Things Cooler Than Football: Tandem Bikes

Submitted by Heiko on March 28th, 2012 at 11:40 AM

This morning on gchat:

Brian: wait... tandem bike?
me: yes
Brian: i think i'm going to need that transcribed and put in a separate post.
me: haha okay
Brian: thank you.


via Jake Ryan's Twitter account: Graham Glasgow on left, Taylor Lewan on right, or "Roughly 600 pounds..."

Do you ride around Ann Arbor on a tandem bike?

“I do. I ride a twosy bike. That’s not leaving Ann Arbor. I’m keeping that twosy bike.”

Is there ever someone on the back?

“Oh yeah. I give rides. I carpool. I ride with a couple guys. Drew Dileo’s in the back of the thing all the time. You guys know Chris Brown from hockey. He’s on there, too.”

Is the weight distribution an issue?

“No. There’s really no problem with that. Do you have any more football questions at all?”

What has Elliott Mealer done this spring to move into the left guard position?

“Elliott Mealer’s a fifth year senior. He’s been through two coaches. He knows football. He gets it. Coming in, I think he’s doing a phenomenal job. I have 100% confidence in him. If he’s the guy I play next to in the fall, I’ll be excited about it.

“Anything else? You guys just want to talk about the tandem bike. I get it.”

When’d you get it?

“A couple weeks ago.”

Where from?

“There’s a place on North Campus called Midwest Bike & Tandem … I’ve always wanted a tandem bike, a twosy. So I had to get it.

“Do you have any other football questions?”


“You good? Okay you guys have a great day.”



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Some questions for further press conferences. What are the specs on the bike? Is the seat height a problem? Why baby blue? Do you always take the front seat? Is who gets the front seat ever a source of tension? If so how do you resolve it? Do not let this issue slide.


March 28th, 2012 at 11:57 AM ^

I saw him and what might've been Glasgow (Idk) coming right at me last week. Both were rocking tank tops and the dude on the back had an American flag swimsuit on. Kind of scary to see that much person coming at me that fast.


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Sorry if off topic, but I MUST have that helmet at the top.  Where did you find it????  Is this something one can purchase from the Mgoblog Store?

And please don't say QVC....I hate that damn channel. 

/rabble rabble, midnight shopping...rabble rabble...too much alcohol....

Edit:  Nevermind....found it!!  It will be mine, oh will be mine.


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I know right.  They should have knee pads and elbow pads on too when they ride that unsafe contraption.  Also a motocross chest protector would be ideal.  Why are they not wearing mouthguards don't they know they could brake (Boom) their teeth out with that dangerous thing.  I mean, don't you know they ride it on the sidewalk like less than 15 feet from traffic?!?!?!  Such risk takers these kids.


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Not to make you guys jealous or anything, but I had lunch with Taylor two years ago at the Women's Football Academy. I'm signed up again this year - I'll report back. And I'll definitely grill him on the whole tandem thing, and maybe even ask for a ride. 


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For calling Barnum Will Campbell, while recognizing some female reporter in the background, it'd be sexist to put a female poster on a pedestal and treat them like fragile flowers that can't handle the same kidding. The line would have been just as funny as typed if aamichfan typed it. Maybe funnier. And I'd have been glad to point it out then, too. Because he can take a joke. Lighten up, Francis.


March 29th, 2012 at 11:18 AM ^

I wasn't accusing you of acting like a delicate flower.  I was accusing him of treating you like one. I find the whole "ooohhhh, wow..shiny, a girl on a football blog" to be as sexist as anything. You're a football fan.  You should be treated like any other football fan on here...mercilessly.  Until you show you don't know what your talking about...then one gets bombed like every other guy poster who doesn't know what he's talking about. The only difference between what you posted and what would have happened if a guy posted it is the latter probably would have come with a NTTAWWT tag.  So I don't think that you came off as overly sensitive. Just the guy who thinks the women folk need defending. (Even from other women, apparently).


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Me: HAHAHARHAR, look at those idiots on the tandem bike


Me: Oh my God they are huge and I think they heard us

Friend: Oh Shi*

Me: (pointing at friend) He said it, you can rip his arms off and beat me with them

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The difference between UM and Ohio can be summed up pictorial by comparing Lewan on his bike with Pryor next to his Corvette - - unless of course some alumnus bought him the bike.


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GREAT place. Really helpful. I bought my recumbent trike from them. They had one in the shop and let me take it out in the parking lot and cruise around all I wanted to test it.