Tamani Carter Leaves Program

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NEWS ITEM: Brady Hoke announced at Media Day that redshirt freshman Tamani Carter has left the program. Carter had obviously not seen the field. He was the first guy to ever commit to Brady Hoke, signing up as part of Michigan's late "oh crap we have a month before Signing Day and need ten guys" blitz. Michigan actually snatched him from Minnesota a mere eleven days after he'd committed to the Gophers. He also claimed Iowa and Stanford offers, though it seemed like they went off the board midway through his senior season.

No idea why the guy left yet but if I had to guess it's that he saw the writing on the wall about playing time. He was a non-entity in the spring when Allen Gant and Josh Furman weren't around and may have slipped further down the depth chart after their arrival/reinstatement.

Carter's departure takes Michigan down to 76 scholarship players this year and takes the open spots for the class of 2013 up to 22 plus any fifth years who don't return, though there are a couple of walk-ons (Burzynski and Brink) who might make a case for themselves as scholarship guys a la Kovacs. Sam Webb has been saying that Michigan is planning a class of 25 on WTKA; by my figuring Michigan is still two players over once fifth year decisions are factored in. That's not much of a concern six months from Signing Day, since things like injuries and depth charts and allegations happen to football players.

OTHER NEWS ITEMS: Clark and Toussaint will return to practice on Monday; no decision has yet been made about suspensions. Roy Roundtree had his knee scoped and will be out two weeks.



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...Roy had to have his knee scoped. Any word on what that is all about? Sometimes that is nothing, but sometimes it is related to a nagging injury. I don't want to sound an alarm, but I do wonder if anyone has more info regarding Roy's knee.


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  I can't help but think we're getting some improvements in the skill and measurables at every position.  It's interesting to see behind the curtain a little bit to help understand why we are recruiting for positions that aren't immediately obvious to those of us outside Ft. Bo.


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First, best of luck, Mr. Carter.

Second, the maths:

  • 76 currently on scholarship
  • (minus) 13 are in their final year of elegibility*
  • (plus) 23 currently committed
  • (plus) 2 yet-to-be committed
  • (equals) 86 scholarship players for 2013

So a 25-person incoming class of 2013 means we need exactly one more person to not get a 5th year, choose to leave on their own terms, or get booted.


* D.Robinson, V.Smith, R.Roundtree, B.Moore, E.Mealer, P.Omameh, R.Barnum, W.Campbell, C.Roh, K.Demens, B.Hawthorne, JT.Floyd, J.Kovacs


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88- (unrenewed fifth years + NFL jumps + regular attrition over a full season)= we'll be fine. 

Already time to start switching the math to loking at how to get the 2014 class to something like 20, i'm done worrying about this years numbers.


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Wishing Tamani Carter good health and good fortune wherever the next step on his path towards a college degree and college football career might be, but thinking of what they could’ve been playing at Schembechler Hall after hearing the news. 


Blue boy johnson

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I like Coach Hoke's approach: "He's a great young man, tremendous kid, but he decided to leave" as opposed to Coach Rodriguez's: "I only talk about people who play for Michigan". 


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Top Row:
T-Wolf (Troy Woolfolk), lost 2010 and was banged up so bad he was only a shadow of himself in 2011. Graduated.
Mike Williams, concussions forced him to quit football after RS So season. Graduated in 2011.
Boubacar Cissoko, kicked off team in 2009. Would have graduated in 2011.
Adrian Witty, didn't qualify.
Vladimir Emilien, transferred, would have been a RS jr this year
Jared Van Slyke, rising walk-on injured and left football. Graduated in 2011

2nd Row:
Justin Turner, transferred and busted, would have been a RS junior
Tamani Carter, just left program as RS freshman
Carvin Johnson, transferred last year. Would have been a junior
Demar Dorsey, didn't qualify, would have been a junior

3rd row:
Crying Biff the Wolverine
Terrence Talbott, transferred this fall, would have been a junior
Cullen Christian, transferred after 2010, would have been a junior
Ray Vinopal, transferred after 2010, would have been a junior

Bottom row:
Gregg Brown, transferred last year. Would have been a RS freshman
Donovan Warren, left early for the NFL and went undrafted in 2010, foregoing that his senior season