoolers talk -- but there it is.  As far as recruit maturity goes, this is an outlier.


April 26th, 2013 at 7:14 AM ^

Who said it was OK to say in my late twenties?  Did you miss the "and I was very late to mature" part of the post, or does everyone around here always try to read posts the most antagonistic possible way?

Yeesh, I openly admit I was a goddamn man-child through my late twenties compared to this kid who's really just being a kid and someone here still gets upset.  I think I'm going to stick to "Michigan rocks yay" posts from now on; that seems to keep everyone happy.

Perkis-Size Me

April 25th, 2013 at 1:19 PM ^

"Just show me, you know?"

You're getting shown interest in the form of an athletic scholarship to a great program and great university. This kid almost sounds a little like Treadwell.