Slow news day

Submitted by Brian on January 25th, 2005 at 5:27 PM

CFN has a mock draft up w/ two columns, the way they expect the draft to go and the way it would go if they were making the picks. Braylon goes number one in he latter. Marlin and Shazor are mid-first rounders in the latter as well. (The former just has BE at #9.)

Amaker PC upcoming on Horton. Three recruits left on the board: Nic Harris, James McKinney, and Eugene Germany. McKinney may announce before Signing Day, Harris will announce on signing day, and Germany could announce anywhere from now until next fall. So wouldn't expect a whole lot of action. 2006 recruit names are beginning to work their way into recruitnikland, but no one will talk about it until Feb 3.

I've got DL and DB summaries coming when the recruits announcements are official, and then an overall impression plus a brief look at 2006. Stay tuned as they say.