Spring Practice Presser Transcript 3-28-13

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  • Jake Ryan had his surgery on Thursday.
  • "No update" on Will Hagerup's suspension.

Opening remarks:

“We’re going to get after it pretty good tomorrow. I thought we had a good practice. I think it was practice eight. I think we’ve done a nice job of competing. I think a lot of the young guys are really doing a good job in the competition area and also how they’re grasping the things that we’re doing offensively and defensively.”

Has Jake Ryan had surgery yet?


Do you have any sense of his recovery timeline is?

“No. I think everybody’s different, so I think -- nine months, 12 months some people say. Some people say six to nine. I think it just depends on the individual.”

How have other guys like Cam Gordon responded since Jake’s injury?

“I think they had that impetus anyway because the competition that we want to have. I don’t think Cam is doing anything differently than he did before. I think we moved Brennen over there a little bit because he’s played some for us. Gives us another body. I don’t think they’ve changed their work habits, their study of their game, their work ethic.”

Do you anticipate getting Jake back at all?

“Well I hope so. We’re being very optimistic.”

Wouldn’t that not be until mid-season?

“I can’t make those predictions. I’m not qualified.”

Is Fitz Toussaint ahead of where he was expected to be?

“I think his progress has gone well. I think everyone who has the medical knowledge of where he’s at -- I think they think he’s ahead of where they may have thought he would be.”

Do you feel like it’s likely he’ll be back for the first game?

“Well again, I think it’s hard. We’re optimistic for it, yeah.”

How has Frank Clark looked? He obviously had a good season last year.

“I think he’s done a nice job. I think we have a great competition. Beyer plays that position some. Ojemudia’s doing a really nice job. And Taco. I think all three of those guys or four of them to some degree are doing a nice job. I think Frank had a great winter in the weight room. I think we thought he did a really nice job through the conditioning aspect of it.”

You coached a lot of different quarterbacks. What kind of traits would you like Devin to emulate?

“Well, you know, I think you want a quarterback who, number one, manages the game and manages the ball. You have a guy who can make sure we don’t give the ball up. Decision making’s all part of that. That’s a trait you want and I think that’s one he understands.”

Does he have a leadership style similar to anyone you’ve coached before?

“I don’t know. I really can’t answer that. I think you’ll see more through the summer. I think you’ll see more in fall camp.”

How has Brennen Beyer looked after switching positions?

“Good. Brennen’s a smart kid. He has a high football intellect, a high educational intellect. I think he’s a kid that loves to play. I think he’s a guy that’s really changed his body, continued to physically. He can handle anything, especially from the mental process.”

Does he have to change his body again?

“No. No. Because we’re multiple enough to do a lot of different things.”

Any update on Hagerup’s status?


Will he play or practice at all this spring?

“No update.”

MGoQuestion: Last season coach Mattison seemed pretty excited about the defensive linemen who were redshirting. How have they looked?

“I think they all -- I’m not going to pick one guy out -- but I think they’ve all done a nice job. I think when you look at numbers from the weight room and numbers from the body fat and the lean muscle and all the things that go with that and how they run around on the field, how they absorb. Because most of those guys don’t absorb quite as much because once they get to scout teams, technique and fundamentals may be the same but what you call it is different. I think they’re doing a nice job with all those intangibles and out here they’re working really hard.”

MGoFollowup: When we asked Mattison about whether you had any pass rushers in that group, he said, “Oh yeah.” Who are they?

“Oh yeah.”

MGoFutility: Is that it?


How is Raymon Taylor doing?

“You know, I think Raymon’s done a really good job. It’s exciting to see Blake because he’s doing everything but full drills. I think how Ray really is taking it seriously. I think Courtney’s playing better. He seems to be moving better. He seems to be more physical. I think we’ll have a nice skillset of guys to compete with.”

Chris Wormley is fully back now?


How has that been?

“Well I think it’s always just a mental process. The healing process is done. There’s always a mental process to them getting back on the field and wanting to get back on the field. I think some guys always have a little shyness. I think Chris is really, eight practices, has really come a long way.”

Have any of the other guys been fully cleared as well?

“[Kaleb] Ringer’s done more. Chris [Bryant’s] done some. I don’t think he’s there. Antonio Poole has done very little team stuff. But other than that, no.”

Do you anticipate any of those guys getting cleared by the end of spring?

“No. I don’t think so. I think Kaleb probably is the closest. I don’t think Antonio will be. Blake probably could be but we won’t do anything contact-wise with him.”

Is it hard to assess what Chris Bryant could be bringing to the table?

“The only thing that I can go on is when he got hurt, he was really starting, we thought, to get it and to come on a little bit. Now through this process, he’s got to manage his weight because that’s part of the pressure that you put on your legs and knees. I think he’s done a pretty good job of coming back and doing everything that he feels he can. I think he’s doing more now, if that makes sense.”

