Report: DJ Wilson To Stay In Draft Comment Count

Brian May 24th, 2017 at 12:41 PM


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From DX so very solid:

Our analysis is that this is bad.

Michigan has a couple options to fill the roster spot Wilson is apparently vacating. Illinois State grad transfer Mikyle MacIntosh just withdrew his name from the draft; he's another high-usage, dubious efficiency lower level guy. This is mostly because of his two point shooting. He was 76/44/36 last year on 28% usage. He had a block rate similar to Wilson and could help patch that lineup hole.

The other option is Canadian SF/PF Ignas Brazdeikis, who is currently planning on being a 2018 recruit but is keeping 2017 options open.

UPDATE: It's official.

"D.J. and our coaching staff worked very hard over the last month to get as much information as possible on his draft status," said U-M head coach John Beilein. "Given the data and insight we received, D.J. is confident he is ready to take the next step in his basketball career. We love D.J., and he will always be a Michigan Wolverine. His development over the past three seasons, and particularly this past season, was phenomenal. With continued work, he shows great potential to improve in a similar manner in the NBA. We wish him and his family the very best, and we will always be rooting for him during this draft process and for all the years to come."



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Honestly we went 1-2 and that's not too bad.  If he's got a 1st round guarantee and his dream was always the NBA, well, good luck kid.  Go get paid.  

Wettin 3's

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You have people like miles bridges who are lottery locks who come back and DJ wilson who is a first round fringe staying spartan kool aid is tom izzo giving his players?


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Izzo has a Svengalli- like ability to convince kids who probably should go to stay, while we seem to experience the opposite.  


I guess this is just the downside of JB's rapid development of players.  They sometimes leave earlier than we would want and maybe earlier than they should.  Not begrudging anyone for doing what they feel is right.  But, as a fan it stings knowing what could have been next year with DJ on the lineup.


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Actually Miles does not surprise me that much. He knows the NBA isn't going away and wants a legacy beyond beyond being a part of the beginning of Sparty's shit show last year.

Wilson seems to be taking a big risk and he better learn how to box out.


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Since 2010, total # of players that have left early and actually gotten drafted per big Ten school:

Michigan- 7 (presuming Wilson gets drafted)
Indiana- 4 (presuming Thomas Bryant gets drafted)
Ohio State- 4 
Maryland- 4 (presuming Trimble gets drafted)
MSU- 2
Wisconsin- 1
Illinois- 1
Iowa- 1



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1: The fact that Beilein has developed this many players to go early when he does not recruit like other top basketball schools is amazing

2: The fact that Beilein has been as successful as he has been with BIG titles and tournament titles and tournament runs is amazing, considering he is usually reloading with under the radar guys

Very hard situation to continue to reload without 5 star talent


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Miles Bridges stays at MSU. Wilson leaves after a season in which he scored two total points in Michigan's two regular season games against Wisconsin. We barely got to see him play to his potential.

EDIT: I'm not saying Wilson made the wrong choice. He was extremely valuable this season. And obviously I wish him the best. But none if that makes this sort of thing not frustrating.


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He made the wrong choice. It's just dumb. He needs at least two more years before he'll see the floor in any meaningful capacity. He could have made more money, and had a much better chance of sticking had he come back one more year. 

But, we should all be used to it by now. I don't understand why Beilein can't keep players in the program. 


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You're not wrong. However, it's pretty widely known that the NBA doesn't give players much time to develop before cutting them loose. That's the gamble. He'd get the same time in the NBA whether he leaves this year or next, so if he could bulk up and work on his offense while getting his degree (don't know how close he is), that seems the best choice to me. Obviously it's easy to cast judgement from my desk, but that's how I see it. I do understand your argument, I just think it's flawed (as you probably feel about mine). 

Michigan Study…

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it makes very little sense to stay in school, except to placate a fan base. Guaranteed money and at least 2 years to develop. If Utah gave him a wink and handshake and he likes the idea of playing for the Jazz, he's made the right decision.


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But that's still an if. And since most guys outside the lottery don't make it past their rookie contracts, he could be leaving a ton of money on the table even if he goes 30th. And that's far from certain on its own.


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What makes you think that if he comes back, he will be a lottery pick? There are VERY few examples of players actually becoming lottery picks after coming back. The likely scenario was to reduce the chances of him going in second round.

IF DJ has a guarantee for a 1st round, he is making the right choice.


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he could have taken his stock up to lottery level. He had the chance to, but nowhere near was it assured, or even highly likely.  He also could have seen his stock drop like GR3 did by coming back.  He could have suffered a career ending injury if he came back.  He could also be a starter next year on an NBA team.  Lot of possibilities, so for a 21-year-old guy with injury history to pass up a likely first round selection would be really tough to do.


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A. He starts his free agency clock a year earlier and a year younger.

B. If he doesn't stick in the NBA a fringe first round talent can still get paid millions playing in high level european/chinese leagues. A strech big like Wilson would be highly valued.

C. All of this is preferrable to playing a year for free


It's easy for all of us sitting here to say that they would take a 25% chance of making $10 million vs a 90% chance of making $4 million.