Recruiting Board Updated

Submitted by Brian on April 5th, 2006 at 4:35 PM

Update 4/5: Added OLs Lee Ziemba (AR) and Jaivorio Burkes (AZ). Linked to article on Brandon Saine's track exploits. Linked to Scout article on IN RB Darren Evans that claims a leader... Mississippi State? Uh, okay. Michigan still in it; no offer. Linked to note on SC LB Scotty Cooper that says he is going to make an unofficial visit to Michigan over spring break and brief Scout article on IN WR Adrien Robinson. Moved Ryan VanBergen to committed.

Editorial Opinion: Ziemba and Burkes both have offers but haven't had much written on them to this point.

Brandon Saine is fast. Like, very very fast:

Saine is a throwback to the days when it wasn't unusual for sprinters to focus on all three races. And at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds, he sheds the rail-thin sprinter image. He's getting faster, stronger (a 285-pound bench press and 415-pound squat) and bigger (by one inch and 10 pounds from '05).

"In 27 years, I've not seen anybody close to him," said longtime Piqua coach Ron Pearson. "The irony is, I don't think he realizes just how good he can be."

Saine's 2005 bests were impressive: a 10.69 in the 100 (at Wayne), 21.64 in the 200 (at Wittenberg) and 47.68 in the 400 (at state). ... He recently won the 60 meters at the National Scholastic Indoor Championship in New York City (6.79). ...

Saine seems equally strong at every distance. The 60 meters is little more than a great start. He won that title by a body, which in the world of fractions of seconds is like a weekend. His finishes in the 200 and 400 are even more remarkable because the distance he puts on the field is so much greater.

That? Fast. Especially at 215 -- none of this "I'm 156 pounds yayyayyayyyyy" stuff. If Saine's vision and cutting are up to... er... speed, look out.

Saine's strong resemblance to a jet engine with a helmet and his lifelong Michigan fandom are probably among the reasons that Michigan hasn't offered Indiana running back Darren Evans. Saine, Chicago's Robert Hughes, and possibly Wisconsin's John Clay appear to be Michigan's main targets at running back. Evans has an array of offers from mid-level BCS schools but is still listing non-offerers OSU, Michigan, and Iowa amongst his favorites. Evans' teammate Adrien Robinson does not have an offer, probably because he had all of 11 catches in Warren Central's 90% run offense. He'll probably have to come to camp to get one.

Scotty Cooper's intention to take an unofficial over spring break indicates serious interest, but it's hard to get kids from the south, etc, etc, etc.