Quick Isaiah Wilson Tea Leaves

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NY OL Isaiah Wilson decides at 11:35 (or, given how these things go, thereabouts) and there's still an undercurrent of uncertainty about his choice. Most people still think it's Michigan despite this talk of a Georgia surge, and an article posted yesterday at 247 offers an opportunity to deduce. Here's his high school coach explaining why Wilson moved his decision up:

"I came up with the idea after seeing Jim Harbaugh here," Fountaine said. "He spent a couple hours here, and he is just like a big kid - he's got a different personality. But seeing him walk around the school, with such a and how the kids respond - everybody knows who he is. Football is so important to the school, so I thought it would be great for him to do it in front of his entire student body."

Fountaine says he contacted Wilson while he was on his official to Georgia to pitch the idea.

Wilson immediately agreed, which again doesn't sound like a guy who is still contemplating a decision. He probably knew it was Michigan at about the time he moved it up from the UA game to Christmas, as well, and knew at about the time the Alabama insiders' confidence went off a cliff.

It is of course possible that Georgia changed his mind. Weirder things have happened in recruiting. This is why it is sometimes known as crootin. Still feeling as confident as possible given that Wilson, like DPJ, seemingly hasn't given anyone the wink-wink. Per Sam Webb it's crickets for all three suitors. Fun! (Not fun.)

Anyway, we'll know in an hour or two.



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Back when JH was still at SF, a lot of Chicagoans poo-pooed me when I said he was coming to Michigan, and that he'd stay there.  I kept saying that he is perfect for Michigan and Michigan is perfect for him.  For once, I was right.  The man is having the time of his life.


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everyone is noticing and accepting it as authentic, which it is.  The fact that he would be at the school when he knew Wilson was on an OV to Georgia is genius.  Wilson is in Georgia and getting calls and texts from his friends, and his coach, about Harbaugh. He is a rock star for sure.

Real and Spectacular

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It's been said that absolutely no one knew where DPJ was going until he announced and Wilson isn't telling anyone either. On one hand, it means Bartows sources at 247 were just guessing and maybe we shouldn't be worried. On the other hand, it shoots the theory down that Wheatleys cryptic tweets referencing Najee, Donovan, and Isaiah meant he knows those guys are Blue. If that makes sense. I'm thinking Wheatleys tweets were more about giving guys some subtle mentions and not about a coach vaguely saying we got this kids commitment.


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I know that we are in on a number of 5* (or high 4*) kids, and that many people tend to get more excited for the skill position players, but I think that Wilson is one of, if not the, most important recruit in this class.  What has held us back these past two years is that our OL has been average at best.  Imagine this year's offense with Alabama's OL.  I think that Big Mike Onweno is one piece, but getting Wilson (and Ruiz) is critical towards our future success.


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Bama averaged 245 ypg rushing at 5.74 ypc to Michigan's 223 and 5.0. Yes, they had a better offense than we did. But it's not that much better that I'm pining for their offensive line (471 total yards to 439.) They won by destroying teams with their defense. They had, what, 14 defensive and ST TDs this year?

Is their better YPC because their offensive line was that much better than ours? Did Bama having the top ranked RB in his class have anything to do with that? I'm guessing 5* Damien Harris > 4* DeVeon Smith. How about the backups? I'd take 5* Bo Scarbrough over Higdon/Isaac/Evans. Bama's rushing output was aided by having a mobile QB.  Hurts ran for 841 yards. Speight didn't.

And it's not like they ran up those stats against a tougher schedule. Both teams played 5 top 25 teams. We played 3 top 10 teams to their 1.

Our offensive line hurt us last season, but Rudock's newness to the program cost us the Utah game. Something that should not be mentioned cost us the MSU game. And Rudock got hurt against OSU. That's 3 losses that aren't on the o-line.

This year's two losses are not on the o-line either. I detailed yesterday how contrary to popular opinion, we actually controlled the 4th quarter against Iowa, but Speight's injury prevented him from passing like he normally does. We lost to OSU because of numerous factors.


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To be fair, we could not run the ball against MSU last year. At all. That was probably on the offensive line. We should not have been in a position to lose that game the way we did. Also, we couldn't run against Utah either. In fact, we have had a hard time running against any defense with a pulse in the last two years. I think you're playing some mental gymnastics with that comment.