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Shea Patterson Returning For Senior Year Comment Count

Brian December 21st, 2018 at 4:58 PM

Via Chengelis:

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson repeatedly has said during the season his experience with the Wolverines has been the best of his football life.

With that in mind, Patterson has decided to return to the Wolverines for his final year of eligibility, he told The Detroit News on Friday.

“I think my original plan was to come here and help the team out as much as I could,” Patterson, who transferred from Ole Miss a year ago, told The News. “The thoughts were maybe come out after one year, so I think there might have been some speculation there. At this point, I feel like everybody thinks I’m coming back. Excited to get that out there so they know.”

Unless Patterson has the same injury fate that Wilton Speight did this will be the first time in Harbaugh's tenure at Michigan that he has returning starter at QB for most of the year. 


Sparty Doesn't Know

December 23rd, 2018 at 8:29 AM ^

Yeah, that would be a genius move.  "Hey Shea, fuck off, this guy that has thrown 15 garbage time passes is the truth."  Programs don't decide who plays based on if a 19 year old is going to get his panties in a bunch. 

What good would it do to transfer, anyway?  He is just going to have to battle an established starter or deal with the backup that has been waiting in the wings.  Or....he can stay, continue to outperform the other backups and start for 2 years for a top-10 team.



December 23rd, 2018 at 5:40 PM ^

Yeah, he’s a redshirt sophomore next year isn’t he?


Staying he has a heck of a future ahead of him. And he gets one more year. 

He can play for a shot this year, and if he doesn’t get it this is one downside in a win (free degree) win (great alumni network) win (two years likely starting in a good system with coaches with pro contacts) situation.

I’d  guess Peters is gone. And Milton maybe if he can’t unseat Mccaffery in a couple years