Thursday Recruitin' Comment Count

Tim September 16th, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Remember, all-time updates can be found on the 2011 Michigan Football Recruiting Board. If you have any recruiting tips or questions, you can e-mail them to me at [email protected] or tweet @varsityblue. For game updates on Wolverine commits, check out the Friday Night Lights series.

The past couple weeks have been heavy with updates on official visitors, but with MIchigan taking on a couple lesser opponents i the next two weeks, important visits are likely on hold until the Michigan State game. Stay tuned later for a visitor's list for that game.


NC QB Marquise Williams (at right) is committed to North Carolina, but that won't stop him from officially visiting Michigan ($, info in header). No word on how serious the interest is, or whther Michigan is even in a position where they can use a second scholarship on a quarterback.

FL RB Demetrius Hart (whom you may have heard of) still favors Michigan over Auburn and Alabama, but has added Arkansas to his list as well. He's officially visiting the Tigers this weekend, but is expected to pick Michigan sometime soon. He will enroll early at his school of choice, so a decision will be coming soon.

NJ TE Jack Tabb will take his time finishing up the recruiting process. Michigan, North Carolina, and the Florida schools seem to be out front for him at this point.

According to WTKA, MI DE/OL Anthony Zettel skipped out on an official visit to Iowa... to watch Michigan play on TV. That sounds pretty positive for the Wolverines' chances of landing him. He intends to visit both Michigan and MIchigan State on Saturday. He now plans to wait until the end of the season to make a decision.

MGoBlog's own TomVH runs down a list of recruits who may be swayed toward Michigan with the strong start to the football season. Anthony Zettel and IL OL Chris Bryant are just a couple of the prospects who have taken notice of the Denarding. Click through to the Diary to see who else is being convinced. Tom's weekly update contains more information on several prospects.

TN OL Antonio Richardson might try to visit Michigan at some point this year.

Recruiting fluff on MI DT Eric Crume. With Michigan's need for DTs, they probably aren't interested in him if they haven't offered by now.

IL DE James Adeyanju has narrowed his list to five schools ($, info in header), and Michigan isn't among them.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution runs down the recruitment of NC LB/WR Kris Frost:

Auburn, Cal, FSU, Michigan, North Carolina and Southern Cal are all supposed to get visits. So there are plenty of takers out there.

Michigan's strong season may be helping convince him that Ann Arbor is a place he can come to win championships.


FL S Ha'sean Clinton-Dix (pictured at right) is about "85 percent" committed to Alabama. Despite softening up his commitment status, MIchigan is not one of his top schools. Florida, Florida State, and USC are his top non-Alabama suitors.

FL CB/S Jonathan Aiken currently favors Rutgers and Illinois.

Despite his commitment to Florida State, FL S Karlos Williams is still interested in a few schools, including MIchigan:

"I'm committed to FSU, but I'm still watching FSU, Miami, USC, Michigan, and Ohio State," he said. Karlos had previously stated that he may take some of his official visits, if the schools he's monitoring are having good seasons, and if he has the time.

Though he sounds likely to stick with FSU, the Wolverines' chnces will improve dramatically if he takes a visit to Ann Arbor.

LA CB Daren Kitchen is thinking about visiting for the Michigan State game ($, info in header). Though he doesn't hold an offer from the Wolverines yet, Michigan and Texas A&M are his top two.

The Distant Future. The Year 2012

Local fluff on FL OL Abraham "Nacho" Garcia, including a list of top schools:

"I'm looking at LSU, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and UM. I've visited a lot of colleges. For right now, those are the top [ones]. So until I see other colleges that's how it's going to stay for a while."

He's' previously said SU leads for him, but there's plenty of time to sway him.

MIchigan is among the suitors for IL DT Vincent Valentine. He'll take his time making a decision (which means there's a looooooong way to go in his recruitment).

OH DE Chris Wormley visited Michigan for the UConn game ($, info in header), as did MI LB James Ross ($, info in header).



September 16th, 2010 at 10:35 AM ^

He's seen enough of the campus, the institution, and the football program to have enough information about us to make a decision one way or the other. The fact that Hart is adding schools to his list tells me that this is far from over.

Maize and Blue…

September 16th, 2010 at 11:19 AM ^

Dee will be blue.  Probably would be already if there was no doubt about RR (extension) being here.  Let him enjoy one of the perks of being an elite HS player-free trips to college campuses for a game and being treated like a king.   If he doesn't make it back up for either MSU or Iowa (with friends tagging along) then I will start to sweat.  If it's Iowa it would be nice if we are already bowl eligible and all doubt about RR returning has been removed.


September 16th, 2010 at 10:54 AM ^

I am surprised that many good recruits still like FSU so much. Their program has been a disaster for a while. The guy who made them into a powerhouse is no longer there and its not in a great city or great with academics. I can understand Miami, because of the city, but if you really had the choice between Florida, USC or FSU, why would you choose FSU?


September 16th, 2010 at 12:18 PM ^

Yes, Bowden is gone, but the whole coach in waiting was a huge problem.  Over the pasted few years it seemed Bowden would be coming back for 1 more year only to return yet again.  Jimbo was the coach in waiting for a decade it seemed.  With the University finally making a decision as to the direction of the program the recruits now know who’s ultimately running the team.  It seemed towards the end the cohesion between Bowden and Jimbo started to erode and in regards to the players if daddy didn’t tell them what they’d want to hear they’d run to mommy.

 Outside of that every major program will always maintain interest in the eyes of elite recruits.  Look @ Notre Dame, yes they have great academics, but the city of South Bend has nothing to offer, the weather’s nothing to brag about, you have to live in the dorms all 4 years, and their program’s been a bigger joke than FSU has of late.  All in all let’s be honest the majority of elite level recruits are looking on what program will get them into the league not if they’ll be graduating with honors.  There will always be a 1-2 yr bump in recruiting when a new coach takes over a traditional powerhouse.  If Jimbo doesn’t put it together on the field recruits will starts looking else ware.


September 16th, 2010 at 1:23 PM ^

I know that "The U" is UM in Florida, but it still took me a couple of minutes to figure out which UM Nacho was referring to - I figured it was either Miami, Minnesota, or he really was confused about how to reference the Wolverines so he went with Michigan and UM and figured he would cover his bases with both.

As for Hart, I'll agree with others that he is probably a lock but wants to (a) take some free trips to fun college towns, and (b) make sure RR is going to be the coache next year.  I actually think we'll see a flood of commits once UM becomes bowl eligible (esp. if by going 6-0), as that will all but assure RR's continued employment at UM.


September 16th, 2010 at 1:24 PM ^

funny how the meaning of "commitment" has changed with regard to recruiting.  From a nounish substance to more like "I am committed" like a smoker is committed to the concept of not smoking while lighting up.  Just say "this is the school I like the best so far."  Enough of this commtment stuff when you are taking an official visit to another school the following week!


September 16th, 2010 at 2:26 PM ^

Because a verbal commitment isn't binding, it will never be as permanent as the word "commitment" implies. Since nothing is binding until NSD, all you can do is hold your spot with a school until then, and that's what a verbal commitment is. You pick one school that you'd like a spot saved for you. You can only pick one school at a time, and if you give up your spot at one school, there's no saying they don't fill it with someone else. And I'm fine with that.


September 16th, 2010 at 1:28 PM ^

Keep the wins coming boys!  Great work as always Tom. Really nice to see a lot of these guys high on Michigan, looking like this class is going to be a pretty nice one!