Stupid Knees

Submitted by Brian on August 21st, 2008 at 10:41 AM

Not a great day to be out of pocket, as Rich Rodriguez’s brief media-talking time at the Brock Mealer charity bowling thing was unpleasantly newsy:

  • Cory Zirbel’s knee injury is severe and he may miss the season.
  • Terrence Robinson “tweaked” his knee and will be out “several weeks.”

As mentioned before, Zirbel’s injury strips the interior line of its one reasonable backup, as David Molk steps into the starting lineup. The next guy off the bench will be either a true freshman—probably Rocko Khoury—or a guy who was a defensive tackle until Zirbel went down. There’s zero margin for error here.

Robinson’s injury isn’t as bad with Martavious Odoms, Sam McGuffie, and Michael Shaw all impressing. It is still not fun times.