Seriously interesting McKinney article

Submitted by Brian on January 14th, 2005 at 4:53 PM

So, this is a little old (Dec. 18th) but I hadn't seen it before. It's basically a McKinney recruiting story from a guy who runs one of the OSU sites, but it has an absolute ton of quotes from the guy.

Here's this one, in reference to his finals-week official visit:

"Any city in any college campus would be kind of dull during finals week. I

don't think nothing of it. Kids are studying, everyone's got to study," he said.

"I ain't no big partyer myself anyway, but it was just boring. It was a boring

place to be I ain't going to lie. Everybody's studying and I'm on a visit and

I'm a recruit and I ain't doing no work or nothing, I'm going to be bored too.

Everybody is busy. It was boring, I ain't going to lie."

Stuff I didn't know but do now: Grant Mason is his cousin, schools compare him to Trevor Pryce, and, uh, one of his favorite D-line coaches... Greg Mattison(!). Worth readin'.