Has Desmond Morgan stepped up his leadership? Anyone else on defense?

“I think Thomas Gordon has. I think Des has, but I think Des is more of a man of action than word. I think Quinton Washington’s the same way. Jibreel has been positive for us in that leadership role, and Cam has.”

How do the early enrollee freshmen look? Have they acclimated to college yet?

“I think they acclimated well. I think the six of them, obviously this is a big change from going to school to the food you eat to doing your own laundry to playing a brand new style of football. But I think all of them have done a nice job of making progress.”

Do you think Russell Bellomy has a chip on his shoulder?

“I think Russell has always had a chip on his shoulder. I think that’s good. I think he uses it to his benefit.”

Is the improved team speed from conditioning or is it from having been in the same system for three years?

“I think that’s a big part of it. Number one, the players, the athletes. The next part of it is them understanding the defense because defense is such a reactionary part of football. I think all those things and playing faster.”

MGoQuestion: As a staff, do you keep track of players’ times (i.e. 40-yard dash, shuttle, etc)?


MGoSkeptical: How do you assess their speed?

“By how good a guy runs from point A to point B on the football field.”

MGoUnsatisfied: Just by looking?

“You can tell.”

Do you think any of your freshmen are good enough to play in the fall?

“I think they’ve all done a nice job. I think all of them have acclimated well educationally in the classroom and socially and football-wise.”

Seems like Jake Butt is in a position of need …

“Yeah, but we have a long time before we kick off the season.”

Is Frank Clark usually athletic?

“Frank’s unusual. But Frank has an ability -- a God-given ability, but there’s a lot more of those guys.”

How is he unusual?

“He’s got great instinct. He’s got a suddenness to him.”



March 29th, 2013 at 11:36 AM ^

Hoke starts with saying 12 months...my heart sinks.



March 29th, 2013 at 11:40 AM ^

Even if he takes 6 months to recover, he still has to get some practice in before he sees the field, so you'd probably only see him for a few games at the end of the season. Just don't expect him to be back by next season and you'll be pleasantly surprised when he shows up on the field.


March 29th, 2013 at 11:50 AM ^

6 Months from today puts him at the end of Sept.    I don't understand anyone putting any faith on him being ready for this year.   Adrian Peterson was the freak of freaks to get ready in 9 months.   9 months has him ready to play the bowl.    Just let the kid get his legs under him and get ready for 2014.


March 29th, 2013 at 11:47 AM ^

Who was asking the Frank Clark questions?   "Obviously he had a good year last year"     It wasn't that obvious to everyone watching the games.     "Is Frank Clark usually athletic"    Not even sure what this means.  Is that supposed to be "unusually"?     


March 29th, 2013 at 11:58 AM ^

...absolutely hilarious how he stonewalls, give's non-answers, and shows little respect for the whole point of the press conference?

Hoke makes these pressers as pointless as possible, and it used to annoy the shit out of me.  Now, I find them hilarious and can't wait to see what level he can take this to.  Additionaly, I am getting some good lines I can use during my year-end review.  


March 29th, 2013 at 5:12 PM ^

bordering on the humorous, the way he is non-committal about everything.  But the coaches have to walk a fine line during spring and fall practice, especially spring.  They want to send out postive vibes about the team and its prospects, but they don't want to create unreasonable expectations and they also don't want guys reading and hearing about how great they're doing, so that they think they've got the line on a starting job and don't need to keep working their asses off.

I watch for the rare cases when a coach singles a player out for praise...that tends to really mean something.  For everything else, I just get used to not really knowing much from what the coaches say publicly.


March 29th, 2013 at 12:38 PM ^

Brennen Beyer has a "high educational intellect", but I find it distrubing that neither he, nor any of the players, have worked on their genetics yet this Spring.


March 29th, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^

I think I really love Hoke but I think we could also allow the MGoTranscribers to omit "I think" from the beginning of every sentence. I think we can save pixels and insert it mentally.

I think this defense is going to be solid.



March 29th, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^


MGoQuestion: As a staff, do you keep track of players’ times (i.e. 40-yard dash, shuttle, etc)?


MGoSkeptical: How do you assess their speed?

“By how good a guy runs from point A to point B on the football field.”

MGoUnsatisfied: Just by looking?

“You can tell.”


March 29th, 2013 at 2:03 PM ^

There's really only a few times a game where any player might run 40 yds in somewhat of a straight line - punt coverage and kickoff coverage (but you'll probably be dodging blockers at some point), a wr on a fly route, a ball carrier who breaks into the open field. 


March 29th, 2013 at 4:41 PM ^

I'm not familiar with this "Oh Yeah" fellow.  Is he a walk-on?  Same school as Tacopants?  We'll have to keep tabs on him.

/ Sudden urge to Photoshop Frank Clark's face on the Kool-Aid pitcher