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who are you going to believe, a black and white 1950s comic strip or common sense?

YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED THE JOB. Michigan is talking to people now. One of those people was David Cutcliffe or his agent, which led wildly inaccurate insider Gil "Thorp" Brandt to assert that he had been offered the job and turned it down. What actually happened: Michigan gauged his interest and he said no thanks*. Or nothing at all, but taking public statements from the people involved at face value is never advisable in a coaching search.

If Michigan did contact him, why would Cutcliffe say "no thanks"?  He's 60 and underwent triple-bypass surgery in 2005 that he thought might end his coaching career; Duke was described to me as a "surprise retirement job" for him. Anyone could call him and he would not leave Durham, where he has infinite job security and a level of commitment he can be comfortable with.

What does this say about Michigan's end? They're casting a wide net and poking anyone who looks like a quality college head coach so they have a list of interested people in the event they don't get Harbaugh. Asking after Cutcliffe is a good idea—he's a terrific coach. Or it means nothing at all in the event it didn't happen.

NEXT UP ON LET'S GO NUTS ABOUT A PHONE CALL. Michigan talked to Les Miles's agent yesterday, according to everyone except LSU. (See what I am saying about public statements?) This spawned a WHAT DOES IT MEAN thread on the board that was a little overheated—not that I expected anything else. It's clear that Miles is a guy Michigan should ask about if their policy is "let's talk to good head coaches," even if there remain conflicts between Miles and big chunks of the program alumni.

A call is a call. It means that Miles is not entirely off the list; it doesn't mean much more than that. It has spawned a lot of insiders chattering about how he might be #2 on the list, which would be a shock to me. If so, Hackett is an OG for real. There are a lot of "over my dead body" hurdles to clear there.

An alternate possibility: Hackett made a very public overture to Miles—every newspaper and site had it yesterday, and prominently—in an effort to spur Harbaugh to a decision. That doesn't necessarily mean Miles isn't a legit candidate. The nature of the contact when everything else is murky and disputed is a clear signal to Harbaugh, though.

*HERE IS HOW THIS WORKS. Search firms create a pool of candidates; when they do that they make sure that pool consists of people actually inclined to take the job. A reader who's been involved in these sorts of things details the process:

Anybody who’s been involved in either side of a job search conducted by a search firm knows that the search firm’s job is to create a pool of candidates.  As a potential candidate, you get a call (or, I guess if you are important enough, your agent gets it) from a staffer at the search firm. The person asks you whether you’d be interested in being a candidate. (Sometimes the first question is whether you know anybody who’d be interested and would be a good candidate.) 

You ask about the process - how many people are they contacting?  What’s the timeline?  In my world, to commit to the process, you actually have to do something like write a letter of interest and submit your C.V, and I don’t know if that’s true for coaches.  But you DO have to commit to expending time, energy, and the possibility of disappointment if you say “yes.” 

So from time to time I will get a call about an opening because I’m a plausible candidate, even if it is only to make sure that the firm has fulfilled its duty to create the pool. And in most cases, I’ll make an immediate decision that throwing my hat in the ring isn’t worth it, because the likelihood of getting the job just isn’t worth the physical and psychic costs.

The news story on Cutcliffe in particular struck home that way. He’s a plausible candidate to have in the pool. He’s got a good job. He’s not likely to make the final cut.  He says, “no, thanks, I’m not interested,” not because he wouldn’t like the idea of being the coach at Michigan (just as I wouldn’t mind being the dean at the XYZ Law School), but because he says or thinks, as I do, if Jim Hackett (or the equivalent provost in my case) really wants me, have him give me a call and we can cut to the chase, but I’m not willing just to fill out your NCAA 64 team bracket.”

There, I feel better.


Michigan is obviously creating this pool in earnest now.

BUT WHAT ABOUT HARBAUGH? I don't think this means much about Harbaugh. It rules out wildly optimistic scenarios in which Harbaugh has already agreed to the job and is going to punch Jed York on the field Sunday before escaping in a block M emblazoned helicopter, giving the stadium an epic double bird while laughing maniacally on his way out.

Michigan is uncertain enough that they're giving themselves a fallback option, or fallback options. This fits with the general belief that Michigan has come after Harbaugh with a very strong offer and hopes he accepts it, but doesn't know.

I've heard conflicting things, but one thing that seems clear is that Harbaugh is 100% honest when he tells the media he is not focused on anything other than his current job. If the 49ers get eliminated from the playoffs things might start moving faster then. Right now Harbaugh is still maniacally focused on something other than where he'll be next year. Frustrating; also why he's a very good coach.

NFL OPENINGS NOT SO OPEN. Despite currently being 5-8 in his second year with the Bears, local opinion holds that Marc Trestman will be back next year. Harbaugh was of course a Bears QB for a long time and an open Chicago job was described as a "problem" a few weeks ago.


how not to conduct a coaching search
an epic poem in iambic pentameter
by Jeremy Foley

"DISORGANIZED." Bruce Feldman called Michigan's search that while discussing Cutcliffe, and we've heard other media people echo that assertion. For one, I don't think that's knowable. For two, M has been laser-focused on Harbaugh; agree with that approach or not it is a clear goal Michigan is pursuing before exploring other options.

