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TomVH September 8th, 2009 at 12:47 PM

ricardo-miller-pioneer The Michigan win yesterday was huge for the program on the field, and was also a help in the recruiting department. The first game of the season was taken in by a handful of committed recruits from this year's class and plenty of the top players in 2011.

MI WR Ricardo Miller, the new mayor of Ann Arbor, was pleased by his now-obligatory appearance. "It was a good win," he said, "and it was a real good atmosphere. I was with some of the other kids, and they liked it too. I know Dior [Mathis, the Cass Tech cornerback] liked it a lot," Miller said.

When asked what the difference was between this game, and the game he attended last year, he told me, "Well, first, we won. That part was great, it was a good feeling." Miller continued: "The second was that everyone just seemed more with it. The players seemed like they were more in the game than last year."

Ricardo also mentioned the fans' support for the team and Rich Rodriguez, "A lot of people have jumped on the wagon, it seems like. They won, and everyone was happy. I didn't like that they weren't supporting him before, but I know there was a lot of fans there showing him how much they care."

Miller made a point about how living so close to the Big House will prepare him to see the field next year:  "I'm going to every home game, and every time I go into the stadium, I get less and less nervous. So, each home game for me is going to help calm my nerves for when I actually get to play."

Ricardo Miller gallery by Paul. It's from Pioneer's 32-28 win over Inkster.

courtney-avery-2 On the defensive side of the ball, PA DE Ken Wilkins and OH CB Courtney Avery (right) made it up for their first ever Michigan game. Both were excited about what they saw. "It went real well," said Wilkins. "I loved it. The fans were crazy, it seemed like they all knew my name. The Victors Walk was crazy too, it was just nuts. I was honestly surprised, I didn't know it was going to be that loud, and that crazy."

The coaches and the game gave Ken a better look at how he'd be used in the game. "I talked to Coach Robinson a little before the game," he said, "and I think I'll be used like Craig Roh*. He had a really good game, so it was just exciting to see that in person."

Courtney Avery said the game was a good way to get to know his future teammates. "I had met Ricardo before," he said, "but I had never met Kenny." Avery was impressed with his first visit to Michigan Stadium: "This was the icing on the cake. I was amazed at how many people were there. I loved the atmosphere all together. It was cool to see the game in person, because you get to see how excited the sidelines get, and the players that aren't on the field," said Avery.

The visit also gave Courtney a chance to see how he'd be used on defense. "I talked to Coach Gibson, Tall, and Rodriguez before the game," he said. "During the game, I was just watching the corners and their technique. It was cool to see how they play, and that I'll be out there soon," Courtney said.

*[Editor's note: Wilkins is being brought in as a deathbacker but given his size and Michigan's depth chart, I'm betting he ends up in the Brandon Graham role eventually.]



September 8th, 2009 at 1:03 PM ^

This was after I spoke with these three, but I also talked to a few other recruits.

- Rashad Knight said he was excited to see how well Michigan played, and can't wait for his visit for the Ohio State game. (Side note: He was rooting for Miami last night in the FSU game. This is significant, because there is a rumor that he's an FSU lean, which he's not.)

- Cullen Christian said, "I see those Wolverines." He was also excited to see them come out with energy, and some punch.


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Ricardo Miller comes across as a very likeable and talented player. Would his presence at homegames have a highly positive influence on uncommitted recruits?

I'll hang up and list to your response.


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Yeah, it already has. Everyone knows him, and he's who they seem to flock to.

He is also very real with them about why he chose Michigan, and how he talks to them. He almost takes Rich Rod's approach, and doesn't talk a lot of football with them.


September 8th, 2009 at 2:07 PM ^

that's what I read between the lines, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't looking at it with my maize and blue colored glasses, seeing what I wanted to see.

Keep up the good work for MGoBlog.


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"I see those Wolverines." = "I recently watched the University of Michigan football program partake in a match against Western Michigan University. I really enjoyed what I saw, and I'm excited about the potential to participate in their team activities next year. Bravo."


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I really think that you will see some payoff with recruits this year. Michigan runs an offense that LOOKS like it's a lot of fun. You've got six skill-position guys moving around, getting involved and doing exciting things on every snap of the ball.

If you're a kid from the south or in California, getting an offer from a Big 10 school in the past was sort of like being asked, "Wouldn't like to be a mortar or a pestle?" That might be tempting if you're 6-5 and 300 pounds, but compared to the types of offenses run by the Florida schools, the SEC and the Big 12, it's probably not going to be very compelling.

I think the high school kids are going to see Michigan play this year and they're going to see something that looks very appealing.


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A win this weekend could go a LONG way with our recruiting process this year. Do we know the list of players coming in for the ND game? I didn't want to start another thread and have multiple recruiting threads.

I miss Spring Lake

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I thought about Torrian Wilson as I was watching the Miami/FSU game and wondered how much that win would factor into his choice. The announcers mentioned that there are 7 players from his high school on the Miami roster.
His absence this weekend might be due to something else, but this might just make it that much harder to lock him down.