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Submitted by Brian on October 23rd, 2015 at 11:44 AM

Hello. This is an attempt to give you a 1,000 foot view of Michigan's current recruiting class. It lives as a wiki post under the "Useful Stuff" heading as well, and can be updated by anyone with 500+ points.


not eligible sry [Patrick Barron]


We assume Michigan will go to 30 or beyond.

Michigan has 22 open spots right now plus three specialists who may be on one of those "you get the first spot that opens up" kind of deals. In addition there are guys who probably won't get fifth years and some unannounced attrition the coaches already seem to know about.

Thus Michigan is expecting to lose at least 5-8 current members of the roster (other than fifth years) before Signing Day. (Big Ten rules prevent teams from oversigning unless they can explain where the scholarship is coming from.) That's not an inordinate number given the roster composition, the sudden possibility of NFL interest, and the fact that this is the first year of a new coach.


We are not considering Jordan Elliott, Nate Johnson, Rashad Weaver or Dytarious Johnson commits; if you poke any insider they'll tell you they are either unsure or unlikely to wind up in the class. We have also heard that at least one of the camp commits in the class were explicitly offered grayshirt deals. We are not exactly sure who, but depending on how things go Michigan could end up with extra spots in the class as things shake out with academic qualifiers and such. Brandon Peters, Kareem Walker, Ahmir Mitchell, Devin Bush Jr., Carlo Kemp, Sean McKeon and Kingston Davis are already enrolled at Michigan and taking classes; they will count for this class for our purposes but may be back-dated by Michigan to meet NCAA or Big Ten class size regulations. At this late juncture some players may be "silent" commits but given the fluid nature of such these will be counted as targets until they announce.

So: the current class is somewhere between 19 and 33 guys. Welcome to 'crootin.


Michigan can take somewhere between 9 and 11 additional players. They are targeting approximately

  • one quarterback if Viramontes wants back in
  • two wide receivers, including a slot, though they may see several WR targets as athletes
  • one tight end but might take two if both Chase Allen and Devin Asiasi come
  • one kicker, Nordin or bust
  • two or three DL
  • one or two CB (see WR)
  • one or two S

They appear to be done at OL unless they take grad transfer Jake Raulerson, and appear full at RB and LB.




V. Viramontes    


B. Peters*



  K. Walker*
C. Evans
        K. Davis*




D Stewart

D. Crawford


P Young
N. Johnson

E. McDoom
  J Mathis

C Allen


N. Eubanks
S. McKeon

D. Asiasi






B. Bredeson

J Valentin#



M. Onwenu
S Spanellis



    B Tagaloa    
  J Elliott


  M Dwumfour
    C Murphy

R. Gary

C Kemp*
Q Alexander#


    R. Johnson
        J. Uche
D. Gil
C Kelly D Jackson   D. Johnson

D Bush Jr*
E Mbem-Bosse


M Hardman


L Hill

D Long
A Posey#
L Jackson
C Brown I Simmons  

K Hudson
B. Hawkins 
A. Mitchell*
J Metellus

      Q Nordin  

commits in bold
guys who Michigan haven't offered or might not have as a "take" have a # after their names 
early enrollees denoted with *

Please don't remove updates until there is a front page board update that notes the changes.

Latest Updates:

10/27: Added FL WR Eddie McDoom, a new offer. Moved TX DT Jordan Elliott to "top group" after he announced a tentative top three of M, Baylor, and Texas. Elliott announced M as his leader but we aren't prepared to move him to the STRONG LEADER group yet.

10/29: Added PA TE Cary Angeline and LA CB Shyheim Carter to "on the radar".

11/4: Moved NJ RB Kareem Walker to strong leader after his OSU decommit. Dropped CA OL Alex Akingbulu as there doesn't seem to be any activity there. Moved MI LB David Reese to "On The Radar" despite his commit. 

11/8: Moved CO DE Carlo Kemp to committed. Dropped CA S Lamar Jackson to On The Radar, dropped CA WR Dylan Crawford to Top Group.

11/11: Moved TX DT Chris Daniels to Top Group. Dropped NJ DE Quayshon Alexander to On The Radar and hashed 'em; not sure M will take him after the Kemp commit. Added GA CB Deejay Dallas to On The Radar; he plans an M-OSU visit.

11/24: Moved CA DT Boss Tagaloa and FL NT Keyshon Camp up to Top Group. Moved. TX DT Jordan Elliott to Strong Leader. Moved TX DT Chris Daniels down to Decent Shot. Moved TX DE Jeffery McCullough and NJ WR Donald Stewart down to On The Radar.

11/24: Moved Elliott to committed. Moved FL DT Rashad Weaver down to "Strong Leader" after he announced a visit to Temple. 

1/10: many changes

1/13:  Removed MD CB Sir Patrick Scott from commitments, announced decommitment today, front paged by Brian.

1/21:  Removed IL OL Erik Swenson from commitments, offer pulled, front paged. Removed IN RB Kiante Enis from commitments, announced decommitment today. Removed TX WDE Levi Onwuzurike from prospects, announced commitment to Washington. 

1/25 (seth): Added Elysee Mbem-Bosse and moved to committed. Moved Josh Uche to committed. Moved David Long to committed. Removed Antwaine Richardson. Moved Devin Gil to SLB. Re-added Eddie McDoom as strong leader. Added Stephen Spanellis to committed. Added Khaleke Hudson as strong leader. Moved Kingston Davis to fullback. Moved Ben Bredenson to OT. Removed Kiante Enis. Upgraded Jordan Fuller to top group. Made sandwich. Harbaugh noticed sandwich. Moved Sandwich to committed. Moved Jordan Elliott to decent shot. Added Michael Dwumfour under committed.

1/27 (seth): Added Isaiah Simmons as safety, moved Fuller to cornerback, moved Eddie McDoom and Khaleke Hudson to committed, removed Rashad Weaver.

1/28:  Removed TX C Jake Raulerson from prospects, grad transfer, going to UCLA.

1/28 (seth): Added Nick Eubanks as commit, moved Chase Allen to On the Radar. Moved Ahmir Mitchell and Brad Hawkins to safety/nickel. Moved Josh Uche to SLB.