Signing Day Liveblog-a-palooza

Submitted by Tim on February 3rd, 2010 at 2:38 PM

Update: Parker to Washington, Dorsey to Michigan, no decommits. Bumping this to the top.

Your stream-of-consciousness will take place in the handy box below. Most important updates (i.e. commitment posts) will be added to the main page. Hold on to your hats, this should be an exciting one!



February 3rd, 2010 at 11:55 AM ^

With all the receivers signing with Michigan or already on campus for 2010, I thought I'd put together a handy "You Might Remember Me From Such Former Players As" guide.

When mgoblog says a receiver reminds might you of the following players, this is what they really are saying:

"Jason Avant"
Any guy who can catch but has no jets. Projection: emergency safety

"David Terrell"
Tall, very tall. Projection: tall and awesomey

"Keston Cheathem"
Tall like Terrell but can't run. Projection: tight end

"Amani Toomer"
Runs good routes, awesome name. Projection: runs good routes, awesome name

"Mario Manningham"
Speedy. Projetion: deep threat who can't catch

"Steve Breaston"
Spindly high school QB. Projection: redshirted deep threat who can't catch

"Braylon Edwards"
Legacy 2-star. Projection: total flier

"Desmond Howard"
Returns kicks, too tall for slot. Projection: awesome

"Anthony Carter"
Wouldn't pull this out except for a golden child. Projection: All-American

"Marquise Walker"
Is a receiver. Projection: Diallo Johnson

"Markus Knight"
Is 5'11. Projection:

"Carl Tabb"
Ran track. Projection: backup

Smurfy. Projection: slot, potential ninja