For three, I fail to see why Michigan's search is being held up for ridicule when Nebraska just hired a 62-year-old who's under .500 in the last five years and Florida—Florida!—botched their search so badly that half of the media in a five-state radius descended on their negotiations. Those negotiations fetched a guy with three years of head coaching experience for a seven million dollar buyout. Michigan doesn't have a coach yet, sure. I'd rather have this search than either of those.

PLAN B. Still nothing resembling clarity. Scout's Jamie Newberg reports($) that Jim Mora, Dan Mullen, Bob Stoops, and Butch Jones have all said no thanks; 247's Clint Brewster reports that Mullen and… erk… Bret Bielema could be next options after Harbaugh. He also says Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell is not so much, after Sam named him a person of interest. Nobody knows!

Similarly, opinions on how realistic a Miles candidacy is are all over the place. Brewster says "some people directly tied to NFL and college agents" say it's his to lose(!); Rivals and Scout are far more circumspect—or at least were. Today the chatter is that he's moving up, potentially way up. In this case I place far more trust in the local guys than some agent chatter. But, man.

At least there's this: on GBW's new, insane rumor board Sam noted that Schiano's support comes from his agent and this guy who runs the search firm and his detractors include($) "anyone with coaching experience" still affiliated with M. So we can rule that out, I imagine.



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Jones said no thanks before the search was really even on - got his extention.  i wonder how many of these other ones said 'no thanks' to a reporter or some other 'insider' who said - 'hey Michigan is open - would you be up for that?' - in the same vein as anyone else with a job who won't openly say they want another one....


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Schiano is by no means a glorious HC candidate, but looking at his W/L resume doesn't feel terribly different from looking at Saban's W/L resume pre-Bama.

I do not think Schiano is any Saban, but they both brought middling programs with low resources to some prominence--Saban at MSU, Schiano at Rutgers--and then flopped in the pros.

The real difference are those years at LSU for Saban.

I don't know. At a school loaded with talent and resources, Schiano might not be a terrible choice. But then again, I do defer to the opinions of the coaching-savvy folks Brian mentions, which means I will not advocate for him, but I'd reserve judgment if he were hired until he actually proved what kind of head man he'd be at a school with resources.


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I'm totally fine with Harbaugh......then Miles on the list. In fact, I don't see any really good options beyond that. It just seems like the pool of great options is fairly limited this year; which also seems to have been why Nebraska and Florida did what they did. Miles isn't a long term solution, but I'm confident he can right the ship and in 6 years pass it along to a younger coach. 


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Now who is getting overheated?  I could see that scenario as a possibility from Hackett/Debord but I don't know why Harbaugh would notice or care.  He would expect Michigan to ask around and Miles is one of the first names on anyone's list of potential candidates.


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Well, I guess now I should say I do sincerely appreciate and enjoy your work.

So while I appear to be getting under your skin lately, I hope you can appreciate that my comments, while critical at times, are intended to be a productive conversation.  I think you're off on several fronts on this here coaching search...and don't get me started on basketball.  Love the football analysis tho!

party like its 1989

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if they wanted to keep him as a plan B. It was going to start getting awkward as time marched on, others were reportedly getting contacted, and Miles hadn't heard anything yet. Now they need to slow play him (potentially for 2 1/2 weeks) while they await decision from Harbaugh. which is going to be a yes, by the way.

UofM Die Hard …

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Go Seahawks?!?  I am trying to get tickets to that game without spending a fortune.  If I do, I will be there in a block M hat and yelling at JH to go home. 



Also this:

"It rules out wildly optimistic scenarios in which Harbaugh has already agreed to the job and is going to punch Jed York on the field Sunday before escaping in a block M emblazoned helicopter, giving the stadium an epic double bird while laughing maniacally on his way out."


visual made me chuckle..well done B


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I hope we get Harbaugh. If Harbaugh stays in the NFL, I sure hope we offer Les Miles. I got this bad feeling that if Harbaugh says no, Hackett will hire some crappy coach!

Blue Noise

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Was once a terrific reporter. Then, the #FreeBruce thing happened, and the resulting groundswell of support for Feldman (entirely deserved, no doubt) went to his head.

Now, he is just a smug shitstarter like every other national college football writer.


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I really hope that Mullen is a candidate.  I feel like of all of these candidates thrown out there, only a couple have the potential to compete with Urban, and Mullen is one of them. This is the standard Michigan needs to hold itself to when making this hire.  


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Because it took him six years and a team that starts something like 15 seniors to put together a good record? And because of those other five years he mostly won 6/7 games, getting beaten down by every non-awful team that came his way?

I get that he's done more with less than a lot of the guys out there, but his coaching record seems to be much worse than that of Harbaugh or Miles. It's a down year for coaching changes and we could certainly do much worse, but I'm not on that train just yet. He reminds me of any number of mediocre coaches who's name comes up after one good year, only to slip back into mediocrity the next.


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All I want for Christmas is Harbaugh. Is that so wrong? Cumong Santa, make it happen!

Also, loved the visual of Harbaugh leaving the Niners in an M emblazoned helicopter! Well done Brian.


December 10th, 2014 at 2:31 PM ^

I don't agree with your assumption that Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles are the only coaches in the universe capable of saving the program from being an absolute joke.

I would rather not hire a known scumbag to lead a program that puts a premium on character and integrity just because he happened to have played and coached here.