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Seth April 26th, 2018 at 5:59 PM


the same five photos will continue this summer [Bryan Fuller]

Good newwwws everyone! As first reported by Chris Balas of The Wolverine and confirmed by Josh Henschke of The Michigan Insider/247, word out of Schembechler Hall this evening is that the NCAA is expected to rule Shea Patterson immediately eligible for this year, though even now 247’s report was a bit measured:

The Michigan Insider is able to confirm published reports that Patterson is expected to be granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA with the news coming as soon as Friday. As of a week ago, the U-M programs confidence was at about 90%. On Thursday, TMI can also confirm that the confidence level has risen.

Ole Miss submitted its last response to Shea’s appeal two weeks ago and a resolution was expected tomorrow-ish. Michigan sources have maintained a high level of confidence during this process, and given the relative strength of Shea’s case versus his former school’s, this outcome was favored, but with the NCAA nothing’s ever certain.



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I'm in line with that thinking, and it's not "concern trolling." OL is the only weak link on the team heading into 2018/19, with the main concern being pass protection. Shea's feet help in that situation, along with his experience playing behind a bad OL, but that only worked for 7 games last season until he got hurt. The best we can do is hope and you can't fault Michigan fans for no longer being optimistic since hope is all we've had on the OL since 2012.

Setting your expectations at Big Ten Championship or higher while crossing your fingers at OL is not a realistic expectation. Those unrealistic expectations become the norm and then we have to sit here next offseason as people call for Jim Harbaugh to be fired after a 10-3 hardwareless season. 

If OL works out like gangbusters, we could have a special season though. I think we have the pieces in place to squint and see a bright future. Warriner has a great track record, a simplified way of doing things, a generational-type center prospect and an NFL shaped LT. Too much has to work out still for me to buy in yet. I'll take patience and being plesantly surprised come fall over hope and dashed dreams though. 


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I think what the board battles is there are two types of people (fans) in life.


There are glass half full and glass have empty.


It is up to each person on this board on how they respond to either a positive or negative comment.  We do not have to rip each others head off when we see it different.  Instead we can articulate why we feel different.  We can ignore those who do rip the posters head off.


I appreciate your concern.  I am a half glass full guy so I can't help, but get excited.  Trust me, I will revaluate my thoughts on the program after each year (or just loss to the team down south).


Cheers gents

Go blue!


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My excitement levels are high too! Don't get me wrong. There is always hope to be had, and even our 2016 OL was good enough to be an inch away from the B1G title game and probable College Football Playoff Spot. It just bugs me when people retroactively use those hopeful expectations as the baseline at the end of the year.

Just looking at last year, the true regular season expectations were 9-3/10-2. Brian's worst case barring extreme injury scenarios was 8-4. And it can be argued we had just short of extreme injury scenarios, playing the Buckeyes with our third string QB, losing two of our most explosive recieving options in Black and Eubanks. Our veteran receiver obviously hampered by injury. And even some dings along the OL. Yet the 8-4 regular season was an unmitigated disaster. 



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IDGAF how hard the schedule is. Every single weakness has been addressed from the offensive line to a major upgrade at the QB position. Good luck covering Tarik, DPJ etc with Shea buying extra time.

The Man Down T…

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takes a decent step up and the receivers just improve running routes a bit 10 wins is pessimistic.  The defense is going to be even better than last 2 seasons.  The offense just needs to be competent for 10 wins now.  Shea with those other improvements guarantees that in my opinion

LS And Play

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It's not like Michigan just got better in a vacuum, though. MSU returns as many starters as Michigan does and beat us on our home field last year. OSU is OSU. Wisconsin will be better. Not to mention games @ND, @NW and home to PSU. Under no circumstances is 10 wins pessimistic. This could easily be a close-to-great team that goes 9-3 or 8-4 if the ball bounces funny.